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Why do you need salon insurance?

With the gig economy booming and social media providing an excellent free medium to advertise and market with, more people than ever before are going into business on their own.

One of those sectors which have seen a huge increase in home and small business working is the salon sector – hairdressing and beauty salons in particular. In fact, analytics firm Global Data believe health and beauty will be the UK’s fastest-growing industry over the next few years.

But still, this is a sector that when things go wrong (in terms of allergies, burns etc) can prove extremely costly for owners. Then there is the expensive equipment you can’t do without so if it breaks down or gets stolen you can end up severely out of pocket.

As well as hairdressing, the type of beauty businesses covered by salon insurance is wide and includes makeup artists, tanning salons, spas, barbershops, nail technicians, manicurists and pedicurists.

In terms of treatments, the range is varied, from eyelash tinting and brow threading, to face massages, waxing and ear piercing. It’s worth noting that many salon insurance policies won’t cover certain treatments, such as body piercing, permanent makeup or sunbeds.

Choose the right cover

Fortunately there are the main types of cover you can get:

Public liability insurance

This is the big one – thanks to the fact your client base is the public and with whom you come in close – intimate, in fact – contact every day. Public liability insurance will cover you for not only damage to a client’s personality, but also their possessions.

This includes the amount of compensation you have to pay as well as any legal costs in the event that a person decides to pursue court action.

Contents Insurance

Another essential piece of cover most salon owners should definitely not be without is content insurance. That’s because the cost of equipment used in the beauty business can be extremely costly, including the furniture used for refurbishment.

If your premises are broken into and electrical goods and mirrors were stolen or damaged then you’ll get money to replace them. The policy also covers your employees’ contents as well as your own – including any business cash either on the premises, in transit or at your home.


A new form of policy which has been introduced in recent years following the number of attacks in large city centres, Terrorism cover means you won’t be out of pocket in the event of an incident near your city centre salon and which prevents you and your customers from accessing the premises as usual.

Employer’s liability insurance

Self-employed salon owners, especially those who work from home or are mobile, don’t tend to have additional staff working for them.

However, salon owner with high street premise often has several staff working for them – whether on a permanent, temporary or even casual basis. With employers’ liability insurance, you’re covered for staff illness or injury as a result of your business.

Buildings Insurance

This covers the structure of the building of your salon and is essential if you own your own business premises. It’s usually doubled up with contents insurance.

Business vehicle insurance

The mobile hairdresser or beautician can’t do without transport to get them to and from clients’ homes, as well as fashion shows, photoshoots etc.

This means van insurance, in this case, is a necessity. Insurance can cover repairs and courtesy transport to make sure you never miss a client or show.

Business Interruption Insurance

It’s a form of protection against your going out of business for a while because a flood has damaged the premises or there’s been a fire. Basically, it covers loss of custom.

How to get a salon insurance quote?

You will obviously be looking to get a quote which doesn’t prove too expensive – especially if you’re just starting out in business.

However, you must ensure that the policy covers everything you need (so always check the small print, regardless of how time-consuming this can prove). Always compare and do your research extremely thoroughly – it’s your livelihood at stake, after all.

Top tips on getting cheap salon insurance

  • When taking out van insurance coverage also make sure you’re covered for business use – otherwise, if you try to claim while going to a client’s home then this would be rejected.
  • If you attend a lot of exhibitions or trade fares to work and have insurance for your premises then make sure you’re covered for working away too. Some insurance companies restrict cover to on-site only.
  • If the exhibition you’re attending is in Europe or further afield then it’s worth checking your public liability insurance that you’re covered for working abroad.
  • If you have investors in your business or have taken out a small business loan then it might be that you need insurance coverage here too.

Useful Links for salon owners

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  2. BIBA (British insurance broker’s association)

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a claim?

Always notify your salon insurance company straight away since getting them to act quicker could save money in the long term. Even if the claim comes to nothing it’s best to be safe than sorry. Your insurance company will appreciate your prompt action anyhow.

Do I need to send away copies of my qualifications?

You only need to show these if you intend to make a claim – otherwise, you are declaring on your insurance form that you’re fully qualified.

What happens if I train in, and start offering new treatments?

You’ll have to let your insurer know since you’ll only be covered for offering the treatments you’ve already told them about. Also, some companies refuse to cover certain treatments (see above).

Will I be able to pay my insurance in monthly instalments?

Yes, money is usually tight when you start up a business. Having said that, you’ll save money if you can pay it all at once.

Is there a difference between a salon insurance package and self-employed insurance?

The salon insurance package will be far more encompassing and cover details related to the hair and beauty business such as staff, stock and contents, possibly even off-site exhibitions as an add-on etc. Self-employed beautician insurance will be very general and not specific enough for the additional needs of the salon business.

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