Before we provide you with an insight into detail about quality Velcro and iron-backed embroidered patches, we will describe to you what these terms are. Velcro is a sticky thing or you can say it is a fastening tape to stick together different things. It comes in various types and shapes to stick or join different things which can be clothes, shoes or anything else. Many years have passed since the formation of the very first Velcro. Since then it is being used vastly for many purposes.

The second entity is iron-backed embroidered patches. As the name suggests, these are simple embroidered patches that can be stacked on different surfaces particularly fabric via the heat of an iron. These embroidered patches have been in demand for a long time and are still used for various purposes companies get their logo stitched in this way or any beautiful colour embroidery is done to embellish a piece of cloth or a suit.

So, as we have discussed a basic description of embroidered patches, we will discuss it in detail. Without any further due let’s dig in.

Quotation for Quality Velcro Embroidered Patches

As we stated before that Velcro is like a fastening tape. Now, you must be thinking that what are its applications. Just like iron-backed embroidered patches, Velcro embroidered patches are also manufactured in the market. Their fastening system is like a hook and loop system.

Velcro is also available alone in the market just like tape. Now, if we talk about ready-made velcro embroidered patches, they are also common in the market and in high demand.

People use them for various purposes. Now, if we talk about the quotations of Velcro embroidered patches then they range from as low as one dollar to as high as 10 dollars. Again, it depends upon the size and quality. The price can range can vary from what we mentioned if you choose a big-size embroidered patch. The quotation that we mentioned is for a single piece ranging from small to medium sizes.

However, if you’ll research them on the internet then you will find various companies and different rates. The quality will vary but you have to choose the best one which can only be done by research.

Also, we have an organization in our mind named Mundi Plumarii Foundation which partners with Patchion LTD which is a UK-based embroidered shop. The best thing about this organization is that it is a non-profit charity organization that aims to serve humanity by providing its services to various organizations by manufacturing customized embroidered patches for them of various types.

They are of the finest quality and made with advanced technology. If you want an embroidered patch for your company’s logo then this organization can be the best option that you can have. Not only for logos but flags, cartoons, and any customized embroidered patch as well.

Quotation For Iron Backed Embroidered Patches

Previously we discussed Velcro embroidered patches. Now, we will discuss iron-backed embroidered patches. The quotation for iron-backed embroidered patches that are regularly seen in the market ranges from as low as five dollars to as high as fifteen dollars. The iron prices backed by embroidered patches are higher than the velcro ones.

This is because of the difference in their sticking mechanism. Again, the price may vary depending on the quality and size. The quotation that we mentioned is for a single piece of an iron-backed embroidered patch of a regular size. You can order a customized one, for a logo, or for any other purpose. The variety that is available is never-ending.

One thing that we will suggest here is that make sure to check the quality because the most common problem that people face is that the stickiness reduces very rapidly which means that the embroidered patch will go to waste and it will be of no use.

So, make sure to check the quality so that you don’t end up making a wrong decision that you’ll regret later.