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Introduction to quad bike insurance

The use of Quad bikes on and off-road has been increasing over the past 11 years. Considering the high risks associated with its use, most insurance companies do not offer any related plan. Since there are a handful of companies providing the quad insurance, there is the possibility of easily settling for a higher-priced plan.

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What is a quad bike?

The quad bike is a four-wheel transportation device usually referred to as an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). It is used for purposes including recreational, road travelling, and farming (such as checking traps and feeding animals).

Why do I need quad insurance?

Quad bikes can way close to 500kg and accelerate up to 75mph. Any mistake in manoeuvrability can make it roll over and this may cause fatal injuries and damages.

What does quad bike insurance cover?

There are different policies you can choose from and the extent of the insurance company’s coverage is dependent on your chosen policy. The policies usually offered are;

  • Third-Party: This is the least insurance mandated for the road use of quad bikes in the UK. It covers any injury to a person or damage to another’s vehicle.
  • Fire and Theft: This policy provides coverage for fire incidents as in the case when your house gets burned down with the Quad Bike and theft when the quad bike is stolen.
  • Third-Party, Fire, and Theft: The policy combines third-party policy coverage with fire and theft coverage.
  • Fully Comprehensive: The Comprehensive is the most recommended insurance policy for quad bikes but expensive. It combines all of the third-party, fire, and theft coverage in addition to many other damages like loss of gadgets and personal injury.

Make sure to check with the insurance company to know what they cover under each of their policy.

How much does it cost?

The risk associated with quad bike driving is high. This is why the quad bike insurance policy price may be high too. You are likely to pay more to insure quad bikes that will be used on the road compared to off-road or agricultural use. Insurance for off-road is the least expensive.

How can I get a cheap quad bike insurance policy?

When it comes to getting insurance for your quad bike, it is important to focus first on the offered policy coverage. After this, compare prices using our platform to get the most affordable for your purpose.

Why will anyone want to use a quad bike?

Despite the risks associated with the use of a quad bike, it is normal to wonder why anyone will still want to use the vehicle. The reason is simply that it is easy to manoeuvre, has high versatility, low fuel consumption and maintenance cost, plus high speed, especially for competition.

Is it possible to buy online?

Yes. Insurance companies now make it easier to buy any policy through their online portal. You will only need to fill out some forms and a member of the company will reach you notably via a phone call to discuss their different policies and the best for your purpose.

Can I combine my quad insurance with another vehicle insurance policy?

It is very possible. This will be determined if your other insurance policy provider offers quad bike insurance and also if they will allow such. Discuss with them. This method usually helps to reduce the overall cost.

Driving quad bikes on UK roads

The quad bike is classified as a B1 vehicle. This means that the driver must be at least 17 years old to be behind the wheel. Aside from that, to drive a quad bike on any UK road, you will need to possess or satisfy the following;

  • Have a full car license or category B1 license if issued before January 1997
  • Be registered with the DVLA
  • MOT certificate (if Quad Bike is more than 3 years)
  • Third-party insurance
  • Must have front and rear number plates
  • Quad bike payment receipt
  • Carry only one passenger
  • The quad bike must be approved to confirm it meets road safety standards
  • Crash helmets are recommended for England, Scotland and Wales drivers. Compulsory for Northern Ireland drivers.

Finding the best quad insurance policy

The premium of a quad bike insurance is determined by the;

On or off-road usage

It is assumed that the use of a quad bike on the road poses more risk than in other places of use. This is because there is a high possibility of hitting a pedestrian, other drivers’ vehicles and properties such as restaurant buildings.

Preferred insurance policy

Your choice of insurance policy will determine the cost of your premium. Each policy coverage is dependent on the chosen type.

Quad bike/Engine type

The features and type of quad bike engine will affect how the insurer will price the premium. It is assumed all of this contributes to the scale of risks. For instance, a quad bike with a passenger seat exposes more humans to danger during an accident than a quad bike without a passenger.

Your driving history

People with poor driving records and fines will have their premiums charged higher than drivers with good driving histories.

Driver’s age

The age of the driver is another factor the insurance company will consider. The older you are the lesser the charge. You must have had more driving experience and developed driving IQ as you grow older

Storage Place

A quad bike parked beside the road is more prone to theft than another parked in the garage.

Driving quad bikes off-road

You do not need to possess a driving license, pay tax on your quad bike or register before you can ride it off-road. However, you can only ride off-road on private land and must get full permission from the owner to do so.

Any land that belongs to a local council is not classified as private land in the UK.

Also, you must be at least 13 years old to ride a quad bike off-road. For safety purposes, consider registering the quad bike in the DVLA off-road register so that it can be tracked in the case of theft or vandalism.

Quad bike for agricultural purposes

It is required that you register your quad bike as a light agricultural vehicle if you will be using it for agriculture, horticulture and forestry purposes.

If you decide to use it on the road, the law exempts you from MOT but mandates registration and a driving license with a number plate and insurance.

You may also be required to pay tax if you will be using it on the road and such will be determined by how it is being used. The usage is classified for tax viz; limited use tax class or agricultural machine class.

Quad bike rollover prevention

Before purchasing your quad bike, make sure to check if it has a rollover prevention system certification. Rollover is the most recorded cause of an accident with quad bikes and this device is designed to prevent/reduce such.

Common causes of quad bike accidents

  • Lack of driving experience
  • No rollover prevention system
  • Too much speed
  • Racing
  • Bad tyres
  • Bad road or uneven terrain
  • Uneven tyre pressure
  • Not using helmet
  • Young drivers
  • Getting too excited
  • Distracted driving
  • Not wearing protective clothing

Filing a claim

The process involved in filing a quad bike insurance claim is similar to that of any car insurance claim. Instances you may need to file a claim depending on your premium policy include;

  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Accidents
  • Fire

Information you will need to file a claim includes;

  • Your full name and policy number
  • Policy time frame (start and end date)
  • Incident time
  • Your driver’s license and number plate details
  • In case of an accident, you will need the information and contacts of witnesses and other people involved

Immediately an accident happens, do the following to help your case in filing a claim;

  • Stop the quad bike: Switch off the engine and step out. If you hit a car, check the damage and in the case of hitting a pedestrian, contact the required emergency service.
  • Exchange contacts and details: Exchange your contact and details with people involved and probably witnesses too. This is important in case you are not the one at fault and may require the other party’s insurance company to compensate you. It is through the provided info that you will be contacted. Likewise, if you are the one at fault, your insurer will need to contact the victim.
  • Collect evidence: Take a picture of the incident. Record conversations if possible but inform the person or people you are recording you will be doing so because you need to present it to your insurer.
  • Inform your insurer: After all pieces of evidence have been gathered and necessary emergency services have been contacted if required, consider calling your insurer and meeting with your claims professional.

Comparing different quad insurance quotes

To get the most affordable and best quad insurance quotes, QuoteRadar offers you access to many providers. You only need to enter a few details about your requirements to get different quotes from many companies.

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Do I need training to ride a quad?

Legally, you do not require any sort of training but due to the technicalities involved in riding a quad, it is advisable to get some sort of training.

Do I need insurance to ride a quad?

Yes, if you are riding on the public highways (Green lanes inclusive) then you are legally required to have at least a third party insurance, except you are on private lands ( e.g. farms), then you don’t need insurance.

NOTE; if you are riding on available roads to get to private land then you will need insurance.

Can I pay fines on my quad?

Yes, quads are viewed exactly the way a normal car is viewed and therefore no quad is exempted from congestion charges or parking fines.

Can I ride a quad on a motorcycle license?

NO, you require a full car license with category B or B1 entitlement. Only some types of three wheeled vehicles can be ridden without a motorcycle license.

Is there an age restriction for riding a quad?

Yes, if you are not up to seventeen and do not hold a full license, then you are not allowed to ride a quad on the road.

Can I use my quad on the farm for agriculture use?

Yes, even if your quad is not road registered. You can use it in farm or for any other agriculture use as long as you do not cross public roads to gain access to your farm, if you plan to do then it must be duly registered and insured.

Do I need to register my quad for the purpose of carrying passengers on the road?

No, but the vehicle must have been designed to handle passengers by the manufacturers. If the provisions were not made, then you cannot carry passengers with your quad.

Proper passenger provisions must have been made such as a seat or passenger foot pass, however, if a passenger’s feet can’t reach the foot pegs or they aren’t secure, they aren’t allowed to be passengers.

Do I have to tell my insurer if I customize my quad or changed any of the parts?

It would be written in your policy and if it is not, inform your insurer even if you’re changing any parts of your quad due to necessary legal requirements.

Do I need to provide my employees with training if they have to use a quad at work?

Yes, as stated in the Health and Safety Executives Website, the provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998 (puwer) states that “if an employer supplies a quad to an employee then it is their statutory duty to ensure adequate training” as has been agreed by the employer and the employee.