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Bulldogs make great lapdogs who are courageous yet friendly. They are well-muscled bruisers. Bulldogs are loyal companions who can adapt well to any household. This breed has large heads, folded ears and wrinkles on their face because of loose skin.

Bulldogs have a high tendency to develop health issues. Thus, it is necessary to opt for a suitable insurance plan for your furry companions. Having the right type of insurance for your Bulldogs is a great step to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Why do the Bulldogs need Insurance?

Insurance is important for Bulldogs as it helps to reduce vet treatment costs. Bulldogs are usually considered healthy dog breeds, but they may develop health issues with time. The chance of getting affected with diseases increases as an animal ages. Therefore, buying older dog insurance for Bulldogs can help you cover the medical costs.

The potential for health issues in English & French Bulldogs is almost similar. However specific needs for both breeds might differ. Thus, consulting a vet is usually recommended to meet their health-specific issues. Veterinary bills could be expensive if a dog encounters any serious problem. Opting for insurance can aid the process by providing medical assistance through insurance claims.

Common health issues found in Bulldog breeds include:

Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome

Bulldog with puppy in home gardenBulldogs may experience breathing difficulties as they are a flat-faced breed. Their narrow nostrils and elongated palate could cause problems like breathing noises, potentially low exercise tolerance, wheezing, and difficulty in breathing. Obesity in Bulldogs could worsen brachycephalic airway syndrome. So, it’s better to monitor their diet and weigh their food to avoid this problem. Multiple surgical procedures are available to treat such issues in Bulldogs, but it could be a costly treatment.

Skin Problems

Bulldogs are sensitive to allergies caused by environmental factors like mould or pollen. They may also develop skin allergies as a reaction to flea bites. Scratching could make the problem worse, therefore immediate treatment is needed. Having the right coverage could help access medical care when needed.

Since bulldogs have layers of skin on their body and face, it can overlap causing problems such as rashes, skin infections, and skin-folding pyoderma. Bacteria usually cause skin infections in Bulldogs; therefore, treatment is inevitable.

Joint Issues

Bulldogs are prone to joint problems such as degenerative diseases, and hip or elbow dysplasia. Hip dysplasia occurs when bones don’t fit precisely together causing pain, lameness, and difficulty in walking. These issues in Bulldog breeds could lead to arthritis later on. Chondrodysplasia is abnormal cartilage growth that may increase the likelihood of bone and joint issues in English Bulldogs.

Likewise, excessive exercise or injuries could cause a joint or ligament injury. To avoid such issues, give them a healthy diet and regulate their exercise routine.

Eye Problems

Issues such as Distichiasis and Entropion are commonly found in Bulldog breeds. In Distichiasis disease, extra eyelash growth occurs near the cornea which may cause irritation and pain.  Entropion occurs when the eyelids move inwards or outwards causing eyelashes to rub on the eyes. As a result, your dog may scratch because of pain and discomfort. This could lead to ulcers or blindness if left untreated. To treat this issue, surgery may be needed.

Can we claim for Pre-existing conditions in Bulldog Insurance?

Pre-existing conditions are usually not covered in any Bulldog insurance plans. However, you can get customized specialist coverage from pet insurers for pre-existing health issues. Getting a cover for previously diagnosed health is a bit challenging and could be more expensive than other insurance types. Here’s a breakdown of conditions usually associated with getting a specialist cover for pre-existing health conditions:

  • Limited Fee Coverage: The vet fee limit for pre-existing illnesses for Bulldogs is usually limited. You cannot claim veterinary treatment over and above a specified amount mentioned in insurance.
  • Waiting Period: There’s generally a waiting period during which you cannot claim reimbursement for any pre-existing conditions. Cost coverage is available once the waiting period ends.
  • Standard Price: The insurance premiums for pre-existing health problems are expensive. Whether you take English Bulldog or French Bulldog insurance, you will be charged a high price because the susceptibility of insurance claims is high in this type of insurance.
  • Specific Exclusions: Insurance entities may incorporate any specific conditions like exclusions for any diseases or injuries.  They may also specify a financial limit for each illness in specialist cover.

What costs are covered by Bulldog Insurance?

The cost coverage for Bulldogs depends on the type of insurance policy you choose. Here’s a list of costs that are generally covered in pet insurance:

  • Diagnostic Expenses – The costs such as medical examinations, x-rays, tests, MRI scans, medication, hospitalization, and surgery are included in pet insurance.
  • Therapies Expense – Some dogs need therapies such as hydrotherapy or acupuncture to recover from certain ailments. Insurance providers normally cover these costs.
  • Missing Pets Recovery – If your dog goes missing or is stolen, then the costs to recover it are usually financed by insurance companies. This may involve advertising expenses and rewards announcement charges.
  • Overseas Travel Expenses – If your pet becomes ill during overseas travel, or gets inured, the treatment expenses can be claimed. For this, you need to provide the original receipts or medical bills for reimbursement purposes.
  • Kennel Fee  – Sometimes pet owners may need emergency treatment like hospitalization. Under such circumstances, the costs to place your canines in a shelter or kennel are recoverable from insurance providers.
  • Third-Party Liability  – Costs to pay third-party liabilities are claimable from insurance providers. Some examples of such payables include damages to someone’s property, hurting or accidentally killing someone or their pets, etc.

What are the potential benefits of having Bulldog Insurance?

Bulldogs are famous pets that bring happiness and joy to the family. Pet owners are responsible for providing them all the care they need and deserve. Covering all the medical and health-related facilities independently could be a bit tough as it may cost you thousands of pounds. With a dog insurance plan, you can share the monetary burden with the pet insurance entity. Some benefits of Bulldogs insurance include:

  • Financial Protection: Insurance is just like an investment. When you buy dog insurance, you are investing some amount that will help you save future costs. Therefore, insurance can be perceived as a tool to hedge the financial risk associated with the medical and recovery costs of your pets. Saving or investing a small portion of your income in an insurance policy could help you protect from major financial costs if your pet falls ill.
  • Peace of Mind: Veterinary treatment could be really expensive for pet owners. Having an insurance plan could reduce your stress and allow you peace of mind that your pets are safe from any unexpected disease. So, you don’t need to worry about finances and only focus on providing the best care they deserve.
  • Better Health Care Facilities: If you have opted for insurance, you can provide better health facilities to your pets as costs are shared among owners and insurance companies. This will allow you to offer quality vet treatment from renowned veterinary specialists.
  • Long-Term Safety: If a pet gets constant health care, the vulnerability to diseases decreases. This enables long-term safety for your dogs. Similarly, insurance plans like Lifetime Cover best suit dogs as they provide maximum protection against illnesses and injuries in the long term.

Which costs are not claimable in Bulldog insurance?

Costs that are typically excluded from Bulldog Insurance include:

Routine Vet Treatments: Costs such as regular vet checkups, vaccinations, and flea treatments are mostly excluded from the insurance plan.

Pre-Existing Conditions: If your dog is experiencing pre-existing health conditions at the time when you took the policy, you won’t be covered for these conditions. However, you can demand a tailored policy to treat pre-existing health problems.

Dental Care: You are not eligible to claim expenses for routine dental treatment in an insurance. However, if a dental injury occurs in an accident, then you can make a claim.

Microchipping: Microchipping is a legal requirement for all dogs in the UK. Insurance entities don’t cover this expense.

Spaying: Spaying or neutering your pets isn’t a claimable insurance expense.

Cosmetic Treatment: If you want to improve your dog’s looks via cosmetic treatment, you have to bear all expenses on your own. There is no reimbursement policy for cosmetic treatment

Pregnancy Costs: Dog breeding and birth-related costs aren’t covered in an insurance plan. Breeders have to bear all expenses out of their pocket for such costs.

Training Sessions & Grooming: Dog training classes and behavioural modifications are sometimes needed for pets. Keep in mind that these costs are not covered by any insurance plan.

Which type of insurance best suits Bulldogs?

Lifetime insurance is a plan that best suits Bulldogs considering their health issues. This plan offers lifetime coverage for injuries and illnesses subject to budget limits for each kind of illness. Once a year ends, the limit refreshes making it convenient for policyholders to get reimbursement for ongoing health issues.

The cost coverage in lifetime insurance may vary depending on the code of practice adopted by the insurance company. It generally includes coverage for vet checkup costs, medication, examinations, testing, therapies, and surgery expenditures.  Besides this, if your pet gets injured in an accident, you can claim costs incurred for its recovery.

There is usually no time restriction for medical conditions in a lifetime bulldog insurance plan. However, an annual limit is usually placed for the amount you can claim during a year. Each medical condition has its own budget for up to a period of 1 year, the amount over and above that limit has to be personally financed. The limit automatically ends once you renew the policy and pay the premium for the upcoming period.

It is worth noting here that any pre-existing health conditions are not admissible in a lifetime insurance plan. If you want coverage for previously diagnosed health problems, you need to buy a tailored insurance plan as per the needs of your dog.

How to get cheap pet insurance for Bulldogs?

Getting pet insurance at cheap rates is usually difficult to find. Insurance companies sometimes offer cheap rates for insurance by providing limited coverage. So, it could be a tough task to find reasonably priced insurance that allows all needed services for your dogs. To cut costs for dog insurance, here are a few useful strategies.

Look for Multi-Dog Discount

Getting insurance for your all your pets under one multi-dog insurance can help reduce the overall costs. Discount offers are admissible even when you renew the insurance for upcoming periods. You can get dog and cat insurance together under a plan to take advantage of multi-pet discounts.

Keep Pets Vaccinated & Healthy

Vaccination is a useful strategy to keep your pets healthy and away from commonly breed-specific illnesses. It won’t only reduce the veterinary treatment costs but also help lower the insurance premium expenses. Insurance companies charge a low price for vaccinated dogs.

Shop Around to Find Best Priced Insurance

It is a useful tip to search and get quotes from many service providers. This helps to shortlist insurance options considering prices and associated benefits. You can get help from Quoteradar to find the perfect coverage for your pets.

Excess Adjustment

Pay the excess out of your pocket to keep the insurance premium price low. Insurance companies increase the premium price when they anticipate more claims. Paying excess will reduce the claim, hence price hikes can be managed.

Neutering / Spaying Pets

Spaying could help prevent certain ailments in dogs. It assists in reducing insurance expenses and certain other problematic behaviours in dogs.

Annual Payment Options

Paying the insurance premiums annually comes with discounted prices. So, choosing a yearly payment option can help manage finances.

Learn more about other categories like home and car insurance by comparing multiple quotes in a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bulldogs capable of swimming?

Bulldogs have short noses that make it difficult for them to swim. Keeping their nose out of water is tough for them, to do this, they have to tilt their head backwards. Always be careful when you take your Bulldogs for swimming. Try to keep them away from deep water.

Does location impact Bulldog insurance premium?

Yes. Your location plays an important role in determining insurance premiums. If you live in a town or big city, the insurance prices are likely to be more expensive. This is because vet treatment costs are more expensive in some posh areas than in rural localities.

How does age impact the price of Bulldog insurance?

Insurance premiums for puppies are cheaper than for older dogs. This is because as an animal ages, the vulnerability towards illnesses also increases. Insurance premiums become very expensive once your dog crosses 8 years of age.

Why insurance premiums are high for Bulldogs?

The price of insurance is usually higher for pedigree dogs than mixed breeds. This means they are at high risk of experiencing hereditary health conditions. That’s why the insurance premiums for Bulldogs are usually higher than other dogs 

Is vaccination a requirement to get Bulldog insurance?

No. Vaccination is not a compulsory requirement to get insurance for your Bulldogs. However, if your dogs are vaccinated, the insurance premiums will be comparatively lower than unvaccinated dogs.

How does co-insurance help pet owners?

Co-insurance is an agreement between the insurance company and pet owners to share the vet treatment cost. This strategy helps pet owners to avoid high insurance premiums in upcoming periods. Instead, if you claim all the insurance costs from insurance entities, then you will have to pay inflated premiums.

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