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Scooter courier insurance – An introduction

A growing number of us are riding our motorcycles to work, particularly after the recent increase in courier services such as food delivery. Bikes have many advantages over cars for individuals who often have to get to work on time. They are usually less expensive to run than cars and are easier to get through busy traffic in towns and cities.

When you drive a scooter for a living, such as a courier, it is extremely important to have insurance that suits your specific demands. Having the right insurance in place is essential when you first begin working as a scooter courier rider.

If you don’t have the correct courier insurance for scooters, you might be on the hook for expensive repairs, legal fees, and compensation claims.

What’s scooter courier insurance?

It’s insurance that protects you against the risks you experience as a scooter courier. Since you’ll be travelling in all kinds of weather and probably on a tight delivery schedule, your insurance policy will represent greater risks. Insurers will take the fact into account that you will often be driving at night if you carry takeaway food.

Should I get courier scooter insurance?

Scooter courier insurance is a different policy that must be purchased if you are using your scooter or moped for delivery purposes, even if you currently have basic scooter insurance or inexpensive moped coverage.

The hazards you experience as a courier are not covered by your typical scooter insurance policy. It implies that if you get into an accident, your insurance company can refuse to compensate you and you won’t get any money.

Levels of coverage

The features of a scooter courier insurance policy will depend on the terms and conditions of the insurance company, but you can select from one of the following three levels of coverage:


If you get into an accident, this type of insurance only covers injuries or damage you cause to other individuals or their property. Although, the cost of repairing your scooter is not covered by this policy. By law, this is the least amount of coverage you can have.

Third-party, theft, and fire

This coverage includes only third-party coverage, but it will also compensate for fixing or replacing the scooter if it is stolen or destroyed.


It covers damage to or loss of your scooter in a mishap, as well as damage to or loss of your scooter from fire or theft. That’s the best insurance available.

Add-ons for your insurance

Depending on your needs, you can upgrade your scooter courier insurance with a variety of extra coverages. Here are the four most important ones:

  • Breakdown cover: If something unusual occurs, breakdown insurance will assist you in getting back on the road with your scooter.
  • Personal accident coverage: With personal accident insurance, you don’t have to worry about money if you get hurt in a bad accident.
  • Legal coverage: If you get into an accident, legal coverage will help pay for any legal expenses that may come up.
  • Helmets and leather covers: This extra will secure your riding accessories if they get damaged in an unexpected incident.

It’s a good idea to talk to your insurer about the specifics of your policy because the level of coverage provided by the insurer can be different.

Is it costly to insure a scooter courier?

Numerous factors affect how much you’ll pay for scooter courier insurance, including the level of coverage you select and the type of scooter you drive. Insurers will also look at things about you that are unique, such as:

  • How long you have been driving your scooter can affect the price you pay for insurance. If you have more years of expertise, you can get lower rates than a younger or less experienced rider would.
  • The kinds of products you are delivering. If you’re sending high-value goods, your insurance rates will be higher because it will cost more to replace stolen goods.
  • Your claims and biking record – a recent claim (filed within the previous five years) can cause your premium to rise. You should expect to spend more than average if you have several points on your deriving license.

This is why it is essential to compare premium quotations for pricing and features since the cost can differ greatly depending on the various factors mentioned above.

Purchasing a cheap policy might be appealing, but it could also include a big list of limitations (things that aren’t insured). It is also crucial to look at the policy’s excess. It refers to the amount you must pay before a lawsuit can be handled. Some less expensive scooter courier insurance plans have high deductibles.

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