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Why should you get hotel insurance?

Hotel insurance is vital for any hotel business. Not only for the business themselves, but also for their guests. Without hotel insurance, it can be difficult for the premises to cover the costs of legal claims, damage, and theft without paying out a hefty sum of money. Accidents happen when you least expect them, so you’ll want to be protected.

When an accident does happen in your hotel, having adequate hotel insurance cover can help with various costs. For example, a guest falls down from your hotel’s stairs and makes a claim against you to seek compensation. You could experience a high level of financial loss if your guest wins the case. However, with hotel insurance, you’ll be covered for the costs of the claim and any legal costs, depending on the level of cover you have for your hotel.

If your hotel is located in an area that is susceptible to storms and floods, you would highly benefit from hotel insurance. Storms, floods, and even accidental fires can cause a lot of irreversible damage to your hotel and the items within it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. The personal property of your staff and guests would also be at risk in these situations

Policy features of hotel insurance

Property/Premises cover

You can find property/premises cover under “building and contents” insurance, as well. This insurance will include buildings insurance for your actual building, as well as contents insurance for the items within the property. For example, if your glass windows were to be damaged, you would be covered.

Liability Cover

Liability cover protects you and your business against any personal accident, illness or injury claims that are made by your guests or the public against your business while they were in contact with your operations.

Business Interruption

With business interruption, your finances (loss of money/income) will be covered in the event that your hotel becomes inhabitable due to fire or flood damage.

Guests Contents Insurance

As a part of the 1956 Hotel Proprietors Acts, this legally required form of insurance covers all of your guests’ belongings. This insurance can be used in the case of your guests’ belongings being damaged during their stay.

These additional popular features can be selected to integrate into your policy:

  • Loss of money
  • Personal accident & assault
  • Breakage of glass
  • Goods in transit
  • Loss of licence

Tips on getting the best hotel insurance

  • Check the liability cover that comes with the hotel insurance you choose.
  • Compare several types of cover before you settle on the ones you want for your hotel. Never go with the first insurance cover you come across.
  • Get lower quotes by ensuring that your security is as good as it can be.
  • When searching for insurance, ensure that you’re searching for the right type and that you aren’t listing your hotel as a bed and breakfast, motel, guest house, hostel or a B&B. This can have an adverse effect on your insurance.
  • Ensure that you are insured with a reputable company that has trusted reviews from other customers.

 Hotel Insurance FAQs

Q – What does public liability cover?

A – Public liability covers you against your legal liability for death or bodily injury (excluding your employees) and loss or damage to third party property during the operation of your business.

Q – I have more than one hotel; can I cover multiple under the same insurer?

A – Typically, yes, you can. When you enquire with an insurance provider, you should take some time to chat with them about your individual circumstances.

Q – My hotel isn’t open all year, can I still get covered?

A – This is a very individual circumstance, but many insurers will happily talk to you about a quote if your hotel is only open a few months during the year.

Q – What if I want to cancel my insurance policy?

A – Most insurers will be fine with any cancellations, but there may be fees involved, and you may not get a refund. Check first.