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Why do you need coffee van insurance?

Who doesn’t love a fresh, hot cup of coffee? Mobile coffee vans have opened up the market and mean that you can enjoy your daily coffee hit almost anywhere now. Whether it’s at a music festival, in the local park, at a sporting event or just at the local park, coffee vans are becoming more popular than ever.

If you operate a coffee van, it’s really important to get the right insurance policy. Your van likely represents a big investment. Specialist coffee van insurance means that if anything is stolen, damaged or you’re involved in a claim, your business is protected.

Why do I need coffee van insurance?

Dealing with boiling hot water and members of the public can leave you open to claims against you! It’s not just members of the public who might be scalded – anyone working in your van runs the risk of burning themselves on hot equipment too.

Getting the right insurance cover will give you peace of mind that you’ll not be out of pocket if you have to defend a claim against you.

As with any vehicle, there is always the risk of theft too. Getting specialist insurance means that your van and equipment are covered.

What types of cover are available?

Public liability

As with many mobile catering business insurance policies, you’ll need to have public liability cover for your coffee van. This protects you from claims brought by third parties. If someone is made ill by something you serve, you could be ordered to pay compensation. Getting public liability cover is vital to protect yourself and your business.

Equipment insurance

Mobile coffee van equipment can be very expensive. Having to repair or replace it if it is damaged or stolen could put you out of business. Fixtures and fittings insurance covers the equipment in your coffee van so that you can get up and running again without incurring costs.

Breakdown cover

This is not compulsory but can be a good idea for mobile caterers, especially those catering for special events. You don’t want to let your customers down by arriving late, or not at all due to a breakdown! Breakdown insurance can get you moving again, and ensure you’re able to trade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need employers’ liability cover for my coffee van?

You are required to have employers’ liability insurance by law if your business has any staff. This protects you, and them, in the event of a claim.

How can I save money on coffee van insurance?

Take sensible precautions to protect your van from theft. Never leave it unsecured, and if possible store it in a locked garage when not in use. The greater the risks, the higher your insurance premiums will be. Ensuring regular maintenance on the van itself as well as fixtures and fittings may reduce the risk of a claim, and lower your premium costs.

My coffee business uses a horsebox – what cover do I need?

Mobile coffee businesses use all kinds of vehicles – coffee bicycles, Piaggios, horseboxes and trailers. Talk to your insurer to make sure you have the right level of cover for your business. As well as liability cover, your vehicle will also need the right road risk cover. The cost of this varies depending on what the vehicles are.

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