Every business that has not established its customer base needs marketing to grow. A steady flow of new leads and developing new strategies to drive customers to the business are all that matters for a business that intends to boost sales.

Staying at the top of the insurance game, with so much competition in the industry, requires a lot. Your company needs to be smart in what it does.

Creating the most compelling and convincing marketing content is one way of making customers find a reason to buy your products and services.

Online marketing is one of the best frontiers you should adopt if you run an insurance company or you have an agency. In this article, we look at some of the best practices for marketing your insurance company.

1 – Create a highly converting website

A well-designed and optimized website is a must-have for any insurance business that intends to start its online journey.

If you don’t have a well-designed website and you want to market your insurance business online, you are simply making it difficult to reach your target audience. Your website plays a significant role in your digital marketing strategy.

It is easy interacting with existing customers and attract new ones to your insurance business if you have a well-optimized website. A website is a great place for prospects to interact with your business, find contacts, and more information about your products and services.

It is also possible that you integrate a chatbot on your website that will start conversations with those visiting your website. Chatbots also give on-time responses to customers when they are asking questions about your business.

2 – Adopt Local SEO

Once you have a website and you are already creating content to publish there, you should not hesitate to optimize it for local search.

The insurance policies and other services you offer are specific to a certain state. It means your business is location-based even when you don’t have a physical address.  You need local search SEO if you want to reach people in your local area.

Local SEO is one strategy you should apply if you want most people in your state or neighbourhood to find your business easily.  It involves all the methods that you can apply to make your website rank at the top on SERPs. Some of these methods include:

  • Using location-based keywords in your content
  • Creating Google My Business Profile and indicate your service area, address, and other details.
  • Ensure all your business listings on any publications like Yellow Pages and directory sites contain your contact information.

3 – Optimize landing pages

Insurance is not as simple as you think. Before they can buy a policy, most customers will go online to find more information about it.

When you optimize your landing pages for such information, you make your business more valuable to customers. It is easy converting customers that view your landing pages.  The more helpful information you have on your landing pages, the more prospects you can reach out to.

For instance, you can add videos to your landing pages to maximize the user time spent on the site. You can use an online video editor to edit your videos professionally before adding them to your website.

In addition, you should optimize your landing pages to answer the most critical questions to your customers. These are some of the most FAQs that your customers need answers to, like life insurance and cheap car insurance.

Here are some tips to optimize your landing pages:

  • Add an insurance calculator on the page.
  • End the page with a lead magnet like an instant quote for your services.
  • Post a PDF document with all information on policy products you offer.

4 – Invest in a thoughtful email campaign

Using the best email marketing strategy is one way of ensuring that your target customers will engage with your business.  The personas and the data you collect from gated content should guide you in your email campaign. Here are some best email examples for inspiration.

You should be able to learn more about your audience and know how they behave in building your email distribution and reviewing the data.

It allows you to launch a personalized and highly targeted email campaign.  When you start collecting intelligence on your prospects, there are needless opportunities to market your insurance business to target customers.

5 – Use Pay-Per-Click Ads

You don’t have to wait that long for your landing pages to reach target customers organically. You can push things up and increase conversions with Google paid ads.

Pay-per-click ads make your landing pages appear on relevant search results and showcase your insurance business to target customers.

With PPC, you can target a specific audience with your marketing content.  You can budget for a segment of customers and increase your conversions in the shortest period.

As a startup insurance company, you should avoid choosing the most popular keywords to rank on PPC – they are expensive and competitive.

You should target specific keywords with the lowest competition and reasonable search volumes. This is an effective way to increase your marketing ROI.

Final Thoughts

As a startup insurance company, you have to be smart in selecting marketing strategies. There are many ways you can make your insurance business stand out from the rest by applying some of the strategies listed here.