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Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog

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Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a strong, athletic, and energetic little dog. They have lively personalities with affectionate and sensitive nature. Pembroke Welsh Corgi are ranked among the top 15 most popular dog breeds by the American Kennel Club.

Corgis being cherished members of the family deserve all the care to live a healthy and happy life. Get the right dog insurance plan for your Corgis to enable them access to the medical care they need.

Why is Pet Insurance needed for Corgis?

Veterinary expenses could become unaffordable if your dog is diagnosed with a serious illness or encounters injuries in an accident. Vet bills could cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds for recovery from illness. Having dog insurance could enable quality treatments for your dogs and protect you from costly vet bills.

Corgis could experience many health problems in their lives, like hip dysplasia, IVDD, VWD, cataracts, blindness, and other health issues.  Pet insurance helps cover vet treatment expenses for your beloved furry companions. It enables better treatment for your Corgi whenever needed. So, you don’t need to worry about financial charges associated with treatment as a major portion of vet treatment is reimbursed by the insurance companies.

What is included in Corgi Insurance?

Whether you own a puppy or an adult Pembroke Welsh Corgi, getting a suitable insurance plan is going to help you a lot. If an unexpected illness or accident strikes your fur baby, it would be difficult to handle all medical expenses independently. With the right corgi insurance plan, you’ll be reimbursed up to 70% to 90% of the vet fee.

Here’s a brief description of  what is usually covered in a dog insurance plan:

  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi pet dog in a home lawnIllness Cover: The vet treatment fee for diseases is covered by dog insurance. The extent of coverage and vet fee limit is usually pre-decided. The reimbursement policy and number of conditions covered in an insurance may vary across different insurance providers.
  • Accidental Coverage: With accident-only insurance, you can claim all the costs incurred for the treatment of your Corgi. Accidental insurance does not cover diseases or other veterinary costs. You can only claim for costs associated with the recovery of dogs from injuries in accidents.
  • Behavioural Conditions: Sometimes vet may recommend behavioural therapy to overcome anxiety, aggression, stress, or any other behavioural problems. You can claim these charges from your dog insurance providers if they offer coverage for behavioural therapy.
  • Dental Injury: Dental care cost coverage is usually offered in dog insurance to the extent it occurred as a consequence of the accident. Other routine dental problems or diseases are usually excluded from insurance costs. However, you can request specialist coverage from insurance companies to cover medical expenses for any specific diseases.
  • Third-Party Payables: Insurance service providers offer coverage for third-party liability covers. It may include costs to be payable to third parties if your dog damages their properties or hurts someone or pets etc.
  • Kennel Charges: The cost to put your Corgi and care for it in a kennel is offered by insurance companies. It may involve situations such as when you get admitted to a hospital in an emergency, then the boarding fee will be covered if you have opted for dog insurance.
  • Advertisement Expenses: Insurance companies provide coverage to find missing or lost pets. Like if your dog goes missing and you print flyers to find it or announce rewards for the founder, then you’ll be reimbursed these costs.

The actual cost coverage in an insurance plan may vary depending on insurance providers and the type of insurance coverage you choose.

How much does it cost to get a Corgi Insurance?

The cost of a Corgi Insurance plan is difficult to determine as it depends on multiple factors. Insurance premiums are decided by considering the health, age, breed, type of cover, vet fee limit and a range of other factors.

Let’s consider some important factors that help to estimate the price of your dog insurance.

  • Age – Puppy insurance for Pembroke Welsh Corgi is cheaper than older dogs. The lower the age, the lesser the insurance premium.
  • Breed – Purebred dogs are more likely to get affected by genetic health problems than mixed breeds. This makes purebred dog insurance more expensive than other breeds.
  • Vaccination – Though vaccination is not a compulsory requirement for insurance, it impacts the insurance premium price. The insurance fee for vaccinated dogs is less than for unvaccinated dogs. This is because vaccinated Corgis are less susceptible to health problems.
  • Type of Insurance Cover – The coverage option you select for your dogs could also impact the insurance premium expense. Some insurance plans like lifetime insurance are more expensive because they offers maximum coverage for your dogs.
  • Geographic Location ­– Dog insurance premium expenses will be expensive at locations where veterinary costs are high. So, the location may also impact the price of your Corgi insurance.
  • Discounts – The insurance price could be affected if the insurance company is offering discounts to insure multiple pets together. It will reduce the insurance premium cost.

You can calculate the actual price of dog insurance by getting quotes from different insurance service providers. QuoteRadar can assist you in finding the best price of Corgi insurance by comparing multiple quotes within a few minutes.

Which costs aren’t covered by Corgi Insurance?

Insurance companies do not provide cover for all costs, instead, they usually exclude some specific costs. The excluded costs may vary from company to company depending on their policies and code of practice.

Here’s a list of costs that are generally excluded from insurance costs:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions coverage is not available in insurance.
  • Costs for spaying, neutering, or other similar expenses are excluded.
  • Grooming costs aren’t covered.
  • Routine vet visits, vaccination costs, and dental care expenses aren’t part of insurance.
  • Dog pregnancy and birth-related costs coverage is not available.
  • Costs associated with breeding are not claimable in dog insurance.

Is it worth it to opt for Corgi Insurance?

Being a purebred dog, Pembroke Welsh Corgi are more likely to experience heredity health problems than other mixed breed dogs. This would make it tough for you to pay hefty vet bills out of your pocket. However, if you invest in a dog insurance policy, your dog will get all the care needed to live a healthy life.

Pet insurance is a great tool to provide needed health care services to your Corgis and hedge financial risks. If you have opted for the right dog insurance, you’ll be reimbursed for more than 70% of your vet expenses by the insurance company.  Insurance providers require you to pay a monthly or yearly premium, and in return, you can claim for vet bills.

As a pet owner, you are responsible for offering all the essentials your dogs need and deserve. The medical facility is one of the most basic facilities to ensure your dogs are healthy. So, investment in an insurance facility is a wise decision that enables health cost coverage facilities as well as financial protection for dog owners.

What are common health issues in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed?

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is generally considered a healthy breed to be kept as pets. Just like humans, when dogs get old, they are prone to more illnesses than usual.  Some of the commonly faced problems in Corgis include:

Intervertebral disc Disease (IVDD)

It is a common spinal disease in which the discs between vertebrae responsible for shock absorption become weak. It will lead to disc herniation and compression of the spinal cord. IVDD is most common in older dogs, but some young dogs can also experience it. The symptoms of IVDD include panting, shivering, difficulty in jumping, and struggling while going up or down the stairs. In mild cases, cage rest is recommended, and medication is prescribed to relieve pain. However, in severe cases ( e.g., paralyzed bladder), surgery may be the only solution.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is one of the most common genetic health issues in Corgis. In this condition, the hip joint doesn’t develop properly. It may result in pain, limping, stiffness discomfort, and could lead to arthritis. Treatment may involve physical therapies, anti-inflammatory medication and support equipment (like a wheelchair) or surgery.

Von Willebrand’s Disease( VWD)

It is an inherited bleeding disorder in dogs. Blood cells adhere to each other as a result of reduced levels of proteins in the blood, which results in thinner blood. Dogs suffering from VWD are prone to bruising and bleeding. Excessive bleeding could be dangerous for dogs if they need surgery or get wounded. Depending on the severity of the issue, treatments could range from plasma or blood transfusion from healthy dogs, intravenous drips, and drug medications to even surgery measures.

How to find cheap dog insurance in the UK?

Getting a cheap dog insurance plan in the UK is not tough anymore.  There are many online options that can do this trick for you in a few minutes. It will assist you in finding an affordable plan as per your dog’s needs.

Here’s a step-wise guide for you to search for the best yet cheapest dog insurance.

Step 1: Decide the Type of Dog Insurance Policy

First of all, you have to decide what type of insurance cover suits your Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This will help to get quotes for the same type of coverage from multiple insurance companies.

Step 2: Get Assistance with Online Comparison Tools/Websites

Multiple online tools can do the trick of getting quotes from various insurance entities. These tools then compare services offered along with prices to help you decide the best insurance. It will help you save time and money to find the best insurance for your dog.

Step 3: Get Multiple Quotes

If you don’t want to use online quote comparison tools, no worries, as you can do it yourself. To do this, you need to search for pet insurance service providers in your area. Then, get quotes from these insurance companies by providing details of your Corgi, like age, medical history, gender, and type of coverage needed.

Step 4: Price Comparison

The next step is to analyze the dog insurance quotes and compare them. The comparison could be based on prices as well as the service offered. The best strategy is to find a service provider that offers maximum insurance coverage at a reasonable price. Always check the company’s reputation by reading public reviews on the official websites or social media handles of insurance providers.

Step 5: Look for Discounts

Check for discount offers by insurance entities and if available then get advantage of it. Discounts can reduce the cost of insurance for your Corgi.

Is it beneficial to buy Multi-dog insurance?

Multi-dog insurance is a beneficial option as it comes with discounted prices. Get insurance for all dogs together under one plan by using multi-pet insurance. It will lower the overall costs of insurance. Discounts of around 5 % to 10% are usually offered by insurance companies for multiple dog insurance.

With multi-dog insurance, you will have one renewal date for all the dog insurance. It will ease the insurance process, as you don’t need to remember multiple dates to renew insurance policies each year. You can pay the insurance premium fee for all your dogs together.

It’s not compulsory to choose the same type of insurance policy for all your dogs in multi-pet insurance. You can decide the type of insurance for each dog separately depending on the health and needs of your pets. Furthermore, multi-dog cover doesn’t mean spreading one insurance plan over multiple dogs; instead, each dog will have its own separate insurance coverage.

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