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Greyhounds are energetic, large, and muscular dog breeds that are popular all around the world. These dogs have a great reputation for their remarkable speed and racing abilities. Greyhounds are famous for their gentle and affectionate nature.

Keeping Greyhounds could be costly as they are pedigree dogs. Therefore, it is a great choice to opt for dog insurance policies as it helps to minimize health-related expenditures.greyhound dog running

Greyhound Breed Traits

  • Greyhounds have different coat colours including grey, white, fawn, and red.
  • The average weight of the Greyhound Breed is between 60 to 79 pounds.
  • Their necks are longer and have curved ears.
  • Greyhounds are active breeds who love to spend time in parks and open places.
  • It’s a great choice for hunting ventures.
  • Grooming is easy for Greyhound as they don’t have heavy coats.

What factors impact the cost of Greyhound Insurance?

The price of dog insurance isn’t easy to calculate as various factors are considered to decide the insurance premium. Some of the common factors that could impact Greyhound Insurance price include:

  • Age:  If you own a Greyhound puppy, the insurance premium costs are likely to be the least expensive. This is because as a dog ages, the vulnerability towards diseases also increases, which ultimately affects pet insurance prices.
  • Vaccination: Vaccinated dogs are cheaper to insure than unvaccinated ones. This impacts the insurance charges because the likelihood of diseases is low in vaccinated dog breeds. So, you will pay less if you complete the vaccination before getting a dog insurance plan.
  • Breed: Dog insurance price also gets impacted by the breed you own. If you have purebred dogs, then expect to pay more to opt for insurance. The reason behind this is that purebred dogs are susceptible to experience many hereditary health problems.
  • Type of Cover: Usually, there are four types of insurance plans available for dogs. It includes Lifetime, Maximum Benefit, Time Limited, & Accident-only insurance coverages. If you opt for lifetime insurance, you will have coverage for many health issues throughout life subject to yearly renewal. However, lifetime coverage costs more than the rest of the insurance plans. So, the price is primarily dependent on what insurance you choose.
  • Service Providers: Different insurance entities charge different insurance premiums depending on their terms, customer base, and code of practice. So, you will find different charges for the same type of insurance. Besides this, you can also observe the variance in vet fee limit and the number of conditions covered.
  • Location: The dog insurance expense may also be different based on your locality. Price variation is usually seen among different areas of the same city. It happens because veterinary treatment fees are usually expensive in urban areas. You will be paying less amount for the same service if you are based in a rural locality.

The best way to find out a price is to get Quotes for your Greyhound insurance. We can help you with this by getting multiple quotes and comparing them to find the best-priced insurance for you.

Why do Greyhounds need insurance?

Like many other dog breeds, Greyhounds are susceptible to many diseases as they grow. Having an insurance plan for them could assist pet parents in sharing the financial burden related to veterinary treatment expenditures. Other than that, dog insurance plans also offer coverage for third-party liabilities incurred as a consequence of your dog’s actions. You are also eligible to make claims for any illnesses and injuries caused to your dogs in an accident.

Knowing that your favourite canine companions are protected against health concerns is itself a great feeling and satisfaction for dog owners. It means dog insurance doesn’t only hedge the financial risks of unexpected costs, but it also enables peace of mind. While purchasing insurance, make sure to go for a service that provides cover for common health problems in the Greyhound breed.

Following are some of the health issues your Greyhound may encounter.

Von Willebrand’s Diseases

It is a disease in which dogs have a reduced number of Von Willebrand’s factors that are necessary for blood clotting. This Von Willebrand factor is a protein that assists cells in sticking together.  Dogs suffering from this problem are more prone to bruising and bleeding. This could be dangerous for dogs that need surgery as bleeding may result in problematic situations. The treatment usually involves plasma and blood transfusions. However, in some cases, surgery is the only solution which could be costly if you need to finance all costs independently.


Bloat is also known as Gastric Dilation Volvulus. Gastric Dilation occurs when gases build up in the stomach resulting in its inflation. The cause of Bloat could be eating fermented food or swallowing hair. The stomach inflation could cause it to move to one side or even twist. This could be life-threatening and can kill your dog within half an hour if not treated. The symptoms of this disease include breathing difficulty, swollen abdomen, and frothy vomiting. The treatment involves using a tube to empty the stomach (if it hasn’t twisted ) from gases. This will release the pressure on other organs. However, if the stomach has twisted, surgery will be needed to open it and remove gases.

Dental Problems

Dental care is much needed for dogs as it is a chronic problem that could affect other organs like kidneys and liver if left untreated. This problem initiates with tartar buildup that could progress to gum disease and other oral health conditions later on. Usually, routine dental care costs are not a part of insurance services. However, you can inquire about it while purchasing insurance for your dog. Dental issues are usually manageable with routine care and excellent oral hygiene.

Bacterial Infections

Greyhounds can face health problems because of bacterial or other viral infections. It could impact their health badly by weakening their immunity. Greyhounds could also experience weight loss issues and metabolism problems due to infections. To deal with such issues, you need to consult professionals which could cost you heavy medical bills.

Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

The joint displacement could cause problems such as hip and elbow dysplasia. The ball and socket joint in the hip doesn’t fit together causing pain and lameness. Similarly, elbow dysplasia could develop as a result of abnormal growth of bones and cartilage development. The veterinarian may recommend treatment depending on the severity of the issue.

What’s included in Greyhound Insurance?

Buying insurance for your Greyhounds helps you look after your pets more conveniently. Dog insurance will provide cover for:

Veterinary Fee

Veterinary treatment for pet owners could be expensive if your pet gets injured in an accident or experience any illnesses. The vet bills may range from hundreds to thousands of pounds depending on the severity of the problem. You have to choose the vet fee cover of your choice considering the health of your furry buddies.

Overseas Travel

Pet insurance sometimes also covers travel expenses including kennelling your dogs, illnesses during travel, getting new travel documents if lost, or finding missing pets. You will be covered for these expenses up to a limit mentioned in the insurance deed.

Diagnostic Expenditures

If you have bought dog insurance, then the costs of the diagnostic such as MRI, X-ray scans, Medication, Surgery and hospitalisation will be covered by insurance.

Third-Party Liabilities

Pet owners sometimes face legal claims or other liabilities if something or someone gets harmed because of their dogs. In such cases, all those third-party liabilities are reimbursed by the insurance companies.

Therapy Costs

Your vet may recommend acupuncture or hydrotherapy for your Greyhounds recovery. Insurance providers allow coverage for therapies or prescription expenses.

Finding Missing Pets

If your dog is lost, then the advertisement costs such as flyer printing or rewards costs to the finder are financed by the insurance companies.

What are common exceptions in Greyhound Insurance Policy?

Insurance companies normally exclude the following services from insurance plans:

  • Pre-existing conditions are generally excluded from insurance. You need to buy a specialist or tailored insurance cover for previously diagnosed health conditions.
  • Costs such as routine vet checkups, preventive treatment, worm and and flea treatments are usually not part of insurance.
  • Other costs such as vaccination, microchipping your dogs, and neutering or spaying are to be self-financed. Insurance doesn’t provide coverage for preventive treatments.
  • Dog grooming, behavioural modification, or training costs are typically excluded from insurance plans.

These are general exclusions from insurance plans for dogs. Coverage may vary depending on the type of insurance and service provider you choose.

How to find the best pet insurance for your Greyhounds?

Finding the right coverage plan for your Greyhounds is extremely important because it will decide what you are covered for.  It is better to choose an affordable service that provides maximum illness coverage for your dog. To help you find the right choice for your Greyhound, here’s a guideline for you.

Consider the Needs of Your Greyhound

The first thing you need to do is to consider what is important and most needed for your dog. This may include considering your dog’s previous medical record, common breed-specific illnesses,  immunity, and age of your Greyhound.

Decide Type of Insurance

The next step is to find out a suitable insurance plan for your furry companion. This involves considering all the types of insurance available for Greyhounds and then reading the features of each type to find out what’s best suitable as per the needs of your puppy.

Compare Insurance Prices

If you are looking for an older dog or puppy insurance, it is better to look at the prices and services offered in an insurance policy first. For this purpose, you can get quotes from different companies to compare insurance premium expenses.

Alternatively, you can compare cheap dog insurance quotes online using our comparison tool to find reasonably priced insurance policies. QuoteRadar makes the price comparison easy for you and assists users in finding cheap insurance for their dogs. This will help to reduce the financial burden as insurance is not a one-time expense, you need to repay it at the start of every year.

Insure Multiple Pet Together

You can take advantage of lower prices by opting for Multi-dog insurance. This will reduce your overall expense of buying pet insurance by 5 to 10%. Discounts can be reclaimed when your insurance policy renews at the start of next year. It means you can save every time you pay the insurance fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the normal lifespan of Greyhound Dog Breeds?

The life expectancy of the Greyhound breed is around 10 to 14 years. Greyhounds are generally considered a healthy breed, so if you provide them with proper diet and medical care, they can complete their full life span.

How Common is Shedding in Greyhounds?

Shedding is not a problem for Greyhound breeds as they possess thin coats. However, they may shed a little bit which can be easily managed by brushing regularly.

Are pre-existing conditions covered by Greyhound insurance plans?

No. Pre-existing health conditions are excluded from dog insurance plans. This is because treatment for such conditions is usually ongoing and it costs more.  Therefore, insurance companies expect more claims. However, if you are looking for insurance that specifically covers pre-existing conditions, then go for tailored/ specialist insurance coverage. Keep in mind that specialist insurance plans are more expensive than other types of insurance.

Are dental costs covered by Greyhound Insurance?

The dental coverage varies depending on the insurance policy you choose. However, routine dental care costs are usually excluded from insurance. Furthermore, if the dental injury appears as a consequence of the accident, then you will be covered for those costs.

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