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An Introduction to Towergate Taxi Insurance

Towergate Taxi Insurance is unique in offering a comprehensive solution to drivers of private hire vehicles (PHVs) and taxis. With its headquarters located in Swindon, it is a member of Towergate Insurance Services, one of the largest independent brokers in the nation, which has a vast network of over 100 locations and provides a wide range of coverage. A testament to Towergate’s expertise in the market across a range of products, including Towergate taxi insurance, private hire insurance, and public hire insurance, is its July 2019 award as the commercial insurance broker of the year.

Acorn Taxi Insurance, Haven Taxi Insurance and Aviva Taxi Insurance are just a few of the competitors that offer services to drivers of taxis and private hire. Towergate Taxi Insurance goes beyond basic company coverage to include employer’s liability, product liability, stock protection, business interruption, and financial insurance, among other crucial areas. To protect against unanticipated legal difficulties, further offers can include legal expense coverage.

Coverage Levels

1. Third-Party Only Insurance:

Towergate provides a Third-Party Only Insurance plan, a minimum legal requirement for taxi insurance coverage. The main objective of this coverage level is to safeguard other people who may be harmed in an accident. It includes:

  • Coverage for Third Parties: In the event of an accident, Towergate’s Third-Party Only Insurance pays for the expenses related to injuries and losses to other people’s vehicles or property.
  • Exclusion of Personal Coverage: It should be noted that this level of coverage covers neither your belongings nor your taxi car. It focuses only on fulfilling the legal requirements related to liabilities to third parties.

2. Theft, Fire, and Third-Party Only Coverage:

Towergate offers Third-Party, Fire, and Theft insurance as the next tier of coverage. This tier goes beyond the fundamental third-party coverage in terms of protection. This insurance covers injuries to third parties and damage to vehicles or property in addition to the following particular scenarios:Towergate taxi

  • Fire Incidents: In the event of a fire, it pays for the expenses related to vehicle damage as well as those damages caused to nearby properties due to the fire.
  • Theft Protection: Towergate’s policy offers coverage for any damages that may arise if your cab is stolen or is attempted to be stolen.

3. Comprehensive Insurance:

Towergate’s Comprehensive Taxi Insurance, which is regarded as the most well-liked choice by taxi drivers, provides extensive coverage, including:

  • Third-Party Coverage: It provides coverage for expenses associated with harm and losses to third parties, much like the earlier levels.
  • Personal Protection: This comprehensive policy covers you, your property, and your taxi car, in contrast to the basic Third-Party Only Insurance.
  • Protection from Damage and Injury: It covers claims for injury and property damage in addition to covering damage to your cab.
  • Versatile Coverage: This insurance coverage provides a broad shield against numerous hazards and liabilities that taxi drivers may encounter.

Public Liability Insurance for Taxis:

Taxi companies need public liability insurance to protect themselves from lawsuits alleging injuries or property damage sustained while serving the public. This insurance offers financial protection against potential legal fees and compensation claims in the case of an incident involving a member of the public who is hurt or whose property is damaged. Public liability insurance is usually less expensive than road risk insurance while yet providing a wide range of coverage.

The possibility of such lawsuits appearing is less but when proven responsible can have serious financial consequences. Thus, purchasing public liability insurance gives cab operators peace of mind and frees them up to concentrate on offering high-quality services rather than worrying about possible legal ramifications all the time. In the end, it’s a preventative action that helps reduce risks and preserve the financial stability of the taxi industry.

Reasons to Choose Towergate Taxi Insurance:

Towergate provides taxi operators with a complete set of insurance options designed specifically for their business. Taxi companies have unique needs, and Towergate is aware of them all, from the cars themselves to the drivers. What makes Towergate unique is this:

1. Flexible Cover for Taxi Operators:

Towergate offers adaptable insurance policies for a variety of taxis, hire and reward cars, and other privately owned vehicles. Towergate offers insurance coverage tailored to meet the needs of individuals operating single vehicles or managing fleets. You may tailor your insurance coverage to meet the specific needs of your company with the help of flexible alternatives.

2. Refer a Friend Discount:

With Towergate’s refer-a-friend discount scheme, customers can earn benefits for both loyalty and word-of-mouth advertising. You can save money on your taxi insurance rates and your friends as well if you refer them. Not only does this encourage people to get to know one another, but it also gives them real incentives to tell others about Towergate.

3. Taxi Breakdown Cover:

Towergate provides an optional taxi breakdown cover for your added peace of mind. In the case of a vehicle breakdown, this feature will make sure that help is close by, reducing the likelihood of downtime and interruptions to your company’s activities. You can rest assured that your clients will get to their destination quickly and safely with Towergate’s separate onward travel assistance.

4. Convenient Payment Options:

The significance of having a variety of payment options is something that Towergate is well aware of. You have the option to pay for your Towergate taxi insurance over ten monthly instalments with the Direct Debit payment method. This makes it easier to manage your finances without sacrificing the quality of your insurance coverage, relieving financial strain.

How Do Claims Work?

Planning and communicating are essential when filing an insurance claim. Find your insurance documentation first, and make sure you have all the information you need on hand, including your policy number. This will guarantee that you give accurate details and expedite the procedure.

Then, give the claims team a call as soon as possible. Give a thorough explanation of the situation, including all relevant details. The more details you offer, the easier it will be to file a claim for a vehicle accident, property damage, or other covered occurrence. Make sure you send the images as soon as the claims staff asks for them to strengthen your claim. The evaluation and validation of your claim can be accelerated with the use of visual proof, which will result in a quicker resolution.

Keep in touch with your insurance company during the entire procedure. They are available to help and mentor you at every turn. By being proactive and cooperative, you may minimize any disruption or annoyance caused by the occurrence and ensure that your claim is handled as quickly as possible.


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