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Bicycle Insurance

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Most popular bicycle insurance providers

PedalSure bicycle insurance

pedalsure bicycle insurance

  • PedalSure offers 50% Multi-Bike Discount
  • 10% online discount, 0% monthly payment
  • Personal accident cover up to £150,000
  • Covers bike and accessories in transition
  • 30/60 days Overseas cover which inc Air-Transit
  • Covers electric bikes, mountain bikes, amateur racing, commuter cyclists, club cyclists, triathletes

ETA bicycle insurance

eta bicycle insurance

  • Personal accident cover for up to £20,000
  • Free cycle breakdown and puncture cover
  • Up to 40% no claims discount with ETA
  • Third party insurance worth up to £5,000,000
  • Covers bikes and permanently fixed accessories up to £5,000
  • Cycle hire cover up to £250
  • New-for-old replacement on claims
  • Free legal advice

Why Cycle Insurance?

Cycle insurance is equally important to do as bike insurance is. You may even find it funny that data reveals that more cycles are stolen than bikes. Thus, this creates a need for your cycle insurance too.

Why you need this?

Cycle Fleet Insurance is not only given for any cycle which has been theft but also for cycles which are damaged or broken down. There is a high element of safety, security and coverage provided for cyclist so that they can enjoy their experience properly without worrying much about any potential issues that they might have to face.

What does the cover include?

The cover includes on the road and off the road cycling insurance and there are no extra charges involved for this. If any accident takes place then in this situation cover would be provided not only for your injuries but for your cycle damages too. Cycle insurance also provides a cover for your stolen possession that was there in your cycle too.

There is a third party coverage given as well, so in cases of accidents you will not be held liable for any other person’s damages and you would be freed from receiving costly bills. If you get caught in an accident and you are away from the railway station or bus stop then cheap cycle insurance will make sure to get to you as soon as possible to get you out of that problem and safely escort you at your home. 24/7 helpline is operational too to give you medical assistance whenever you require.

What are its rates?

At the very competitive rate, you will get premiums and if you are a member of cyclist club than hopefully more discounts would be given to you. Legal help is included in the cycle insurance package too for your ease. There is racing and family benefits cover included too.