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Chihuahuas are one of the smallest dog breeds that are energetic, confident and possess dynamic personalities. They are famous for their loyalty and charming nature. Chihuahuas are popular pets that make ideal companions who are often protective.

Are you wondering about Chihuahua Insurance? Getting pet insurance for your furry Chihuahua buddies is a great way to protect their health and your wallet at a time.

What does Chihuahua insurance usually offer?

If you want to opt for dog insurance plans for your Chihuahuas, here’s a breakdown of the most common services normally offered by insurance companies.

Illness or Injury Cover

 long-haired Chihuahua pet dogDepending on the insurance plan you have chosen, your dogs will be covered for accidents, illness, or both. Insurance for Chihuahuas can be availed at any time but it is better to buy it in earlier years to provide your pets with all health facilities at cheap rates. Premiums for older dog insurance are usually high as they are more prone to disease at that age.

Medical costs

Insurance plans usually involve cost coverage for Veterinary treatment cost, medication, therapies, and sometimes surgeries too. The cost coverage depends on the type of service you choose and the code of practice of the insurance entity.

Emergency Pet Care

Insurance companies generally offer emergency care for your beloved furry babies. Whether your Chihuahuas need an unexpected vet visit or an emergency admission in a kennel, insurance is available to protect your babies. You can file a claim to recover these expenses from the insurance service provider. Provided that the insurance company included these terms in the insurance deed or it’s normal business ritual for them to offer such cost coverage.

Heredity Conditions

Chihuahuas are at greater risk for genetic diseases which makes them susceptible to many ongoing or recurring health problems. To meet such costs, you can get lifetime insurance coverage to manage all those recurring costs effectively.

Peace of mind

With the right dog insurance in place for your Chihuahuas, you need not worry about the financial costs of unexpected vet treatments.  This offers peace of mind to pet owners that their beloved companions are safe and insured for health-related costs.

How much does it cost to get Chihuahua Insurance?

The cost of Chihuahua insurance is difficult to estimate as insurance companies consider multiple factors to determine the price. Astonishingly, the Chihuahua insurance price for your dog and someone else dog could be entirely different.  This is because the insurance price shows the combined impact of many factors.

Some important factors that may impact Chihuahua insurance premiums are:

  • Age: If you opt for puppy insurance for your Chihuahua, then the premium expense will be lower than for an adult dog.
  • Type of Cover: There are different insurance covers that cover accidents, and illnesses, or offer both these services in one plan ( like lifetime insurance). The price is dependent on the type of cover you choose.
  • Locality: Vet treatment costs in some posh localities are way more expensive than in other areas. Likewise, in locations where stealing or pet theft risk is high, the cost to insure them will be expensive.
  • Health: The medical history of your dog is also considered by insurance companies to choose the best price offer for your dog insurance. If your Chihuahua gets diagnosed with some ongoing health conditions during the current year, then the insurance price at the renewal will be higher.
  • Discounts: Insurance companies usually offer discounts on multi-dog insurance. So, if you have more than one pet and you insure them together, you will be offered a discount of around 5 % to 10%.

Is it worth it to buy Chihuahua insurance?

Being a purebred dog, Chihuahuas are at greater risk of genetic diseases than other dog breeds. It makes it expensive to take care of all medical and health-related charges independently. This is where pet insurance steps in to aid you with veterinary treatment costs. Most insurance offers usually cover 70 to 90% of medical costs depending on the type of insurance you have purchased.

Getting the right insurance is a must to offer all the care your Chihuahuas need and deserve. Chihuahua insurance helps to hedge the financial risks of unexpected future expenditures. Besides this, it offers peace of mind to pet owners that their favourite furry friends are protected against injuries and illnesses.

However, choosing the right type of cover as per the needs of your dogs is extremely important to get the advantages of insurance. For example, if you want vet costs reimbursements for illnesses or health problems, then choose an insurance plan which offers coverage for vet fees against diseases (like lifetime cover).

What isn’t covered by Chihuahua Insurance?

Chihuahua Insurance doesn’t cover all medical costs. Here are some of the most common health conditions which aren’t covered by Chihuahua insurance.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions are excluded from insurance. So, if you shift from one insurance provider to another, you won’t be able to claim for previously diagnosed health problems.
  • Birth-related costs or dog pregnancy expenses are not covered by insurance providers. You need to handle such costs from your pocket.
  • Vaccinations and microchipping costs are excluded from insurance coverage.
  • Other costs such as spaying, neutering, and flea or worm treatments are not provided by insurance companies.
  • 100% medical cost coverage is not possible. Insurance companies usually offer a portion of fee cover or as per the pre-decided vet fee limit.

Keep in mind that the list of excluded Chihuahua insurance services could be different across different companies. Read all the details in the insurance agreement to find out what isn’t covered by your service provider.

What are some common health problems in Chihuahuas?

Chihuahuas make great pets, but sometimes it could be a bit costly to manage their health costs. This is because they belong to purebred dogs which makes them susceptible to many genetic health issues. Some common diseases found in Chihuahuas breed include:


It is a condition in which cerebrospinal fluid builds up in the brain that causes increased pressure and results in swelling. This could impact Chihuahuas affecting their muscles, causing seizures and even blindness. Medication is usually prescribed to treat seizures. The vet may recommend steroids to reduce cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Hydrocephalus could be even life-threatening if not treated properly.

Dental Diseases:

Dental issues such as gum diseases are common in toy breeds dogs including Chihuahua. They may experience Gingivitis which occurs when gums become swollen because of tartar accumulation alongside the gum line. Since Chihuahuas have smaller mouths, they are likely to suffer from overcrowding which makes conditions suitable for tartar build-up. If teeth get affected severely by this, surgical extraction may be needed.


Monitoring the diet of your beloved Chihuahua is essential to save them from obesity problems. Obese dogs are naturally more vulnerable to health problems. Over-feeding your furry buddies could result in excessive body weight. This may result in a range of health issues like breathing difficulties, joint issues, and stress on the spine, that may reduce their lifespan. Therefore, it is better to opt for a diet plan to keep your dogs healthy.

Heart Diseases:

Chihuahuas can experience conditions like congenital heart murmurs and heart valve issues. Congenital heart murmurs occur when there is abnormal blood flow via the heart. Many health issues in Chihuahuas can be controlled by medication and regular monitoring. Whenever you observe a sign or symptom of heart disease, consult your vet immediately.


This is a condition in dogs in which testicles are retained in the tummy instead of the skin where they should sit. Testicles are dropped down usually by the age of 6 months. However, if it doesn’t happen, this could cause cancer if it remains in the abdomen. To treat this problem, an operation is conducted to remove the testicle from the tummy. The procedure to remove testicles is known as castration.

Spinal Issues:

Chihuahuas are at a high risk of spinal injuries due to their small body structure. One such common problem is Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD). It may appear when a spinal disc slips out of its original space. Surgery is the cure for IVDD, if the problem is severe. Physical therapies and wheelchairs could help to resolve these issues as it aids mobility. Preventing your Chihuahuas from playing with big dogs and keeping an eye on them during playtime can help save them from mishaps.

How to find the right insurance plan for your Chihuahuas?

With the right insurance in place, you are protected against high vet treatment costs. It enables you to provide the required health facilities for your pets. Try to invest in an insurance plan that best suits your budget and the health needs of your Chihuahuas. Here’s a brief guideline to find the right insurance for your dogs.

  • Get detailed information about dog insurance service providers either via their websites or by consulting other pet insurance holders.
  • Decide what type of insurance cover meets the health needs of your Chihuahua. Make sure to consider your budget and its elasticity to avail service needed for your dogs.
  • Get multiple insurance quotes from different insurance companies for the same type of insurance coverage.  This will you to compare the prices and shortlist insurance that is suitable for you.
  • Find the quote that offers maximum advantages for a reasonable price. Cheap dog insurance is better as insurance is not a one-time expense. You will need to pay for insurance premiums either monthly or yearly, depending on your chosen tenure.
  • Sign the insurance contract after carefully reading the whole agreement to avoid any misunderstanding regarding the type and extent of services offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Chihuahua age affect insurance premiums?

The age helps to decide the suitable insurance premium for your Chihuahua. The older the dog, the more will be the premium. This is because when a dog gets aged, it’s more likely to suffer from health issues. This makes puppy insurance way cheaper than older dog breeds.

What’s covered in Chihuahua pet insurance?

Chihuahua pet insurance normally provides coverage for veterinary treatment costs, third-party liability cover, boarding fees, advertising expenses to find missing pets and rewards for finders. However, the cost covers may vary depending on the service provider and type of insurance policy chosen for your dog.

Why some dog insurance companies are so cheap?

Some pet insurance companies offer cheap dog insurance because they balance the cheap premium with a hefty excess. By doing so, the pet owner will have to contribute to the insurance entity to pay the vet bill. It’s better to carefully read each and every clause of your dog insurance plan to avoid any misconception later on. You can compare quotes online to get an idea of what’s a realistic price for Chihuahua insurance.

Why is it expensive to insure Chihuahua dog breeds?

Purebred dogs are more susceptible to genetic health issues than mixed breeds. This makes Chihuahua insurance more expensive than other dog breeds. The common health problems faced by pedigree dogs are considered by insurance providers to reflect their impact on insurance premium costs.

Is vaccination needed to get Chihuahua Insurance?

Many dog insurance companies consider vaccination as an important factor in estimating insurance prices. The dogs who are vaccinated are protected against a wide range of common illnesses. This is what makes vaccinated dogs’ insurance cheaper than unvaccinated breeds.  Vaccination is not a compulsory requirement for insurance, but it can reduce the cost of insurance.

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