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What is trailer tent insurance?

Trailer tents offer a great way to experience camping. All the convenience of a caravan, but without the need for lots of storage when not in use. Trailer tents are great for those occasions when you just want to pack and go. When you are towing your trailer tent, you should be covered by your normal car insurance policy. However, it can be worth investing in specialist trailer tent insurance.

Trailer tents, especially classic trailer tents are more difficult to secure than campervans or caravans. In the event of theft, while using your trailer tent, the right policy will mean you are covered against any losses. Because trailer tents like folding campers are a hybrid of both tent and caravan, choosing the right insurance coverage can be confusing. Specialist trailer tent insurance protects you if your trailer tent is damaged. This can be either while on the road touring, or in use.

What does it cover?

There is a range of policies available for trailer tent owners. The most important cover to consider includes the following:

Unit, equipment and personal effects cover

Replacing a trailer tent can be costly if it is damaged or stolen. This cover ensures that you are not out of pocket. Many policies will also include cover for personal effects used during a camping trip. Check your policy carefully, as often higher-value items like bikes will not be included in the cover.

New for old cover

If your trailer tent is damaged, for example by misuse, vandalism or storm damage, you might agree with your insurer that they will provide a replacement of the same type or specification.

Agreed value cover

Many enthusiastic trailer tent owners choose to make modifications to their units which can increase their value. In this case, having agreed value cover means your insurer will cover the costs of a replacement to the value you agree to at the start of the policy.

Market value cover

This policy will provide you with a payout of the market value of your trailer tent at the time of the loss or damage.

Accidental damage cover

Towing your trailer tent on the road puts you at risk of accidental bumps and scrapes. Damage can also occur during unpacking or putting away your folding camper. This policy covers the costs of repairs.

Storm damage

Storms are one of the most common reasons for trailer tent insurance claims. Some policies offer storm damage cover as standard. It covers damage from strong winds, lightning, or flooding.

How to save money on trailer tent insurance?

  • Make sure your trailer tent is stored securely when not in use. Reducing the risk of theft can lower your premiums.
  • Consider arranging a higher excess on your policy.
  • Many insurers will offer a discount for annual payments instead of monthly instalments.


What is an all-risk policy?

An all-risk policy will protect you when your trailer tent is being used, and while it is in storage. The unit itself is protected, and also the contents and any equipment inside.

Is trailer tent insurance compulsory?

You don’t have to have specialist insurance for trailer tents and folding campers. However, many people choose to have cover in place so that they can enjoy their camping holiday with full peace of mind.

What happens if my trailer tent is damaged while I am using it?

Some policies offer cover for temporary accommodation costs if your trailer tent is damaged and you have nowhere to sleep. Check with your insurer what is included in your policy.

I am taking my trailer tent abroad. Do I need a specialist cover?

Some policies may cover European travel as standard, but it’s always a good idea to check with your insurer if you are planning on taking your trailer tent out of the country. You may need to add additional cover.