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Mobile Catering Van Insurance

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Mobile Catering Van

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What is mobile catering van insurance?

Having a mobile catering van means the freedom to trade at many different locations. It’s important to make sure your catering van is completely covered by the right insurance, to prevent your livelihood if anything goes wrong.

Who needs it?

If you operate any of the following kinds of food trucks, specialist catering trailer insurance could be right for you:

What type of cover is best for mobile catering?

Road risk cover

You need to have a minimum level of cover in place to drive on the roads, in the same way as any other road user.

Third Party only cover – this is the lowest level of cover

Third-party fire and theft – protects you if your catering van is damaged by fire, or stolen.

Fully comprehensive – this is the highest level of cover.

Liability cover

As well as risks from other road users, mobile catering businesses need to be covered for the risks associated with serving food.

There are various types of liability coverage, but all will protect you from any claims brought against you in different circumstances

  • Employers liability cover

If you have staff, you are required by law to take out the employer’s liability cover. If an employee is injured whilst, on duty, this type of policy offers protection against costs, usually up to a value of £ 10 million.

  • Public liability cover

If a member of the public is hurt or injured by your catering van, or as a result of the food you serve, this type of policy will cover the costs.

  • Product liability

It’s vital that caterers ensure good product and hygiene standards for all the food they sell. If a problem arises as a result of one of your products, for example, an allergic reaction, or illness, product liability insurance means you will be covered.

What additional insurance do I need for my mobile catering van?

Every food truck is different. The right policy for you will depend on factors like what type of food you serve, where you operate, how you keep or store your stock, and whether your van has been modified.

Breakdown cover

Breaking down on the way to your pitch or event can leave you seriously out of pocket. Some mobile catering insurance policies will include breakdown cover, to get you moving as soon as possible.

Business interruption insurance

If for any reason you can’t trade, business interruption cover will protect your income. This type of cover is useful if you become ill, or your van is off the road for any reason.

Legal expenses cover

This type of policy will cover any legal costs if someone brings a claim against you.

How to save money on mobile catering van insurance

  • Shop around. Find the right policy for your business and always compare quotes from at least three different providers to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Keep your van and equipment well-maintained. This reduces the risk of having to make a claim, which will make your premiums go up.
  • Keep your catering van secure when not in use, ideally in a locked garage, or off the road.

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