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Life insurance: Because life is precious

Many of us do not care about life insurance because they don’t want to consider about their own death and try to neglect it. Recently held surveys show that three of us have no insurance at all. Without an insurance, your family will not be able to maintain their lifestyle and the standard too. They will have to struggle to pay the bills and other expenses to pass their time. Therefore, it is important to understand the importance of insurance and its different terms, covers and policies. Our guidance towards cheap insurance quotes will explain you gradually the process of getting the best insurance policy.

It is quite easy to understand, the company pays out after your death. Unfortunately, It’s not easy and simple to understand the life insurance covers, because there are various types of covers available with a different size of premiums. Here we encourage our visitors and regular customers to get free advice from our specialist panel before you go for a policy. Comparing different types of covers and policies of different companies could result in great savings for you.

You’re worth it….

No one knows how long his or her life would be. Anything can happen if precautions are not taken. Accidents and deaths take place all the time, but what would happen to your family in case of your death?  How will the family survive? No, this is because no one wants to think about the worst scenario. Millions of people die every day and their families are left to survive on their own.

No one helps such people and this is a fact. This might be considered bitter but it is! But what if someone provides your money for your family even after the family member has died? It would surely feel like a blessing.

Life Insurance Types

1 – Life Only

2 – Whole of Life Cover

3 – Term Life Insurance

4 – Critical Illness Cover

5 – Mortgage Life Insurance

Life Only:

An insurance company pays you the full-insured amount in a lump sum if the policyholder dies during the policy term.

The whole of Life Cover:

Whole life insurance is a type of insurance that offers lifetime coverage with premiums. This means the insurance holder can borrow the money from the company whenever he needs to. In other words, the whole of life assurance is a type of life insurance, which covers the remaining life of the policyholder, as long as he pays the premiums. In most of the cases, premiums have to pay for the life of the policy. There is not any specific policy term that’s why the amount is paid in lump sum at any time when the policyholder dies. There are further different forms of whole life insurance cover:

Non-Profit Whole Life Policy:

In case of non-profit whole life insurance policy, a premium is payable throughout the life, premiums and the lump sum payment after the death of the policyholder are fixed. It doesn’t have any element of investment and that’s why is very similar to the term life insurance

Without Profit Whole Life Policy:

Without profit, whole life policy is almost similar to the non-profit whole life insurance cover but it includes the amount paid plus accrued profit.

Low-Cost Whole Life policy:

A low-cost whole life insurance policy guarantees that amount payout after your death will be more than the total sum on the top of bonuses.

Over 50’s Life Insurance Policy:

Over 50’s life insurance is usually for a small amount because it is for the over 50’s and so anyone can easily understand that the premiums are guaranteed for life and payouts are smaller usually (between £500 and £2,000).

Term Life Insurance:

Term life cover is very simple to understand a company pays an amount in a lump sum if the policyholder dies within a specified or fixed term, Otherwise, you would not get anything back. It is an agreement for about ten to twenty years and the money cannot be taken out in the middle of these years.

The only way to get the money is after the death of the person who had his life insured. Considering the types of policy, the term life policy is the most affordable one as it locks the person in the scheme for a great length of time without any cash outflows. Several companies provide life insurance that does not make it hard for a commoner to afford. It is easy to fill out the quote form and ask for the insurance policy to a specialist adviser.

Critical Illness Cover:

When you are insured for critical illness cover, you feel safe and secure. In this case, if you are diagnosed with a critical illness like (Heart Attack, Stroke or Cancer), the Insurance provider will pay the amount you are insured for.

Mortgage Life Insurance:

Decreasing term life insurance or mortgage protection covers your mortgage payments. Under a repayment mortgage, the insured amount is calculated to equalize the capital outstanding and reduces over the term of your policy

How to get affordable life insurance policy?

When you are looking for an affordable policy, it is difficult to find the cheapest and best both on the same platform. Because when you select a policy the insurer decides its premiums after considering the length of the term and payout size. He can also consider a couple of other factors like gender, age, health condition and occupation. Usually, women live longer than a man, that’s why they have to pay 30% more for their policy.

However, after the regulation from the European Court of Justice, Some experts are predicting the decrements in the premiums for men by 5% and women would pay about 20% more after the implementation of this rule in December 2012. To get the cheapest insurance it is important to maintain your health in good condition and avoid smoking because a smoker has to face high rates of premiums and expensive policy, it will play a very important role.

Why compare life insurance quotes with

With our unique comparison system, you will be able to compare the policies of different top-level life insurance companies within 3-5 minutes. Here we are providing a free service to our visitors to make it sure you are secured with a standard and affordable life insurance cover. When you complete a short form requiring your details, you will hear from our specialist panel within the specified time, they will help you to find the best and cheapest insurance policy keeping your budget and requirement into view.

That’s why we are different from others because when you will speak to our specialist adviser, you will feel the difference. There is not any specific rule or obligation to get the insurance cover. If you have some exceptions, you can tell him frankly.