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Commercial Lorry Insurance

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Commercial Lorry

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Commercial lorry insurance is an extensive coverage designed to cover the unique dangers faced by lorry companies, transportation fleets, and motorists. You can rest assured that you, your company, and your fleet of lorries are going to be safe with this insurance in place. Find cheap lorry insurance if you operate a lorry yourself or lease one from a motor carrier.

What is commercial lorry insurance?

Specifically tailored to the needs of the lorry industry, commercial lorry drivers require more extensive insurance coverage than the minimums mandated by the Department of Transportation for all motor carriers crossing state lines. If an accident occurs involving your lorries, commercial lorry insurance will pay for repairs.

If more extensive damage happens, collision and comprehensive coverage will pay for repairs. In addition, fleet-specific commercial lorry insurance may protect against liability risks and other dangers. To safeguard your investments while transporting perishable and expensive items across the country, you can get additional cargo insurance.

Why is it important to get insurance for a commercial lorry?

It is crucial to get commercial lorry insurance to cover any financial damages incurred as a result of a mishap concerning your company lorries or the workers operating them.

Commercial lorry insurance gives investors, customers, and passengers the peace of mind they need if your company relies heavily on the usage of lorries, as in the case of a pickup lorry service or a private lorry. Law requires every driver to obtain commercial lorry insurance that covers at least third-party only, which pays for the costs of other people’s injuries and property damage that your lorry causes.

What does commercial lorry insurance cover?

You can rest assured knowing the commercial lorry policy covers the following events:

  • Bodily injury: If someone sustains a bodily injury as a result of your lorry, this coverage will help pay for their medical expenses and legal defence. This protects you if someone trips and falls on your property as well.
  • Damaged property/damaged commodities: If your lorry causes damage to someone else’s property or goods, this will pay for the repairs or replacements. Furthermore, this insurance will cover the cost and damages if goods have been delivered to the incorrect address.
  • Driver accidents at delivery locations: Many factors go under this category, but if your driver damages someone else’s property, your insurance is going to cover the costs.
  • Libel, slander, & false advertising claims: If you do any kind of advertising or brand representation on the road, you should have this coverage in case you ever get sued for libel, slander, or false advertising.

What does commercial lorry insurance not cover?

There are some things that commercial lorry insurance does not cover. Look for extra policies that address the following situations:

  • Motorist injuries: The primary functions of insurance are to provide compensate for harm done to others and to provide legal protection in the event of a claim. An employer liability insurance policy is what you need if you care about your employees’ injury claims.
  • Lorries are not covered: Insurance does not cover your lorries, which pays for damage to third parties but not to you. Physical damage coverage is required if you wish to insure your lorries. Insurance is not needed by law, but it can protect you from having to pay to fix or replace your lorries out of pocket if something happens to them.
  • Lost product due to bad refrigerant: If your refrigerated lorry (reefer) or its cooling component breaks down, your cargo will spoil and you’ll require special cargo insurance to replace it.

Coverages options:

1. Uninsured/underinsured driver coverage:

It’s especially perilous to hit the road without uninsured/underinsured driver coverage. If you happen to be in an accident with an uninsured motorist and must pay for your damages out of pocket, you can lose your lorry and possibly your business. If this unfortunate event occurs to you, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage will provide you with the essential help.

2. Legal expenses coverage:

This form of insurance, often known as “legal defence coverage,” can assist in covering the costs of defending your lorry business in the event of a lawsuit. The fees associated with hiring a lawyer and bringing a lawsuit on behalf of your business are included here.

3. Trailer interchange insurance:

Trailer interchange coverage will protect you if you ever find yourself in the event of an accident, fire, theft, explosion, or vandalism while towing the trailer.

4. Personal accident insurance:

The law requires drivers to have personal accident coverage, so if you don’t currently have it, you should add it to your business insurance. This protects the owner-driver in the event of an accident by covering medical expenses and funeral costs.

5. Key and lockset replacement insurance:

Sometimes the lockset of a lorry needs to be changed because the keys have been lost or stolen. This optional coverage enables the policyholder to get reimbursed for the expense of having the locks and keys replaced, putting a new lockset, etc., for the insured lorry in the event of such a loss.

Additional coverages:

· Cargo insurance:

If something were to happen to the stuff in your lorry, the insurance would pay for it. Due to the different value of the cargo they deliver, insurance for commercial lorries is often different than for other types of motor vehicles.

· Breakdown cover:

Companies that rely heavily on lorries should invest in equipment breakdown insurance. In case a mechanical or electrical breakdown occurs, it will cover lorry repairs or replacement expenses.

How to save money on commercial lorry insurance?

Depending on factors including load, route, lorry type, region, and driving history, the premium for commercial lorry insurance might fluctuate widely. Following are some factors that affect the cost of commercial lorry insurance.


It is crucial to know that some commodities and materials are more harmful to carry than others if your lorry business is engaged in hauling freight. Transporting dangerous materials may also increase your insurance premiums.

Lorry type:

Insurance premiums for lorry firms also differ depending on the lorries they cover. Large pickup lorries, for instance, will likely cost more to insure than classic lorries, simply because they pose a greater risk of causing property damage. In addition to being more expensive to replace or repair, newer lorries have higher insurance premiums.


The route your lorry takes can also play a role in determining how much your lorry insurance will cost. Lorries that travel farther distances are more likely to encounter dangerous situations. Lorries with broader routes will have to pay more because they require more time in transit and will likely take routes they are unfamiliar with. Insurance premiums also differ from one state to the next. Some places may have naturally higher prices because of things like bad weather or heavy traffic.

Driving record:

One’s driving record also plays a significant role in determining insurance premiums. Traffic offences and accidents will increase your insurance prices because of the possible consequences of an accident involving a huge lorry, just like they will with personal vehicle coverage. Depending on the size of your fleet, maintaining a spotless driving record might result in monthly savings in the hundreds.

Frequently asked questions

Should all lorries used for business be insured?

The law in most nations often requires insurance for commercial lorries. Legal fines, penalties, as well as a discontinuation of business activities can result from operating without adequate insurance.

Is there a wide variety of business lorry insurance policies to choose from?

Many distinct insurance plans cover different aspects of lorries. Cargo insurance, which protects goods in transit, is one common sort of insurance for lorry companies. The nature of your company will be a major factor in determining your choice of policy.

How much money can I save on my insurance?

Being a cautious driver, providing training for drivers, and installing safety features on lorries all contribute to savings on insurance. Increasing deductibles or bundling policies is another option for saving money on insurance.

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