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Gun Dog Insurance – An Overview

Gun dogs are loyal buddies and serve you as trusted partners in the fields. They are at high risk of injuries during their training and hunting practices. The well-being and health of these dogs are of high importance to pet parents.

With cover for your gun dog’s injuries and illnesses, you are safe from the financial risks associated with their training across fields and rough conditions.

What is Gun Dog Insurance?

Gundogs are a breed of dog that has worked alongside a gun to hunt food. Not only do these dogs serve humans as great working companions but they are also kept as pets. Gundogs play a vital role in hunting as they are real assets to assist humans in the fields.

Pet owners are responsible for keeping their dogs healthy and take all preventive measures to care for their well-being. One such measure is to get Gundog insurance to manage vet expenses efficiently.

Common Gundog breeds include Setters and Pointing dogs, Spaniels, Retrievers, and HRP (Hunt, point, & retrieve).

What Does Gun Dog Insurance Cover?

Gundog insurance policies cover costs related to injuries and illnesses. Discussed below is a detailed description of what you can get by insuring your gundog.

  • Accidents: Gun dog insurance can cover costs that might be incurred because of the accident. It may include post-accident vet examination expenses, medication costs, testing fees, and surgery-related expenses.
  • Veterinary Fee Costs: If your gun dog falls ill or encounters any injury, the treatment expenditures may cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds depending on the condition. Costs to treat health problems can be claimed if you have opted for insurance.  Insurance plans for dogs cover vet fee costs up to a certain level.
  • Liabilities: Pet Insurance usually covers third-party liabilities when the damage gets caused by your gundog to someone’s property.
  • Online Vet Assistance: 24/7 online vet assistance is available when you opt for dog insurance. This allows you to get assistance from your vet if you encounter some minor issues with your dogs.
  • Compensation for missing or stolen dog: Compensation is provided to cover expenses to recover lost or stolen dog. It may incorporate advertising costs to find dogs and rewards to the finders.
  • Behaviour Therapy: Dog issues such as chewing, and barking can be treated with insurance by consulting a behavioural specialist.
  • Other Services: Travel and accommodation costs are optional in some insurances. Some pet insurance companies also offer specialist cover for working dogs.

Which factors to consider while choosing a Gun Dog Insurance?

Gunog Insurance comes with diverse plans, prices, and incentives for different types of dog breeds. Here’s a compilation of some important things you need to consider for your gundog while selecting a policy.


The Gundog breed is an important determinant factor for the price of insurance. Some dog breeds are more prone to diseases than others. That’s why the insurance premiums for such breeds are higher than others.

Age of your dog

If you insure your gundog when it’s a puppy, then the insurance cost will be less. However, older dog insurance costs more as the risks of injury and illness increase with the age of your dog.

Level of Cover

While filling out the insurance form, you have to specify the amount of the vet fee limit for your dog. This helps to decide how much insurance premium you are going to pay for your gundog. The level of coverage offered by different insurance entities is diverse depending upon the policy statement of insurance providers.

Type of Insurance

The type of insurance policy you opt for also determines what could be the expected expense for your gun dog’s insurance. Some policies provide lifetime coverage for diseases and injuries; therefore they charge expensive insurance premiums. Similarly, accident-only insurance is the cheapest one, as it only covers the costs associated with accidents.

Which potential Risks & Health Problems are Associated with Gun Dogs?

Gun DogSince gundogs are used to hunt, they may experience tough conditions in the fields. This is why they are prone to potential risks and health-related issues.

Health Problems in Gun Dogs

  • Hip Dysplasia is a common health concern for gundogs. Labrador gundogs are at a potential risk of hip dysplasia. It happens when the ball and socket hip joint do not fit precisely together.
  • Your gundogs may suffer from arthritis disease. One of the causes of arthritis in dogs is hip dysplasia. Early treatment will have a better chance of recovery.
  • Your dogs may suffer from certain breed-specific illnesses, depending on the type of your Gundog’s breed.

Risk of Injuries

  • Gundogs go through extensive training to develop skills necessary for hunting. So, these dogs are at a high risk of experiencing injuries during training sessions.
  • Gundogs are also at a high risk of getting injured because of their hunting duties.
  • Wound risks are also common in gun dogs such as cut pads and broken nails.
  • A few other injuries gundogs may suffer are gashes, cuts, muscular strains, lameness, and cruciate ligaments.

Treating these health problems in gundogs, may cost you hundreds of pounds and even be expensive in case of surgeries. With the right pet insurance policy, treatment costs can be reduced to an affordable limit. You can pay the extra to keep your upcoming insurance premium low for upcoming years.

What is usually Included and Excluded in Insurance?

The type of insurance plan you opt for decides what kinds of health problems are curable for free. Diseases such as dental issues, skin problems, diabetes, injuries, and a few other health conditions are covered by gun dog insurance.  Coverage may also include certain other expenses such as third-party liabilities, therapy costs, and missing dog recovery expenses.

Common exclusions for gun dog insurance are routine vet costs, vaccinations, examination fees, root canal expenses, and elective treatments. Pre-existing medical conditions are usually not covered in insurance plans.

Which type of insurance is suitable for Gundogs?

Insurance available for Gundogs includes Accident-only, Lifetime Policy, and Annual insurance coverage. If you want to insure your gun dog when it is a puppy, then go for lifetime cover. Puppy insurance offers you more benefits and expense coverage than the rest of the policies.

Insurance for elder dogs comes with expensive premiums. This is because the risk of health problems increases as the animal ages. Once your dog hits the age of 8 years, insurance premiums can shoot up. Accident-only insurance offers medical cost coverage for injuries or other health-related issues because of accidents.

Lifetime pet insurance is different from annual insurance, as it continues to cover the expenses for health conditions indefinitely up to a specified vet fee opted-in insurance co. ver. However, annual dog insurance policies cover the vet treatment expenses for up to 1 year.

How to find Cheap Gundog Insurance?

It is tough to find a cheap insurance plan for your gun dog. Insurance companies offer competitive prices to attract more customers. Here are some tips to avail cheap insurance for your dogs.

Get Multiple Quotes to Compare Prices

To find the best price for gun dog insurance, get multiple quotes from different service providers and compare prices with the level of vet treatment coverage. Choose insurance that offers more coverage at a minimum price.

Take Incentive of Multi-dog Discounts

Discount offers are usually available when you take insurance for more than one dog at a time. 5 % – 10 % multi-dog insurance discounts are available usually.

Select Vet Fee Limit Wisely

If you are taking insurance for an elderly dog, then you must have an idea of what it usually costs per year for medical treatments. So, decide on the vet fee limit by considering the average of usual year-wise medical treatment expenses. If you select low vet fee limit cover, then the insurance premium won’t be very expensive.

Compare Annual and Monthly Payment Options

The type of payment plan you select is another factor that can increase or decrease your insurance premium. Most of the time, annual insurance payment plans are more cost-effective than monthly payment options. However, this cost-saving comes with its cons.

For example, if you cancel the insurance during the year, then there is a possibility of non-refunding of already paid premiums. It may vary from company to company depending on their policies.

There are multiple websites available to assist dog owners in comparing insurance quotes like QuoteRadar.co.uk. Take help from these online services to make the task of finding cheap pet insurance easier for you. You just need to add a few relevant details related to your budget, dog breed, location, pet gender, etc. They will assess your data and find the best service that matches your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of gun dog insurance?

Health problems faced by gundogs are varied based on their breed. Therefore, the cost of the insurance plan you opt for is aligned with the expected treatment costs of those health problems. To find out the cost, you need to mention the breed and vet fee coverage you want in your gun dog insurance.

What isn’t covered in gun dog insurance?

Pre-existing medical conditions are usually not claimable in dog insurance plans. Other things excluded from insurance coverage are diseases/injuries occurring within the first few days of opting for insurance, surgery costs, routine medical check-up expenses, etc.

Is it worth it to opt for gun dog insurance?

With the right type of insurance plan, you can minimize expenses for taking care of the health and well-being of your gundogs. It isn’t uncommon for gundogs to suffer from injuries during hunting and training sessions. If you have opted for insurance, it will save you from any unexpected costs for the treatment of your dogs.

What is the procedure to file a claim for gun dog insurance?

The insurance claim procedure is different for different insurance providers. Some insurance companies offer online web portals to make a claim. You need to attach the supporting documents for the reimbursement of expenses from insurance companies. Whereas other companies have separate teams to deal with the customers filing insurance claims. Some insurance providers have specified lists of Vets from which you can treat your dogs and Vets will be directly paid from them.

Is Labradors a breed of gundogs?

Yes- Labradors are a breed of retriever gundogs. Labradors are easy to train and extremely skilled at retrieving. Labradors possess all the qualities that a gun dog must have. They are good at holding and carrying games, and it enables them to do well in the fields while hunting. However, there is a risk of hip dysplasia in Labradors and other bigger dog breeds. It may impact your Labrador gundogs and might cost you heavy vet bills to treat if surgery is needed.

Which dogs are the best gundog breeds?

Many dog breeds are used as gundogs. Here’s a list of some gundog breeds that are good in the field.

  • Springer Spaniels
  • Large Munsterlander
  • Beagle
  • Pointers
  • Korthals Griffon
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Hungarian Vizsla
  • Why is gundog insurance necessary?

With insurance in place, your gun dogs are safe if any mishap or injury happens. It also benefits in the form of financial protection by covering any unexpected vet costs. Not only this but a feeling that your dog insurance covers medical expenses, itself gives peace of mind to pet owners. In this way, the decision about the well-being of your gun dog doesn’t get influenced by the financial costs associated with treatment.

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