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Choosing the right motorcycle courier insurance

It’s a great time to be a courier, whether you simply want to make a little extra cash with your own automobile or you’ve been in the business for years and need more drivers to keep up with the increase in business.

If you provide a takeaway courier service using motorbikes, scooters, or mopeds, you will require special insurance coverage to protect your business. Finding suitable motorcycle courier insurance at a reasonable cost is essential.

What is motorcycle courier insurance?

With motorcycle courier insurance, you’re protected if you use your bike to carry cargo or food for employment.

Motorcycle courier insurance can cost more than regular motorcycle insurance because insurance providers think couriers are more likely to get into trouble while riding their bikes.

This is due to the fact that motorcycle courier is more likely to ride their bike regularly and under more pressure than those who ride for fun.

Who needs it?

Motorcycle courier insurance is required if your motorcycle is used for commercial purposes, such as transporting packages from one location to another.

Despite the fact that it charges more money than a basic policy, that’s not worth the risk because if you’re involved in a mishap at work and don’t have the right kind of insurance, your insurance provider won’t pay out. The same goes for those who deliver pizzas or packages on a moped for a job; you require motorcycle courier insurance.

What does the courier motorbike insurance protect?

What’s covered depends on the level of coverage you pick and any other aspects the policy has. These are the various levels of coverage:

Third-party only

It pays other people in the case of an accident for bodily harm or property damage. Although it’s the very minimum required by law, this insurance won’t pay for repairs to your own bike if it’s damaged.

Third-party, fire, and theft

This insurance level contains third-party-only coverage and also covers expenses if your motorbike is stolen or destroyed by fire.

Comprehensive insurance

It covers third parties, fire, and theft. It will also pay to fix or replace your motorbike if you get into an accident, even if you were at blame.

Some insurance companies will also allow you to add extras, like:

Legal expenses

It covers legal assistance and legal expenses if you require to protect yourself or file a lawsuit against a third party.

Public liability coverage

It pays others for accidental injuries or property damage caused by your employment. For instance, if someone shattered their ankle due to falling over boxes that you unloaded, you would be liable.

Does your insurance protect the goods you carry?

This depends on what the policy says about terms and conditions. There are several types of motorbike courier insurance that automatically have an add-on described as goods in transit insurance. This kind of insurance provides coverage for the items that the courier is delivering.

It’s possible that fast food does not need any goods in transit protection since it’s not very valuable, but if you are delivering items by motorcycle courier, this may be a smart addition to your policy.

Factors affecting the cost of motorcycle courier insurance

There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of motorcycle courier insurance, including:

  • Your motorcycle – typically, more powerful bikes are more costly to insure as they are costly to maintain and are a greater theft target.
  • Your age and biking experience – if you are an expert rider, you should expect to spend less than a novice.
  • Your claim history – claims filed within the previous five years might increase your rates.
  • Your location – if you reside and work in a crowded or busy area, you might expect to spend more because (possibly) an accident is more likely to occur.

Keep in mind that each insurance company has its own set of rules and regulations, so it’s essential to verify what is and isn’t covered before committing to a policy. Inexpensive motorcycle courier insurance may seem to be a good deal, but it could have a lot of limits and exclusions, which are things that aren’t protected.

Saving money on motorcycle courier insurance

The best and most common way to save money on your insurance costs is to keep your motorcycle locked up when it’s not being used. It might be the owner’s home, workshop, or even a shed. For extra safety, a theft-deterrent device such as an alert system or immobilizer should be put in place.

Paying the premium on a yearly basis is an efficient method for keeping the cost as low as feasible. You won’t save any money this way, but you also won’t have to pay interest on the remaining debt. Those who pay their premiums in monthly instalments often face interest charges.

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