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Do you need lorry insurance?

Having a valid motor insurance policy is a requirement for all vehicles driving on UK roads. If you are driving a larger vehicle like a lorry, truck or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) it’s essential to have a specialist lorry insurance policy for the right kind of cover.

The rules apply whether or not the vehicle is being driven privately or commercially, and lorry insurance will need to be arranged in all cases unless the vehicle has been declared as officially off the road (SORN).

Specialist truck or lorry cover will be needed for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, although there is a range of different policies depending on the vehicle load and type of use too. The cover can be arranged for lorries up to 44 tonnes. It’s also worth considering if the lorry will need to be driven abroad, as this can affect the type of HGV insurance cover needed too.

What cover do you need?

The exact details of lorry insurance policies depend on individual circumstances, but similar to standard vehicles they can be broadly split into three types:

  • Third-partythe minimum level of cover, insuring only against injury to others and damage to third party vehicles.
  • Third-party, fire and theftincludes all of the above, but in addition, covers fire damage or damage to the lorry during the theft
  • ComprehensiveThis is the highest level of lorry insurance, and may include liability for contents, personal effects and accidental damage too.

Specialist lorry insurance policies may also cover additional liabilities like:

  • Goods in transit cover

  • Breakdown cover

  • Personal accident or injury

  • Public liability insurance

  • Commercial property cover

It’s important to consider the type of goods the HGV is carrying and be clear with your insurer over how many risks are associated with the load area covered. An additional specialist cover may be required for hazardous or flammable materials in transit for example.

Money-saving tips for lorry insurance

There are a few steps you can take to reduce the cost of your lorry insurance cover. The overall cost will depend on whether you are operating a single vehicle or a commercial fleet, but by comparing a range of different policies you can get the best insurance cover for your needs. Consider the following ways to save money on your truck insurance:

  • Install dashboard cameras. These can be vital in determining liability for any accidents in the event of a claim.
  • If you are looking to insure multiple vehicles, think about using a dedicated fleet insurance policy.
  • The age and experience of the driver may impact the cost of commercial HGV premiums. Many insurers will add a premium for HGV drivers under the age of 25, or without a clean license.
  • You might consider asking drivers for additional advanced driving qualifications, as this could cut the cost of your premium.
  • Ensure all lorries and HGVs are fitted with up to date safety and security equipment measures.

It’s also worth considering the same measures to cut the cost of insurance you’d apply when looking for standard motor vehicle policies, like:

  • Building up a no-claims bonus
  • Increasing the excess on your policy
  • Paying annually for insurance policies where possible
  • Not making unauthorised vehicle modifications, which may invalidate cover or bump up premiums

Whether you’re looking for insurance cover for an HGV, artic, flatbed, tanker, tipper or fleet of lorries, it pays to shop around and compare quotes from a range of different providers to get the best cost savings.