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What is the burger van insurance?

Insuring a burger van or other mobile catering business is a little different to standard van insurance. Preparing food and serving members of the public means you should consider specialist burger van insurance so you are covered in all circumstances.

As with any mobile catering business, there are certain risks that running a burger van business leaves you exposed to. Ensuring you have the right level of cover gives peace of mind that your van, your business and your livelihood are protected should a claim be brought against you.

Who needs it?

Burger vans are used at all kinds of events and venues. If you trade in hot or cold food at any of these locations, it’s likely that you’ll need a specialist food van policy:

  • Festivals
  • Football matches
  • Local markets
  • Carnivals
  • Street food market
  • Country shows

What cover does a burger van need?

Preparing food for the public involves a high level of risk. Poor hygiene or contaminated products could make someone extremely ill, or even die in the worst-case scenario. It’s vital that mobile food businesses have insurance coverage in place to protect them, in the event that a claim is brought.

Public liability cover

The main part of burger van insurance should be public liability coverage. Usually available to a level of £ 10 million, this policy ensures that if a claim is made against your burger van business, you are protected.

Employers’ liability

Not every burger van will need employers’ liability cover, but if you employ any staff, even on a part-time basis, you must have it by law. This type of cover protects you and your staff if a claim is made.

What options are available?

Every mobile food business has unique needs. There is a range of options available when insuring your food van, so talk to your insurer about which cover is right for your circumstances.

Breakdown cover – avoid getting stuck by the side of the road on the way to your burger van pitch, which costs you time, and ultimately, money.

Fixtures and fittings cover – the equipment inside your burger van which is used for cooking can fail or break for any number of reasons. Having fixtures and fittings covered in place means you are able to quickly repair or replace damaged equipment without being out of pocket.

Modified or converted vehicle cover – it’s important to make sure that if your burger van has been modified in any way your insurance covers the modifications. Check with your insurer.

Stock insurance – it’s likely that your stock represents a big chunk of your investment. Taking out stock insurance means you will be covered if anything goes wrong with your stock, for example, chillers breaking down meaning you have to throw stock away.

How much does burger van insurance cost?

There is no ‘one size fits all price for burger van insurance. The cost of your premium will depend on a range of factors, like

  • Where you operate
  • Annual mileage
  • What type of food do you sell
  • Age and condition of your van

Always compare quotes from different insurers to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your circumstances.

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