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German Shepherd Dog Insurance Made Easy!

German Shepherd serves as all-purpose dogs, due to their diverse personality traits. They are a preferred dog breed for military service, and police. German Shepherds are also used as herding/guide dogs and make excellent family dogs if properly trained. This dog breed is known for its muscularity, a trait that makes it a suitable choice for guide dogs.

German Shepherds are highly intelligent and extremely loyal buddies who love to have a task to do. Opting for German Shepherd Pet Insurance is a great way to keep your dog healthy and saves you from expensive vet bills.

How much does it cost to get German Shepherd Insurance?

The cost of German Shepherd insurance in the UK varies across different companies that offer this service. You’ll observe price variations if you get quotes from different insurance providers. Pet insurance companies consider multiple factors to determine what cost you have to pay. Quotes offered are not the same in terms of services and fees, making it difficult to estimate an exact price for your dog’s insurance.

The most common factors considered by insurance providers to determine quote prices are:

Age: If you insure your German Shepherd when it’s a puppy, the cost of insurance will be less than that of older dogs. The likelihood of facing health problems in younger dogs is less. Therefore, the anticipation of claims is low which makes puppy insurance cheaper than older dogs.

Medical History: Health problems encountered by your German Shepherd during its lifetime are an important factor in understanding insurance pricing. If your dog has faced many health issues of an ongoing nature, then the cost of the premium will be high.

Type of Cover: Prices vary across the type of insurance policy you take out for your furry friend. Lifetime insurance is usually the most expensive due to its comprehensive coverage, while accident-only insurance is the cheapest one.

Likelihood of Claim: If the probability of making a claim is high (considering insurance claim history or type of disease), the cost of insurance will be high and vice versa.

Location: Some areas have high risks ( for example, dog theft cases), so premiums for customers residing in those locations are high.

Which costs are covered by Pet Insurance for German Shepherds?

The level of insurance coverage you choose for your German Shepherd decides which costs are claimable. Costs that are usually included in insurance coverage are discussed here.

  • Vet Treatment – Vet treatment costs coverage up to a certain limit is provided in insurance. You can claim for medical expenses by filing an insurance claim for reimbursement. Keep in mind that all health costs are not covered by insurance. To be more precise, the type of vet coverage offered in specific insurance decides which costs can be claimed.
  • Lost or theft – If your German Shepherd gets stolen or is lost, the insurance company may provide for costs to recover it. Such costs may include advertisement expenses (such as printing flyers) to find your dog and rewards to the dog finder. You can claim these services only if it’s mentioned in the insurance deed to provide coverage for finding lost or stolen pets.
  • Therapies expenses – Some diseases need therapies to treat them, that’s why vets usually recommend rehabilitation therapies for your dogs. Always check for the therapy fee coverage clause while signing the insurance contract for your German Shepherds.
  • Boarding Fee – Sometimes boarding fee is covered by insurance providers too. If you are hospitalized in an emergency, and there’s no one to care for your beloved dog, then the cost of placing them in kennels is provided by insurance companies. Not all insurance entities include a boarding fee clause in their insurance plans.
  • Liability Coverage – What if your beloved Shepherd attacks someone and causes them injury? Or if it damages someone’s property, who will pay such unexpected expenses? Don’t worry about that, as most of the time insurance companies offer third-party liability cover to assist pet owners from the burden of such financial loss.
  • Overseas Treatment Cover – Few insurance policies offer overseas vet fee cover if your dog gets injured or experiences health problems during international trips.

Which costs are excluded from dog insurance?

Here’s a list of expenses that are usually excluded from insurance policies.German Shepherd Pet Dog Playing with a Toy

  • Vaccination cost
  • Expenses incurred for spaying, neutering, and castration
  • Routine vet checkups
  • Costs to cure pre-existing medical conditions
  • Grooming expenditures
  • Expenses to control parasites e.g., ticks, fleas, etc.
  • Puppies microchipping costs
  • Dog training costs

What are known Health Problems in German Shepherds?

German shepherds are a big-sized dog breed. They need to stay active and require plenty of exercise to remain fit. The life expectancy for this dog breed is up to 14 years if kept healthy. Here are some of the common health problems they may experience in their lives.

Hip Dysplasia

Just like Labradors, German Shepherds are large dog breeds which is the reason they may suffer from problems like Hip dysplasia. The ball and socket joint of hips don’t fit together causing bone deterioration and loss of function. The symptoms of this disease are difficulty in walking, stiffness, pain, and limping in the hind legs. Treatment may include surgical or non-surgical remedies, different exercises, and changes in dietary patterns.


Your dogs may go through abnormal brain activity which causes fits and convulsions. German Shepherds may show symptoms of epilepsy during the age of 1 to 5 years. To diagnose this issue, the vet will conduct a series of tests. With the right dog insurance in place, the treatment and examination costs can be reimbursed if it’s not a pre-existing medical condition.


German Shepherds may experience hemophilia which is a bleeding disorder. This inherited disorder in dogs prevents blood from clotting, hence causing bruising and lameness.

Degenerative Myelopathy

This is a disease of the spinal cord and nerves that is inherited by German Shepherds. The symptoms of this illness include loss of feeling in limbs and difficulty in walking and standing. It may cause paralysis and coordination problems in your dogs. No cure is there to treat this condition in dogs. However, assistive equipment or exercise may make it easy for your dog to move around.


In this disease, the stomach gets filled with air and twists itself causing gastric dilation in German Shepherds. This may affect other vital organs and your dog may experience severe pain. Treatment may involve surgery that could be expensive. With the right pet insurance in place, you will be covered for medical costs.

What’s dog grooming insurance?

Dog grooming insurance is suitable for businesses that want to cover up liability claims in advance in case something unfavourable happens. You can take dog grooming insurance to protect against unexpected liability claims.

The price for grooming insurance is the estimation of the perceived risk of the insurance provider. It may also depend on certain other factors like the probability of an insurance claim, the claim history of the grooming business, the size of your grooming company, the type of cover requested, inclusive services, and location, etc.

Is insurance available for pre-existing medical conditions in German Shepherds?

If your German Shepherd has pre-existing medical conditions at the time when you opt for insurance, there is the probability that insurance won’t cover such expenses. However, you need to tell your insurers about these health issues when you take out insurance.

Some insurance providers include pre-existing medical conditions in their cover, but they may charge you high premiums for this. If a medical condition develops over time during an existing insurance coverage, then such costs can be claimed.

Take out specialist pet insurance to cover your dog’s existing health issues. Keep in mind that specialist dog insurance policies are likely to be more expensive than others.

What are the different levels of covers for German Shepherds?

Customers have a choice to decide what level of coverage they need for their dogs. The are different levels of covers for dogs with diverse prices.

  • Lifetime Cover

This insurance protects your dog throughout its life. It renews every year with a vet fee limit in total per year. Health problems as well as injuries due to accidents can be claimed in the lifetime insurance cover.

  • Per condition cover

A specific amount is set for each medical condition or injury in this cover. You can claim for that amount during the time your policy is live. Amounts over and above that pre-decided limit for a specific condition cannot be claimed. This policy is also known as maximum benefit insurance.

  • Accident Only Cover

This insurance type provides coverage for all the costs associated with the accident. You cannot claim for health problems other than those which occurred as a direct consequence of the accident.

  • Time Limited Cover

This includes a specified limit for each medical condition within a stipulated period. You cannot claim if either the maximum payout limit for a disease is reached or the time mentioned in the policy expires.

How to find the best dog insurance for German Shepherds?

Finding the best insurance policy for your German Shepherd is a tricky task if you have multiple options. You need to shortlist the insurance based on factors like prices, the extent of vet treatment offered, and the type of coverage.

To find the cheapest price for German Shepherd insurance, multiple websites like QuoteRadar.co.uk can do it for you in a few minutes. To get assistance from these online service options, you need to mention your dogs’ details, budget, and desired services.

Choose a service that is affordable and best suits your German Shepherd’s medical conditions. With the right dog insurance in place, your dogs get the medical assistance and care that they deserve.

Why older dog insurance is expensive?

The age of a German Shepherd plays an important while determining the price of insurance. The lesser the age, the lower will be the cost of insurance. Puppy insurance is the most suitable and economical option for German Shepherds. In this way, your dog will have the chance to get vet treatments whenever needed, hence early diagnosis of health problems. When a disease gets detected earlier, the chance of recovery is high, and associated treatment costs are low.

When you opt for dog insurance at an older age, the chance of health issues is more than younger ones. In such scenarios, insurance companies anticipate that there is more probability of insurance claims. This is the reason why senior dog insurances are priced high.

Some insurance companies initiate the co-payment option in addition to excess when your German Shepherd reaches a certain age.  This is because of the vet treatment costs for older dogs who are more prone to various health problems.

What’s the waiting period clause in insurance plans for dogs?

When you opt for an insurance plan, there comes a small waiting period during which the insurance policy has not been activated yet. Therefore, expenditures related to health, injury, or other third-party liabilities cannot be claimed during such time. The waiting period time limit is different for different types of insurance plans you select for your dogs.

Generally, the waiting period for dogs is 14 days, but it may vary from provider to provider and also the type of insurance.  So, it’s better to check your insurance contract for terms and conditions related to waiting time.

Is it worth it to opt for German Shepherd Insurance?

German Shepherd is a pure breed, which makes it more prone to genetic health problems than other mixed dog breeds. So, keeping this breed could cost you a heavy vet bill to fulfil medical expenses. Taking out an insurance plan for German Shepherds serves as a great step to hedge financial risks associated with the health of your dogs.

Being a responsible pet owner, you should provide care and medical facilities to your dogs at any stage of their life. Insurance companies provide reimbursement expenses for your German Shepherds up to 70% of the total amount (depending on the type of policy).

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