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Part-Time Motor Trade Insurance

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What is part-time motor trade insurance?

A lot of people in the motor vehicle trade sector are part-timers. People who wish to supplement their incomes or follow their love for cars while still keeping their day jobs sometimes choose to start their own motor trade businesses on the side. You may spend nights offering a mobile breakdown service or repairing and modifying old vehicles. No matter how much you work, whether it’s full-time or part-time, you still require insurance. To protect your property and minimize potential hazards, it is essential to have adequate insurance coverage.

Understanding part-time motor traders’ insurance

The motor trade insurance coverage known as “part-time traders’ insurance” is designed for those who engage in the business along with another job. For example, you can run a small motor shop out of your home when you’re not at your full-time job. There, you can fix and upgrade vehicles to sell them again.

Even while it’s likely that you won’t require as much insurance as someone who works a full-time job, you should still give some thought to how you might protect yourself from certain hazards. For example, if you are a part-time trader, your part-time motor trade insurance policy may cover situations in which you drive a customer’s car, transport a vehicle home from an auction, or defend yourself against damage claims filed by clients.


When it comes to insurance for part-time traders, different types of coverage can be put together under a single policy. Some of the most typical coverages included in policies for part-time motor traders are as follows:

  • Employer liability insurance – If you have employees, this insurance saves you from lawsuits related to accidents and injuries that happen at work.
  • Public liability insurance – Like employers’ liability cover, this saves you from public liability lawsuits related to accidents, injuries, and harm to personal property.
  • Goods in transit cover – This insurance secures the tools and equipment you keep in your own automobile from loss, theft, and damage.
  • Premises cover – It’s a kind of insurance that pays for the expenses of repairing or reorganizing your property if it is damaged by fire, flood, or other disaster. In certain situations, this may also include content cover.
  • Road risk insurance – It covers you to drive any car you own, whether it’s a customer’s car, one you’re selling, or one you just bought.
  • Demonstration cover – If you are selling cars part-time, this insurance allows clients to test drive cars away from your business.

Who requires part-time motor trader’s insurance?

Consider purchasing insurance specifically designed for part-time traders if you trade on a regular basis. This holds true regardless of whether you run a repair shop on the side or are in the car sales business in addition to your full-time employment. A policy that provides additional coverage may shield you from financial loss, damage claims, and compensation expenses that, in the absence of such coverage, you would be responsible for paying on your own.

Cost of part-time motor traders’ insurance

Policies related to part-time trading may have to change depending on the specific dangers involved. As a result, the price that you pay will be unique. What do we know, then, about the factors that influence the cost of insurance for individuals who trade in cars on a part-time basis?

  • Nature of Business: Your insurance rates will be affected by the particular activities you carry out, such as selling, buying, or repairing automobiles.
  • Experience and Age: When figuring out your prices, insurance companies look at how experienced and old you are, usually part time motor trade insurance under 25 is expensive. Costs can go down as people get older and gain more expertise.
  • Location: Your insurance costs will depend on where your business is located and how often crimes happen there.
  • Types of Vehicles: Your rates will depend on what kinds of vehicles you work with, like cars, motorbikes, or industrial vehicles.
  • Claims History: Insurance costs can be affected by how many claims have been made in the past. When there are fewer cases, insurance rates tend to go down.

How to choose the right insurance provider

When searching for insurance for part-time work, it is essential to locate a reputable insurance provider. This is especially true for trade insurance. Take into consideration the following items:

  • Compare prices: Get quotes from more than one insurance company to make sure you’re having the best policy at the best price.
  • Double-check Coverage Options: Make sure that the insurance plan covers all parts of your business, such as road risks, liability, property, and stock.
  • Reputation and Financial Stability: Make sure the insurance company has a good reputation and is financially stable so they can pay out claims.
  • Customer Support: Find out how the insurer handles claims and support inquiries before you need them.

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