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Yorkshire Terrier

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Yorkshire Terrier Insurance Comparison Made Easy!

Yorkies are the favourite dog breeds because of their small lapdog size, and affectionate nature. Whether you own a Yorkshire Terrier young puppy or a senior dog, it is your responsibility to ensure they live a healthy life and receive quality medical care. It may be hard for pet owners to bear expensive medical treatment for their beloved dogs. That’s where pet insurance steps in.

Save your Yorkies from nose-to-tail dog insurance plans. With the right insurance policy in place, your dogs are protected from unexpected health problems that could be costly for you. Therefore, having pet insurance not only guards your furry friends but also offers financial protection to pet owners.

What are common health issues in Yorkies?

Some of the most common health problems identified in Yorkshire Terriers from insurance claims data include vomiting, diarrhoea, mouth illnesses, tumours, and skin ailments. Other health problems Yorkies may develop over time are discussed below:

  • Dislocated Kneecap

Yorkshire Terriers are at a greater risk of developing dislocated kneecap (also known as luxating patella) issues. The knee gets dislocated as the muscles and tendons fail to hold it in place. The kneecap then slides to a side causing pain and may lead to arthritis later on. It is easier to treat if detected earlier at a younger age. So keep a check on your Yorkies’ unusual movements or limps. Taking insurance for Yorkies to deal with medical issues like this is a smart financial move.

  • Hypoglycemia

Yorkshire Terrier Pet Dog standing on a tableIt is a condition in which the blood sugar falls below normal levels. It may happen because of stress, poor food quality, infections, or eating food with low glucose levels. Hypoglycemia in dogs could also occur because of the endocrine or hepatic disorder. Therefore, it is better to opt for a pet insurance plan to treat a medical condition that needs regular vet monitoring.

  • Tracheal Collapse

Yorkshire Terriers may face breathing problems such as narrowing or flattening the trachea. The C-shaped trachea may become weak in this disease. These diseases may occur because of genetics or other health conditions like heat issues. Treatment for a collapsed trachea may cost you hefty vet bills. Take a suitable insurance plan for Yorkshire Terriers to avoid unexpected financial burdens.

  • Mouth Diseases & Dental Problems

Yorkshire Terriers are more prone to certain mouth problems than other dog breeds. Dental problems like gum disease appear most commonly in dogs. It could lead to the spread of bacteria to different body parts like the liver and kidneys. So, choosing a wellness plan that covers regular dental checks and teeth cleaning is a good solution to protect your toy Yorkies.

  • Legg-Perthes disease

In this disease, the thigh bone collapses and dies due to non-supply of blood to the femoral head. Dogs suffering from Legge-Perthes problems may show signs of lameness and pain. Toy dog breeds and Terries may inherit this disease, which usually appears when they are younger.

To treat this disease, surgery may be needed. After surgery recovery may involve rehabilitation therapies. Vets recommend dog supplements after surgery to avoid other problems. Since the recovery after surgery is slow and expensive, opt for an insurance plan that covers the associated costs related to this disease.

What different kinds of Insurance are available for Yorkshire Terriers?

Four different types of insurance plans are available to opt for Yorkshire Terriers. All these types are characterized by their distinct features and vet fee coverage.  The detail of every kind of insurance plan is given below:

Lifetime Insurance Cover

Lifetime insurance coverage is suitable for breeds who suffer from ongoing health issues. Since Yorkies most commonly experience health problems, it is better to select insurance that provides continuous coverage for diseases. A particular vet fee limit is pre-decided in this insurance cover. You can claim Veterinary treatment costs by staying within that limit. Pay the excess out of your pocket if the limit is reached earlier.

It is the most comprehensive insurance policy you can take for your Yorkshire Terriers. It aims to protect your beloved Yorkers from any injury or illness. Lifetime insurance coverage is more expensive than other plans.

Maximum Benefit Insurance

It is the second most expensive insurance plan after lifetime insurance. It protects your Yorkshire Terries if they become ill or suffer injury in an accident. A vet fee limit is decided for each type of illness in this insurance. Claims can be made for health problems as long as they stay within the vet fee limit offered in the insurance. Accident Only Insurance

This insurance plan covers your Yorkies only for accident-related medical expenses. You cannot claim for medical costs occurring because of illness or disease. Only expenditures associated with accidents can be claimed in this insurance. Some examples of such expenses include post-accident surgery costs and dental costs arising due to injury after accidents.  It is worth mentioning that the accident-only insurance plan is cheaper than the rest.

Time Limited Insurance

As the name suggests, coverage for medical problems is provided for up to 12 months. There is also a cap for the upper limit of expenses for each type of medical condition coverage offered. If the vet fee limit for a specific condition reaches earlier than 12 months, the policy expires and won’t cover costs related to that specific condition. However, claims for other medical problems can be made. Keep in mind that the terms and services may vary from company to company.

Is it worth it to avail Yorkshire Terrier Insurance?

Pet insurance is like hedging financial risk and health expenditure associated with the treatment of your little furry friends. In case of any injury or illness, dog insurance service providers reimburse your Veterinary bills up to 70% (depending on which insurance type you selected). In this way, you can ensure your Yorkshire Terriers will get the care they deserve.

Yorkshire Terrier insurance does not only provide reimbursement of medical costs but also helps to cover advertisement expenses to find lost pets, and rewards payments to finders.

How to Find the Right Insurance for your Yorkshire Terrier?

Finding a great deal for your Yorkies insurance could be hectic. To help you search for the best wellness plan, here’s a stepwise guide for you.

Step 1: Search for Yorkshire Insurance Providers

The first thing you need to do is to search for the best pet insurance companies near your location. You can find the lists of dog insurance providers on the internet. Search multiple companies and navigate their official websites to explore their prices, services, and coverage offered.

Step 2: Select the Type of Cover

There are different types of insurance including lifetime cover, maximum benefit, accident-only, and time-limited. Decide the type of insurance that suits your Yorkshire Terrier health needs.

Step 3: Get Multiple Insurance Quotes

Take quotes from different insurance companies for your dogs. Make sure to select the same type of cover while getting quotes from different insurance providers. It will help you for comparison purposes.

To get a quote, you need to mention details related to breed, dog name, age, gender vet fee coverage, location, and a few other things.

Step 4: Compare the Quotes

The next step is to compare the quotes offered by different insurance entities. Comparing the quotations for dog insurance helps you to identify which service options are reasonably priced and meet your expectations in terms of service. Identify which insurance quote appeals to you more and suits your dog’s breed.

You can also get assistance from online dog insurance comparison tools. It will help you save time to compare multiple quotes together within a few minutes. You need to mention your budget and type of insurance plan for your dog to get help from these online service options.

Step 5: Select Budget Friendly Insurance

Select an insurance that suits the needs of your dog breed. It is also advisable to go for budget-friendly insurance, as it’s not a one-time expense. Insurance is a recurring expenditure and you have to pay premiums either monthly or yearly as per your pet insurance plan.

How to get cheap insurance plans for Yorkshire Terriers?

Here are some useful tips to reduce the cost of insurance for your Yorkies include:

  • Get quotes from multiple insurance companies and compare prices to find a cheap dog insurance plan that suits your budget.
  • If your budget is low, then select a reasonable amount of vet fee limit coverage in your puppy insurance plan.
  • Take good care of your Yorky’s health through regular vet check-ups, vaccinations, & treatment of already-diagnosed issues. It will protect your dogs from some major medical problems. Furthermore, if the illness gets diagnosed in earlier stages, the treatment is easy and also less costly.
  • If you are a dog breeder, insure puppies together to get the benefit of multi-dog insurance discounts.
  • Some insurance plans are more expensive than others based on the type of services offered in a particular plan. Consider and compare all types of insurance and opt for the one that meets your budget and needs.
  • Last but not least, pay for the excess from your pocket for vet treatments. It will reduce the insurance premium for upcoming years. This is because costly claims translate into expensive insurance premiums while renewing your dogs’ insurance.


  • What are add-ons for Yorkshire Terrier Insurance?

You can add a few extra terms of your interest in the insurance contract for your Yorkies. It may include coverage for international travel, and theft/loss. To get these add-ons, you need to invest some extra pounds other than quoted price.

  • What type of insurance suits Yorkshire Terriers?

Lifetime dog insurance best suits your Yorkies. It protects your little dogs from illness or encountering any injury in an accident. Though lifetime insurance is the most expensive of all, it provides coverage for most of the conditions your Yorkshire Terriers may experience as long as the vet fee limit isn’t reached.

  • How does a claim process work for dog insurance?

You can file an insurance claim as soon as your dog is diagnosed with a certain illness or after an accident. However, if you have paid the vet bills already, then after verification insurance company will reimburse you for the vet cost. Some insurance providers also offer a list of vet clinics from which you can get medical treatment for your pets.

  • Why do Yorkies need insurance coverage?

Yorkshire Terrier Insurance helps you plan your financials efficiently by setting aside a specific budget for your baby’s health. As mentioned earlier, Yorkies may experience a wide range of diseases including genetic health problems in their lifetime. Therefore, having a cover can protect you from expensive vet treatments for your beloved Yorkies.

  • Why pet insurance premiums are expensive for older pets?

Pet insurance prices for older dogs are higher than for younger ones. This is because as a dog gets older, the risk of diseases increases, and hence higher premiums for insurance. There are several options in older dog insurance plans like co-payment and excess payment. Keep in mind that the terms, conditions, and services offered by different insurance entities may vary.

  • Is Multi Dog Insurance available for Yorkshire Terriers?

Get cheap insurance for your Yorkshire Terriers using multi-dog insurance incentives. Most insurance providers offer discounts when you take a wellness plan for more than one dog at a time. The discount offered by pet insurers for multiple insurances is usually around 5 to 10%. This is an economical way to protect your furry friends via insurance.

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