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What is MPV insurance?

Minibuses or multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) are useful as taxis for a range of occasions. Whether you drive for airport runs or just youth group trips, having the right MPV insurance for your minibus is really important.

Driving any passengers is not without risk. As minibuses can carry up to 17 passengers, there is more chance of a claim than a standard taxi.

The right insurance policy will protect the driver, the passengers and the minibus vehicle itself.

When is a minibus or MPV insurance required?

If you drive a vehicle with between 9 and 17 passengers, then it is classed as a minibus. Anything over this number needs separate coach insurance.

Minibus insurance can be offered on private hire or public hire basis. Private hire means the minibus is booked in advance. Public hire taxi insurance covers you if you pick up passengers who hail your taxi from the street.

What are MPVs used for?

There’s a whole range of situations you might need a larger vehicle for:

  • Airport transfers
  • School trips
  • Nursing home transport
  • Charity outings
  • Youth group or other club days out

What type of minibus or MPV insurance do I need?

Insurance companies will need to know how you use your minibus or MPV in order to quote for the right type of cover. Standard policies will usually include:

Road risk cover: This is available in three levels. Third-party only, third-party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive. Comprehensive cover offers the greatest level of protection.

Public liability: Transporting passengers comes with the risk that they may be injured or hurt whilst in your minibus. If a passenger brings a claim against you, public liability cover means you will not be left out of pocket.

As a minibus taxi driver, you might want to consider additional covers like

  • Windscreen cover
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Fleet cover, if you operate more than one minibus taxi

Do I need a specialist MPV cover?

If you use your minibus or MPV to transport fare-paying passengers on a hire or reward basis, then you need to make sure you have a taxi cover in place.

If your minibus is NOT used for profit, you may be able to take out a minibus or van insurance policy instead. Talk to your insurer about which type of policy is best for your circumstances.

What does MPV insurance cost?

As minibus taxis carry a higher number of passengers than standard cabs, the risk of a claim is seen to be higher. Minibus taxi insurance will usually be more expensive than normal private hire cover.

The cost of your policy will depend on factors like the size, age, power and condition of your vehicle, what you will be using it for, annual mileage and where you operate. The best way to save money on your insurance is to compare quotes from different insurance providers.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a minibus taxi and an MPV?

A minibus can transport up to 17 people (including the driver). MPVs or multi-purpose vehicles can carry more passengers than a standard car, but for insurance purposes are usually classed as cars rather than minibuses.

Will normal private hire taxi insurance cover my minibus.

No. If you carry between 9 and 17 passengers, you will need a dedicated minibus taxi cover policy.

Do I need breakdown cover for my minibus taxi?

Breakdown cover is not a legal requirement, however, it can be a good idea to avoid being stranded at the side of the road with all your passengers!

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