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Cheap Motorbike Insurance for 125cc

Life can change in a moment. Does this phrase ring a bell? The uncertainty of events is all around us, as well as the probability of things never being the same again. Motorbike riding is an experience in itself. The feeling of emancipation as you ride it and the speed that it offers can be truly fulfilling. However, it comes with potential risks that can lead to serious health and monetary damage.

This realization leads to the understanding that motorbike insurance for 125cc Motorbike riders is of utmost significance.

How does a 125cc differ from other bikes?

125cc Motorbike is a popular choice for bike enthusiasts and daily riders both all around the world. Even though this type of motorbike has a lower engine capacity, it is generally very fuel-efficient and offers better mileage as compared to its counterparts. Moreover, they are also widely chosen because of their affordability. They are more affordable because of their low power output and smaller engine size. A 125cc motorbike is also better suited for use during shorter trips and within the city, making it more vulnerable to accidents. This is why it is pertinent that 125cc motorbike riders purchase a motorbike insurance policy.

What is 125cc Bike Insurance?

This type of insurance offers protection for your bike against a variety of risks such as accidents, thefts, and other man-made disasters. It will cover all the expenses for the damages that might occur to your 125cc motorbike as a result of a natural occurrence or an accident.

Why do you need 125cc motorbike insurance?

A rider on 125cc motorbike Here are our four main reasons for why you need a Bike Insurance Policy:

  • Riding a two-wheeler without insurance can lead to serious legal consequences.
  • In case of severe damage, the cost of repairing the bike is fairly high.
  • Motorbike insurance offers safety against multiple risks including third-party damages and damages to the vehicle itself.
  • In case of bike theft, the insurance also covers the liability.

Types of Motorbike Insurance

There are a number of motorbike insurance policies and each one covers the rider in a distinct way.

Comprehensive Coverage

This is the highest and the most expensive insurance level that one can buy for their 125cc motorbike. It keeps both the two-wheeler and the rider covered in case of an accident. Even if the incident was the rider’s fault, it will still cover all the damages. It will also pay for any repairs that the third party might need. In addition to this, it also covers theft and fire as well as the first party’s medical expenses.

Third-Party Liability Only

Third-party liability coverage is the lowest level of motorbike insurance that you can legally purchase. It covers the complete cost of injury or damage for the third party only but does not cover any bike repair costs for the first party. It is a very useful coverage as even if you are a superbly safe driver, you might still end up in situations where you might end up causing injury to another person because they suddenly came in your way.

Third-Party – Theft and Fire

It is the insurance type which covers the third party in case of an accident but will not cover you as a rider. Anybody else involved in the accident other than you will be able to claim compensation. However, this type does cover your bike in case of fire or theft.

Which risks does a 125cc motorbike insurance not cover?

When it comes to 125cc motorbike insurance, there are certain exclusions that are specific in the policies. These are situations which will not be compensated for:

  • Any wear and tear: For ordinary wear and tear, no insurer will cover any claims.
  • No valid license: If the person driving and involved in the accident does not have a valid driving license, the insurer will not cover any damages.
  • Damage to tyres, electrical components or tubes: Loss of the bike’s tubes, tyres and other electrical components such as battery, wires and engine aren’t covered by the policy.
  • Driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol: Any damage caused because of the driver being under drugs or alcohol is excluded from the coverage.
  • Accident after the Expiration: If the insurance policy was not renewed within the specified period, any damage or loss that happens after the policy expiration won’t be covered.

How to Select a 125cc Motorbike Insurance Policy?

Motorbike riders need to prioritize not only their bike’s safety but their own safety as well. Choosing the right insurance policy is of great significance. Selecting the best insurance policy ensures that your bike is covered for maximum damage and liabilities. Here are a few points to consider when selecting a 125cc motorbike insurance policy:

  • Understand your requirements: Before you begin choosing a motorbike insurance policy for your 125cc, be sure to assess your requirements properly. Consider which features you wish to opt for and which ones do you want to skip.
  • Choose the right policy: Once the requirements are clear, you need to select the right policy for your 125cc motorbike. Consider do you wish to have comprehensive coverage, third-party liability-only coverage or any other type of coverage.
  • Provide accurate details: Ensure that the details that you have provided to the insurance company are accurate. In case any wrong information was provided purposely, it would cause complications or even rejection of a certain claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I insure a 125cc motorbike which is not registered?

Yes, you can buy certain types of coverage policies even if your 125cc motorbike hasn’t been registered and is yet to be used on the road.

Is it cheaper to purchase insurance directly from the provider or online?

It is usually cheaper to approach a motorbike insurance provider in person to talk about your insurance options for a 125cc motorbike. Online quotes are definitely more convenient and quicker but they cannot tailor policies according to clients’ specific needs and requirements, such as understanding the bike history and riding experiences of the user, discussing any modifications or providing relevant information regarding bike security.

How much does insurance for 125cc motorbikes cost?

Insurance for 125cc motorbikes can vary on the basis of the rider’s personal circumstances such as the bike’s value, age, the bike’s history as well as security and storage. The best way of getting a good deal on 125cc motorbike insurance is to strike a balance between quality and price. Most importantly, it is best to speak with a motorbike insurance specialist who can tailor the quote according to your needs and ask all the important questions.

Will I be able to get a refund if I cancel my insurance?

There is usually no refund if insurance is cancelled and the full cost will be payable or if a claim is outstanding. A refund is sometimes possible if you have paid the insurance in full or have been running it for a long time.

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