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Courier van insurance – An overview

It’s no wonder that there are more courier drivers on the road as more customers are preferring to shop online instead of in person. Whether you’re shopping for a huge, bulky white product like a piece of furniture that would be a pain to move around on your own, or a smaller, more manageable item like clothing or an accessory, ordering online is the way to go. Their safe delivery to you is dependent on the skill of the courier van drivers.

If you use a van for your courier service, you need special courier van insurance because standard van insurance and commercial van insurance certainly won’t provide the kind of protection you require.

What’s courier van insurance?

The kind of insurance known as “courier van insurance” is tailored specifically to the needs of drivers who use their vehicles for income. In a nutshell, this covers people who are paid to transport goods for companies that pay them for each delivery they make. You can buy it on its own or add it to your current Van Insurance policy. Considering that most couriers spend much more time in the van than the typical driver, they’re more susceptible to risk and should have specialized insurance.

Finding the right coverage for your courier van

Understanding that there are numerous kinds of commercial van insurance is one of the first obstacles to overcome. Without the assistance of an expert insurer, many vehicle owners buy the wrong sort of van insurance plan while focusing on finding the lowest rate.

Carriage-of-own-goods, courier, and haulage are the three primary contenders.

Carrying your own goods

“Carrying your own goods” is a type of commercial van insurance that is useful for construction workers, painters, electricians, and plumbers who own the things in their vans.

Haulage insurance

Haulage insurance is a kind of “hire and reward” insurance that covers single-load deliveries across great distances. If you want to file a claim, an insurance company might be okay with a couple of drops, but if you have a lot of drops in a small region, they might see that as courier van insurance.

Courier van insurance

It is just another type of “hire and reward” coverage, but it is usually used for dropping off multiple loads in a small area, like homes as well as small businesses.

Due to the varying degrees of risk involved with each form of insurance, you must ensure that you are properly protected by the insurance; otherwise, you may find yourself mistakenly insured when you most require it.

What makes courier van insurance unique?

Courier van insurance seems to be different from insurance for other vehicles because courier vans face risks that other vehicles don’t, such as:

  • A lot of miles driven – spending more time on the road makes you more vulnerable to collisions.
  • Working on tight deadlines where speeding can make accidents more likely
  • Theft of products, where valuable things could be the target
  • You can lower your premiums by doing things like installing an alert system and immobilizer or keeping the van locked up overnight.
  • If your vehicle doesn’t cover a lot of miles, you might be able to get a discount for low mileage, but if you drive over your limit, your coverage will be cancelled.

What is the cost of courier van insurance?

The cost of insuring a courier van, like that of any other vehicle, is totally dependent on the information you provide. Even though courier van insurance does have a set price, it can go up or down depending on things like:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Profession
  • Driving history
  • The worth of your van
  • What kind of van do you need to insure

Things to consider while choosing your insurance

Even though we don’t think you should skimp on securing your business, your goods, and your Van, there is nothing preventing you from shopping around for great offers. It’s possible to cut the cost of courier van insurance in the same ways as regular van insurance.


It is always preferable to change the amount of voluntary excess. In 98% of policies, a bigger excess results in a lower premium.

Coverage limitations

Check to determine if you’re buying more insurance than you really need. If you’re delivering any cheap products, make sure you don’t have more insurance than you require.


Your insurance prices should go down if you take precautions to keep your van safe, such as keeping it locked up at night and emptying the contents before parking it.

Frequently asked questions

Is having insurance for a courier required by law?

Yes of course. Courier van insurance is required by law if you plan on using your van for courier service. Although having goods in transit insurance and public liability cover is not mandated by law, it is highly advised to provide your company with the best possible protection.

What can you carry as a courier?

Courier van insurance lets you drive your vehicle to pick up one package and drop it off at several different places. It’s possible to send goods, mail, and newspapers. A courier van coverage does not protect the delivery of furniture or takeaway food.

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