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An Introduction to Patons

With a focus on supporting private hire operators and taxi drivers, Paton’s Insurance stands out as a leader in the field of taxi insurance. With beginnings in 1957, they have established themselves as industry pioneers and gained a reputation for dependability and knowledge in the field of taxi insurance. Being a family-run company, they have set themselves apart from bigger corporations by fostering a culture of individualized service. In a cutthroat market, Paton’s competitors include Acorn Taxi Insurance, Nelson Taxi Insurance, and Freeway Taxi Insurance.

Paton continues to hold its position as the top option for taxi insurance despite the growing competition by utilizing its sixty years of knowledge to meet the changing needs of its customers. Paton’s is the representation of accessibility and ease, operating mostly online and having strategic locations throughout the UK in addition to its headquarters in Glasgow. Their team’s commitment to professionalism guarantees a simple insurance process, which is consistent with their customer-focused philosophy.

Paton takes pride in its ability to comprehend the minute details of the taxi business and provide policies that are specifically designed to meet the various needs of private hire operators and taxi drivers around the country. Paton’s Insurance stands as a pillar of stability in the face of swift digital change, unwavering in its dedication to offering the best insurance options possible to the taxi sector.

Patons Taxi Insurance: Overview

When it comes to customer convenience and extensive coverage options, Patons Insurance stands out. They facilitate efficient budget management for clients without sacrificing coverage by providing insurance with monthly instalment plans. Whether you require insurance for public or private hiring, Patons goes above and beyond to meet a variety of demands. You can rely on them to take care of all the specifics because of their commitment to providing individualized service, which will spare you the time and trouble of looking for quotations elsewhere.Patons taxi

The guarantee that your taxi will be adequately covered and protected in the miserable case of an accident is what distinguishes Patons. You receive more than just a policy from Patons; you also get peace of mind knowing that your investment is well-managed. Look no further than Patons Insurance for dependable, hassle-free insurance options customized to your needs.

Different Types of Policies at Paton’s Taxi Insurance

· Comprehensive Coverage:

For cab drivers, comprehensive insurance is the best option because it provides comprehensive protection in all types of accidents. This kind of coverage makes sure drivers are covered in all situations, from small car breaks to serious incidents, giving them peace of mind while driving. Drivers can feel secure knowing that their vehicles and passengers are protected against a variety of potential hazards when they have comprehensive coverage.

· Third-Party, Fire and Theft:

This policy type gives taxi drivers a moderate level of protection against claims from other drivers and damage to other cars. There is a catch, though: it does not provide coverage for the driver’s vehicle. Instead, it only covers third-party liability and vehicle damage from theft or fire. Third-party, fire, and theft insurance is a good choice for drivers looking to strike a balance between cost and protection.

· Third-Party Only:

The last comprehensive kind of insurance, third-party only provides bare minimum security for cab drivers. It satisfies legal requirements, but it only addresses third parties’ liabilities in the event of an accident. Taxi drivers who choose to get this coverage should be informed that it does not cover their vehicle, making them liable for other expenditures and repair costs in the event of an accident. When thinking about third-party-only insurance, drivers should always examine the dangers versus the savings, even though it can be the least expensive alternative.

How Patons Taxi Insurance Works?

Like other providers such as Collingwood and InsureTAXI, Patons Taxi Insurance functions as an intermediary in the insurance sector. As a brokerage business, Patons works on behalf of clients to obtain the best possible coverage from a range of insurance companies rather than underwriting insurance policies directly. They evaluate each person’s needs and preferences and use their knowledge to select from a variety of solutions provided by different insurance companies.

Although Patons’ primary role is that of an intermediary, they may occasionally serve as an agent; nevertheless, they would fully reveal this to you before completing any insurance agreements. By using this strategy, they can guarantee access to reasonable rates and extensive coverage options while providing customized solutions that cater to the unique needs of taxi drivers. With individualized support and by putting drivers and insurers in touch, Patons Taxi Insurance seeks to expedite the taxi insurance application process.

Why Pick Patons Insurance for Taxis?

  • Broad Network Access: With eight offices around the UK, Patons guarantees taxi drivers’ accessibility and convenience. Patons provides regional and national sales and support, regardless of your location—whether it’s a big metropolis or a rural one.
  • Dedicated Groups: Their devoted service and sales staff are well-versed in the specifics of the taxi and private hire car sectors. Because of their specific knowledge, cab drivers are guaranteed to receive solutions that are suited to their particular requirements.
  • 24/7 Claims Assistance: When help is most required, Patons offers a 24-hour claims service to provide peace of mind and prompt assistance. Because of this help, taxi drivers may concentrate on their profession without having to worry about insurance-related issues.
  • Adaptable Modes of Payment: Patons is aware of the financial difficulties that cab drivers encounter. For this reason, they provide flexible payment methods, such as monthly coverage options and pay-as-you-go taxi insurance. Drivers can adjust their premiums to best fit their cash flow because of this flexibility.
  • Taxi Fleet Insurance: Patons provides minicab fleet insurance to fleet owners who operate two or more cabs. This all-inclusive coverage offers businesses financial security and peace of mind, specifically designed to meet the demands of taxi fleet operations.


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