Importance of The Breakdown Cover

As winter fast approaches, those dreaded cold mornings can really take their toll on your vehicle. In fact, you can break down at any time of the year but it is often wintertime when most people experience the most problems. You could be driving along the motorway or trying to leave a car park only to find that your vehicle has given up on you.

When you find yourself in this position it can be quite daunting because you might not have anyone close enough to you to help and being stranded is never a pleasant experience anyhow. So, it is never too late to take out the breakdown cover because you never know when you might need it. What is important is that you fully understand what providers are offering and what level of cover you require.

Roadside Cover

This is a simple form of breakdown cover that is designed to cover you when you find yourself broken down. Once you make a call, a patrol vehicle will be sent to you in order to attempt to fix your vehicle at the side of the road. However, if it is not possible then it will have to be towed to the nearest garage.

National Cover

This is similar to roadside cover but with this level of cover, you can choose to be transported to a location of your choice. This will also include any passengers that are with you and so, you can choose to be transported back home or your chosen garage.


Sometimes your vehicle will simply not start when it is on your drive and this is where home start cover can come into play. A patrol will be sent to your home and carry out the repairs, however, if you do not have this level of cover, they will not attend your home and will only tend to your car if it breaks down a specific distance from your home.

Onward Travel Cover

This level of cover includes the full range of domestic cover that is available. So, it includes every mentioned previously but it also includes a wide range of other benefits such as accommodation costs as well as car hire.

European Breakdown Cover

If you travel to Europe then you will need this level of cover and it is something certainly worth having as you could find yourself really stranded. You can choose from annual cover or a single trip cover plus there are different levels of cover available such as breakdown, vehicle and personal cover.

Vehicle cover relates to a specific vehicle and it means that it is the only vehicle covered during a breakdown, regardless of who is driving.

In contrast to this, personal cover covers an individual, regardless of whether they are driving the vehicle or not and it does not even have to be their own car.

A breakdown cover is a very useful form of cover to have because you never know when you will need it. While cars are becoming more and more reliable, there is always a risk that they will break down. Often, they break down at the most inconvenient of times and that means that you could find yourself faced with the problem of having to get your car to a garage and that can prove costly and time-consuming.

There are other points to consider, which is why we’ve put together a guide to the subject at QuoteRadar breakdown cover. Have a read and see what you think. You’ll certainly be glad you’ve got breakdown cover if that head gasket ever blows…