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Best Pet Insurance For Beagles Made Easy!

Beagles are energetic, intelligent, and fun-loving dogs. They are the perfect choice for individuals looking for an active and wonderful companion by their side. The health and well-being of pets is essential for pet owners. It is difficult to handle all health-related costs independently as it puts an extra financial burden.

Dog insurance can help protect your beloved dogs and save you from any high vet bills. It is beneficial to enrol in Beagle insurance as it assists in choosing the best health service providers for your dogs irrespective of financial costs.

Breed Characteristics

beagle pet dog in home lawnSome exciting facts and breed characteristics about Beagles are given below:

  • Beagles are sociable and loving dogs that enjoy human company.
  • The shedding season of this breed is spring. Weekly brushing can help you get rid of excess hair.
  • The typical weight of Beagles when grown fully is between 8 kg and14 kg.
  • The lifespan of a Beagle is 10 to 15 years.
  • The size of a small Beagle is around 34 – 40 cm.
  • Beagles were used as hunting dogs.
  • Their tails are flag-like.
  • Beagles’ occupations include family pets, hunters, and luggage sniffers.

What are common health concerns in Beagles?

Beagles can experience various health problems in their lives as they are purebred dogs. Beagles have shown a higher vulnerability to genetic health concerns than other pure breeds. Some common health problems in Beagles include:


Epilepsy is a medical condition in which your dog experiences repeated fits. It usually lasts for 1 to 3 minutes during which your dog falls on its side and loses control over its bowel movements. Epilepsy could be dangerous as it may lead to brain damage if left untreated. To treat this problem in canines, the vet may recommend drugs to control fits.


In this condition, dogs experience increased intraocular pressure (IOP). This occurs when fluid cannot drain properly. High Intraocular Pressure damages the optic nerve which could lead to blindness in dogs. The signs and symptoms of Glaucoma include cloudy eyes, frequent tearing, light sensitivity, redness, and squinting eyes. The treatment may involve pills, eye drops, injections, or even surgery in severe cases.

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)

It is a heart disease in dogs commonly referred to as a hole in the heart. The sizes of the holes vary which tells what treatment is most suitable. Like if a hole is small, no treatment is needed for such a condition. The only symptom of VSD is a heart murmur. The life expectancy of your dogs in VSD depends on the location and size of the hole. A large hole can cause heart failure if left untreated.


Beagles are affected by environmental as well as food allergies. The most common sign of allergy in dogs is excessive scratching. Allergy is the main cause of ear infections in Beagles. The allergies need to be treated properly otherwise they could get worse. Whenever your dog shows signs of allergy, visit your vet ASAP.

Is dog insurance worth it for Beagles?

Beagles are purebred dogs, which makes them more susceptible to genetic health issues than other mixed dog breeds. Getting pet insurance is a great step to hedge the financial risks of unexpectedly high health costs.  This not only protects your beloved dogs from illnesses and injuries but also brings peace of mind.

With the right type of dog insurance, you are covered for up to 70% of the vet treatment cost. This means that you don’t need to compromise on the quality of veterinary treatment because of money. Older dog insurance for Beagles is even more suitable as they are at high risk of diseases during this age. However, the insurance premium for older dogs is more expensive than for puppies.

Lifetime insurance for Beagles is the most comprehensive yet expensive policy that ensures they get the needed care at any stage of their lives. Furthermore, choosing the right policy by considering your budget and understanding the needs of dogs is important because insurance is a recurring expense.

How much does it cost to buy Beagle Insurance?

The exact cost to buy Beagle Insurance is difficult to determine as prices vary depending on the type of insurance and service provider you choose. The cost of dog insurance depends on many factors including the dog’s breed, age, gender, coverage, location, medical history, and number of pets you want to insure together.  Here’s a brief description of how these factors impact cost.

Dog Essentials

Insurance costs primarily depend on the dog you own and its existing health condition. The breakdown of dogs’ essentials is discussed below:

  • Dog Breed: The breed of your dog helps to decide the insurance price. If your dog is a pedigree dog, then they are more likely to experience heredity health issues. Therefore, the insurance charges for Beagles (purebred) are more than for mixed dog breeds. Moreover, some breeds are more prone to illnesses than others which ultimately helps decide what should be the best insurance price.
  • Medical History: Your Beagle’s previous medical record is another important determinant factor for evaluating insurance cost. If your pup has a record of experiencing some major health concerns, then insurance companies are likely to charge you more.
  • Vaccinations: If you have vaccinated your dogs against known breed-specific illnesses, then the likelihood of diseases is far less. It will lower the insurance cost for a vaccinated Beagle.
  • Gender & Age: Puppy insurance is cheaper than older dogs. The lower the age, the less the insurance cost. Similarly, gender also plays a role in estimating insurance expenses.
  • Location: The dog insurance price is also based on location. Some areas have expensive vet treatment facilities, hence costs you more for treatment of your furry friends.

Type of Covers

Usually, there are four types of insurance plans for Beagles, each having its features with distinct prices. The insurance covers are arranged in order of price ( from high to low):

  • Lifetime Cover: It is the most comprehensive and expensive insurance form that offers the maximum coverage for your Beagles. This insurance is most suitable for pets who are suffering from ongoing or recurring health conditions. The veterinary fee limit can be revised when the policy is renewed each year.
  • Maximum Benefit Insurance: It is a mid-budget insurance type that covers diseases up to a predefined maximum limit. This policy is also known as per-condition insurance. The financial limit for each illness is specified. You can claim insurance as long as it doesn’t cross the budget limit specified in the insurance deed.
  • Time Limited: This insurance covers your Beagles from illnesses for 12 months after which the policy will expire and you will be responsible for future vet treatment costs. Time-limited insurance is cheaper than lifetime and maximum benefit insurance. There is usually a limit for how much and how long you can claim for diseases.
  • Accidental insurance: It is the most reasonable and cheapest pet insurance available in the UK. Accident-only insurance only protects your dogs against injuries caused by an accident. You can claim all expenses incurred for the recovery of your dogs for illnesses as a consequence of the accident.


Discount offers can reduce the cost of dog insurance by 5 % – 10% contingent on the actual discount rate. Multi-dog insurance is a great way to insure your all dog breeds together at a cheaper rate than individual insurance policies.

Furthermore, the extent or vet fee limit selected by you can also impact the cost of your beagle insurance. The insurance cost is not a one-time fee, you have to pay premiums either monthly or annually depending on the payment schedule you choose.

What are typical exclusions in Beagle pet insurance?

When it comes to Beagle insurance, there are certain exclusions specified by each service provider. Some of the common exclusions in dog insurance are:

  • Pre-existing health Conditions: Most of the insurance plans specifically exclude pre-existing conditions. This is because more claims need to be satisfied with ongoing dog health issues. Always check for pre-existing conditions coverage while enrolling in Beagle insurance.
  • Older Dogs: Insurance entities usually don’t allow coverage for dogs above a certain age. Therefore, it is better to check the upper age limit while enrolling your dog in an insurance plan.
  • Breeds Limitation: Some breeds require consistent vet care which may make it expensive for insurance entities to reimburse costs. This makes some specific breeds insurance way more expensive than others. Few insurance companies exclude these breeds for insurance services.
  • Routine Health Care Costs: Regular expenses like vet checkups, dental costs, vaccination, flea treatments, spaying, etc. are not covered by insurance.
  • Microchipping: In the UK, microchipping is a legal requirement for all dog owners. Keep in mind that microchipping cost isn’t included in any pet insurance coverage.

How to select a Beagle Insurance Plan?

Pet parents are responsible for providing all the facilities needed for the health of their beloved buddies. Choosing the right insurance cover for your Beagle is of utmost importance. With the right insurance plan, you are covered for the maximum issues your dogs may encounter. Consider the following points while selecting insurance for your dogs.

Get Multiple Quotes

  • Decide the type of insurance suitable for your Beagle’s needs.
  • Get multiple quotes from pet insurance companies.
  • Compare prices and services offered by different insurance companies.
  • Select insurance that offers maximum value at a reasonable price.

Research Company Reputation

  • Search about insurance company reputation by reading customer reviews.
  •  Look for track records of customers and claims reimbursed to date.
  • Always go for registered insurance entities to avoid any scams.

Read Terms Carefully

  • While enrolling in an insurance plan, do check out the terms. Read policy wording carefully to find any hidden fees or terms that may affect your dog’s insurance.
  • Sign the insurance deed and keep a copy of it with you to protect against any claims denial in the future.

Frequently Asked Insurance

Why is Beagle insurance more expensive than other dogs?

The insurance expense for Beagles is more expensive than other breeds because they are pedigree dogs. It makes them more susceptible to many health concerns. Insurance companies usually charge high premiums for purebred and older dogs. It costs them more (like more claims for reimbursement) than other mixed dog breeds.

What is included in Beagle Insurance?

Beagle Insurance usually covers costs related to vet treatment, third-party liability, boarding fees, advertising costs to find missing dogs, rewards expenses for finders, and therapy costs. Keep in mind that the coverage may vary depending on the policies of the insurance company and the type of coverage you choose.

What is excluded from Beagle Insurance?

Beagle insurance generally doesn’t cover any pre-existing medical conditions. Likewise, you cannot demand treatment expenses related to pregnancy and birth. If you want to go for neutering, you have to pay all vet bills as the insurance provider doesn’t cover this expense. Besides these, vaccination, regular check-up costs, and dental expenses cannot be claimed.

Is microchipping a must for Beagles?

Yes. Microchipping is a legal requirement for all dogs in the UK. Whether you own a puppy or a big dog, you are responsible for getting it microchipped. Microchipping your dogs is a great tool that helps to find your missing pets easily. Most insurance entities allow insurance only for microchipped dogs.

Can you claim for illnesses in accident-only insurance?

In accident-only insurance, you can claim only those expenses which incurred because of accidents. For example, injuries, dental problems, or fracture costs that occurred as a consequence of an accident can be claimed only. You cannot make claims for additional health problems or illnesses with this insurance.

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