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Labrador Retrievers have been used as working gun dogs and guide dogs, and also make great pets. Having pets by your side comes along with the responsibility. Dog insurance is a good way to protect your play buddies from any illness or accidents that might impact them.

When it comes to Labradors as pets, they are reliable, intelligent, and amiable companions. Opting for suitable Labrador insurance plays a vital role in covering medical expenses and other costs related to their health.

Having the right dog insurance not only serves financial safety but enables you to make the right decision for your dog’s health irrespective of finances.

What is the cost structure for Labrador Insurance?

It isn’t easy to estimate the exact amount of cost for Labrador insurance. To calculate the actual price, you are required to pay, various factors play their part.

How much does an insurance policy cost you depends mainly on these three factors:

  • Age Group of Your Labrador

The cost of insurance for Labradors changes because of the age group it falls in, like puppies being the cheapest, middle-aged -normal, and Older Dog Insurance being the most expensive of all.

  • Type of Insurance Policy

Similarly, the cost of insurance for Labradors depends on the insurance coverage you elect. Lifetime pet insurance is the most expensive, while an accident-only insurance plan is cheaper.

  • Selection of Insurance Provider

Insurance price is also dependent on which insurance company you select for your pet in the UK.

What is usually covered in Labrador dog insurance?

What exactly is included in Labrador insurance depends on the form of insurance you choose. Here are some of the common costs that are covered:

  • Medical Treatments: The type of policy you choose decides which medical costs will be covered. Accident-only insurance provides coverage for all costs that might be incurred for the recovery of your Labradors. In other policies, the vet fee limit is usually decided for each medical condition that your dog may face.
  • Costs To Recover Labradors: All costs related to recovering missing or stolen Labradors are covered by insurance. It may include advertisement costs and rewards announced to finders who helped to recover your pet.
  • Emergency Cover: Sometimes insurance may include emergency vet coverage when you take along your Labradors for holidays.
  • Therapies Costs: Dogs sometimes need therapies to recover from a few ailments, that’s why some insurance providers offer optional therapies for your pets.
  • Dog Care in Kennel: If there’s some emergency like you have to go to the hospital, then the cost to care for your dogs in a kennel is sponsored by insurance providers.
  • Third-Party Liabilities: The insurance policy usually protects owners from third-party payables that may arise if your pet damages someone’s property.

What are common exclusions in Labrador pet Insurance?

Some of the common things excluded in Labrador insurance plans are:

  • Routine medical care costs
  • Grooming Expenses
  • Vaccinations costs
  • Surgery Expenses
  • Dental Treatment
  • Spaying & Castration
  • Worm/flea/Tick Treatment Expenditures

Common Health Problems in Labradors

black Labrador retriever dogAlthough Labradors are not at high risk of illnesses, like us with aging they may experience certain health problems. Taking Labrador Insurance can help you cover the costs of health-related issues.

Some of the most common health issues among Labradors breed are discussed below.

Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a condition in which the ball and socket hip joint don’t fit precisely. The joint becomes malformed and causes lameness. It may result in chronic pain and could lead to arthritis later on in life. To treat this problem, vet treatment may involve anti-inflammatory drugs to treat pain and inflammation. In severe conditions, it may need hip replacement surgery.

Elbow dysplasia is yet another health concern that Labradors may experience in their lifetime. Usually, pain medication is used to treat it, though surgery may be needed in some cases.


Labradors are more likely to be obese than other dog breeds. It is because of their genes, that they continue to ask for food even when they are full.  They may eat anything and everything, they shouldn’t, which makes them obese. Obesity increases the risk of other health concerns such as joint issues, heart diseases, arthritis, and liver problems.


Labrador insurance claim analysis also shows that they have been affected by poisoning and foreign bodies in their digestive system.  This could be due to careless eating habits. It is advised to manage your vet expenses wisely by opting for a decent type of Labrador insurance that suits its temperament.

Cruciate Ligament Rupture

Labradors may also experience torn knee joint conditions, referred to as cruciate ligament rupture. It may affect your dog’s normal routine tasks like walking, running, and jumping. Depending on the severity of the issues, the vet may suggest different treatment options like medication, surgery, and even sometimes rest could solve this issue.


Labradors may suffer from epilepsy problems. It may cause them fits or convulsions. Epilepsy occurs due to abnormal brain activity. To detect this problem in Labradors, the vet may conduct some tests and suggest some medication to control this issue. If you have a dog insurance policy, this could help you save costs for epilepsy treatment.

Vomiting & Diarrhoea

Minor digestive problems like diarrhoea, and vomiting can cost you hefty bills. Labradors may suffer from these ailments quite commonly. So, if you don’t have dog insurance under your belt, then be ready for veterinary expenses to keep your pets healthy.

How to Keep Your Labrador Healthy?

Prevention is better than cure, then why not opt for it for your pets too? Keeping your dogs healthy is the main key to avoiding any unexpected health problems your dog may face. A healthy dog needs fewer vet visits and, therefore fewer expenses.

Here are a few things you can do to keep your Labradors healthy:

  1. Follow the breed-specific preventive care advice from your veterinarian.
  2. Don’t allow your Labrador to overeat. Always weigh their food instead of guessing portions on your own. Don’t offer too many treats. Avoid giving them human food.
  3. Obese Labradors are at high risk of diseases. Excessive body weight in Labradors can badly impact the elbow and hip dysplasia.
  4. Hip score analysis is used to assess the hip health of your dog. A lower hip score in Labradors is considered good. Ask the vet to hip score your Labradors to assess it’s health.
  5. Keep your dogs light and lean by managing their diet.

What are the different types of Labrador Insurance?

There are four different forms of pet insurance for Labradors. Each type comes with distinct conditions, prices, and benefits. Look at the details below to find out the one that best suits your budget and needs.

Lifetime Labrador Insurance

In lifetime insurance, an annual limit for each medical condition is set. Therefore, this policy suits Labradors suffering from certain ongoing conditions. Once the amount set for any condition reaches the limit, you can’t claim more for that particular condition in the ongoing year. Since lifetime insurance is on an annual basis, the amount claimed will be reset to zero once the new year begins.

Furthermore, lifetime insurance also provides coverage for accidents. Lifetime insurance is the most comprehensive of all and that’s why it’s more expensive than other insurance forms.

Maximum Benefit Labradors Insurance

Maximum Benefit type is also called per condition or money-limited insurance. A specific amount of money is set for each medical condition or injury in this insurance. If the money limit for a condition is reached, pet owners have to finance further costs themselves.

In maximum benefit insurance, there’s no time limit like lifetime cover where the policy expires annually. This policy doesn’t suit dogs who suffer from one particular disease throughout as the cap may be reached and additional costs can’t be claimed for such conditions.

Time Limited Labrador Insurance

As the name suggests, this insurance covers injuries or illnesses up to 12 months from the time the first claim for a condition is made. A cover limit for each medical condition is set in this insurance. Time limit insurance immediately expires once the money cap reaches or the 12 months gets completed, whichever happens earlier.

Accident Only Labrador Insurance

Accident only is the cheapest insurance in the market to protect Labradors from any unexpected injury, or accident. All costs associated with accidents are covered including surgery, vet bills, or other costs such as dental injury expenses that may incur after the accident. This insurance form does not cover pre-existing medical conditions or any other illnesses.

While filling out the Labrador insurance form, you have to select the vet fee limit. This vet fee coverage then translates into the premium you are going to pay.  Keep in mind that the insurance companies don’t offer coverage for pre-existing medical conditions or health issues that are already diagnosed.

How to manage insurance to avoid high future premiums?

Keeping your dogs healthy can even save you from high future insurance costs. If the insurance claim in the current year is more, then the upcoming insurance premiums will be higher.

For example, if your Labrador has gone through some major health issues, it would have resulted in costly vet bills. To pay bills you can claim insurance. However, if you have paid excess out of your pocket, it will save you from high insurance premiums in the future. In this way, you can manage future costs to keep your premiums low.

What is the Best Time To Get Labrador Insurance?

Labrador insurance can be opted for as early as they are 8 weeks old. Early Labrador insurance is beneficial for pet owners, as it covers costs for all upcoming medical conditions. However, if you opt for Labrador insurance in senior years, it won’t cover pre-existing medical conditions but will cost you more.

Therefore, it’s beneficial to get insurance for your dogs earlier in life, when they haven’t encountered any health problems.

Is Multi-dog Insurance Available for Labradors?

Yes, multi-dog insurance is offered by insurance companies to insure your Labradors together. It’s a cost-effective way to get insurance for all dogs at once. You can save time and money by opting for this insurance option. Discount offers are usually associated with multi-dog insurance to attract more customers.

Finding the best Pet insurance for your Labrador Retrievers

Taking insurance for your beloved Labradors not only protects your furry buddies but also brings peace of mind. It is tough to find the best puppy insurance plan that suits your needs and is affordable as well.

Multiple insurance companies offer pet insurance for your canines at different prices. While selecting an insurance policy, compare the prices offered by competitor companies for the same type of insurance policy.

To aid you with comparison, many websites offer to do it for you within a few minutes. You just need to mention the details of your pet, location, budget, etc. These websites will instantly compare multiple quotes offered by companies for the type of insurance you want.

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