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What is tattoo insurance?

Running a tattoo parlour is no longer considered an unusual choice of career. With tattoo shops springing up in every town, tattoo artists are definitely in demand. Whether you own your own tattoo studio, or simply work as a freelance tattoo artist at events, it’s important to understand what insurance you need.

Even with the most careful work, things can unfortunately still go wrong from time to time. Tattoo insurance will mean that your reputation and livelihood are protected, and you won’t be left out of pocket if you need to make or defend a claim.

What type of cover do tattoo artists need?

  • Public liability cover

In order to run a tattoo shop, you’ll need a licence from the local council. A condition of this licence is usually that you have public liability insurance in place.

Public liability cover will protect you financially if someone is accidentally hurt in your studio. Say for example a customer tripped on your steps and hurt themselves, they could claim compensation. Public liability insurance will cover the cost of these sorts of claims.

  • Treatment risk insurance

For most tattoo artists, the finished work will be a huge source of pride for both them and their client. However, if a customer is unhappy with their tattoo, they could make a claim for compensation. For example, if a customer claims that the finished design is not what they asked for, or they suffer infection as a result of tattooing, you could find yourself out of pocket.

Treatment liability cover for tattoo shops protects you and your business financially in these circumstances. The policy will usually cover any compensation ordered, along with legal fees.

  • Employers’ liability cover

If your tattoo shop employs any staff you should by law have employers’ liability cover in place. This protects you and your team if they are injured at work, or bring a claim for damages.

  • Tattoo shop insurance

Protecting your tattoo studio and its contents is a good idea. If you are burgled and your equipment stolen, the right contents insurance will mean you can quickly replace the missing items and continue to trade as normal.

The amount of cover you need will depend on the replacement value of your equipment and/or any stock you hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

My tattoo parlour also offers body piercing. Do I need separate insurance policies?

Talk to your insurer about exactly what is covered under your tattoo shop policy. Many insurers are able to add body piercing and tattoo removal to the list of treatments covered by a treatment liability policy for tattoo artists.

I tattoo at conventions – what insurance do I need?

It doesn’t matter whether you work in a tattoo studio, or on a mobile basis – you should always make sure that you have your own public liability cover, as well as treatment risk insurance so you are protected if anything goes wrong.

What level of tattoo liability cover should I take out?

Liability cover for tattoo artists is available at different levels, from £1million all the way up to £10million. Talk to your insurer about what level of cover is best for your circumstances and budget.

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