In recent years, energy bills have increased and that has meant that people are now looking for ways in which they can cut their bills and make savings. These days, this is made even easier through the introduction of new technology, so how can you save on your energy bills?

Use a smart thermostat

While these are not completely new, they are now becoming more mainstream in the home. They provide homeowners with a way of monitoring and controlling their thermostats in an efficient way. In fact, smart thermostats begin to understand your habits and so, they make changes to your heating based on when you are at home when you usually have it on and the temperature that works best for you.

Control temperature in every room

If you live in a big house then you probably don’t need to heat every single room at the same time. So, if you can control the temperature in every room then you can really begin to take control of the costs. There are smart systems available that can be installed in every room, giving your control of the temperature in those rooms including when the radiators should come on, what temperature they should be and even when you need hot water.

Buy a cost-efficient boiler

Perhaps you have an old boiler or one that is pretty slow and sluggish. However, things have changed and you no longer have to stick with your old system because there are new systems that use less gas to heat up your home. To add to this, they can also be controlled remotely, using a smart thermostat, giving you even more control of when they work.

Use an app to control your bills

Improving the efficiency of your home is not just about installing smart products. This is because you can use many of the energy-saving apps that are available to you. Your energy provider probably has one, which is the best place to start as they can allow you to check your usage and input readings easily. There are others out there that allow you to calculate the cost of your energy as well as help you to make savings elsewhere.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting is a pretty unique and useful tool to have when it comes to saving energy. These smart lights give you greater control over when your lights are used when they come on and go off and they use very little power. They connect to your Wi-Fi and can be controlled using your phones and set up to come on at scheduled times. As they are commonly LEDs, they require less energy, give off less heat and actually last longer than conventional bulbs meaning that they pay for themselves over time.

Compare prices

This is the simplest option available to you because it puts you in control of who you use to supply your energy. If your current supplier has put their prices up then you can begin the process of moving supplier and it can all be done easily online. Using a comparison tool such as, you can search for other suppliers who can provide you with the same service but at a lower cost.

It is simple, effective and often you might find that you find a supplier who is not one of the big suppliers. As suppliers are in constant competition with each other, it means that they often offer better deals to those who are new customers. This proves that you should definitely consider moving each year to keep costs down.