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Van insurance: Because accidents happen

Vans are expensive assets and also means of transportation, therefore, this asset needs to be insured because no one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. Van insurance is quite costly but it’s worth it when it comes to the importance and use of the van. Cheap van insurance ratings are usually based on the damage that can occur during accidents or theft so that the insurance companies can estimate how much they will have to pay the customer.

Why is the van insurance important?

It provides the owner with monetary protection from the damage of property as well as the injuries in case of an accident. If the insurance is not taken, the owner will have to pay heavily in case of any damage. More details about driving a van in the UK can be found at the UK’s gov website. Getting the policy helps the owner to feel that his van is completely safe in the hands of the insurance companies as the owner can get full compensation for the damage of the van in case of an accident. This policy has become very important for businesses that use vans for their work.

Levels of van insurance cover

Levels of van insurance cover depend on the choice of customer how much he is willing to pay. There are three types of cover available

  1. Third Party
  2. Third Party Fire and Theft
  3. Fully comprehensive

Third Party:

Third party van insurance is cheaper than two of others are. It’s the basic minimum coverage allowed by UK law to protect the vans. You can get the third party policy if you don’t have enough money to spend or if your van is less expensive and doesn’t worth it. It provides a great level of protection against its price.

When we compare it with fully comprehensive policy, we come to know that this policy will pay to the victim of the accident but you will be liable in case of any damages, accident or theft to your own van. It’s the cheapest van insurance policy available in the market and attracts to the customers. However, it is the basic policy and covers the basic level of protection. That’s why we always suggest to our honourable customers to go for Third party fire and theft policy to minimise the level of risk and liability.

Third party, fire and theft:

If we go one-step ahead from the third party policy, we reach to the next level third party fire and theft. It covers the level of protection if your van is stolen or damaged in the fire. This will protect you even in the event of an accident that was your responsibility and cover will also be provided if you caused damages to another’s vehicle, their property and even in case of any injury, payment for medical treatment will also be provided by the insurance company. It might be your ideal policy as it also provides the protection in case of theft.

Fully Comprehensive:

A fully comprehensive van insurance policy is the most expensive and its coverage is definitely larger. It provides various types of protections like protection for damage to the van, property and yourself. Even the liability for damage lies with you. Along with this higher level of protection, you are not able to protect everything for your van in this policy like, if your van breaks down, you will have to arrange another policy of van breakdown cover.

Finding an Ideal Deal

When you are shopping around for cheap van insurance, consider there are many different policies and plans. That’s why we are here to find the best deal across the market. Before selecting the cheapest policy, we suggest comparing the different policies of different companies. These days it’s not difficult to compare insurance quotes because there are many different comparison sites but we have some special here for you.

Get smarter and save money

Van insurance can be quite a lot expensive. Thus, installing the anti-theft system can save the owner a lot of money. These devices have alarms and tracking devices that can detect the location of the van and help to find who the thief is. The insurers appreciate this and reduce the amount of the insurance policy.

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There is no limitation on the usage of QuoteRadar but you are advised to compare quotes every month for the same policy because there might be some new offers, brokers or insurers into our panel of specialists, So, bookmark and always check for the cheapest insurance every month. We are continuously expanding our panel of brokers and insurers and still, you can compare quotes from 50+ leading UK insurers and brokers like, Gladiator, More Th>n, Direct Choice etc. Thousands of our reliable customers and visitors come here daily and check whether even they could save any more? Further assistance can be found here at van insurance guides