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Young driver insurance made easy!

Everyone is aware of just how high car insurance can be for new drivers and those under 25 years of age. This is because it’s based on risk i.e. the fewer years you have been driving the more likely you are to have a car accident.

Then there is the peer pressure aspect i.e. being urged to drive faster and to race. Road safety charity Brake recently published research that showed 23 per cent of 18 to 24-year-old drivers had a car accident within just two years of passing their test.

They also claimed young drivers were more likely to take drugs while driving and not use a seat belt. They also tended to socialise at night (many accidents happen between the hours of 2 am and 5 am).

Other research – this time carried out by the Automobile Association (AA) in the summer of 2017 – revealed the average cost of car insurance for drivers aged 17 to 22 was a whopping £1771.

Types of car insurance for young drivers

Find cheap car insurance quotes for young drivers in the UK

Just as with the car-driving population in general, there are three main types of insurance coverage. These are:

Fully comprehensive insurance – The widest range of cover for your car, fully comprehensive insurance protects you against fire, theft, accidental damage and repairs to another car should you be involved in an accident.

You’ll also be covered for your personal possessions being damaged or stolen, a replacement windscreen and any personal injury claims against you by a passenger or another driver. With some insurance policies, you may even get a courtesy car if your own can’t be driven following a collision.

Third-party fire and theft – This gives you cover for causing an accident which damages another car or injures other drivers and passengers. It won’t pay out for damage to your own car in an accident but will cover you if the car is stolen or goes on fire.

Third-party cover – This insurance policy pays out for damage caused by you to other cars, but not your own. It only pays out to injured passengers if they were travelling in your car at the time they sustained their whiplash, cuts etc.

Another popular form of car insurance – especially for young drivers is

Telematics insurance

This is where a black box or an app records the driver’s behaviour i.e. what speed he or she regularly drives at when they drive and what time. The less risky the behaviour is deemed then the less expensive the insurance premiums are.

Extra cover young drivers can add to a car insurance policy includes:

  • Legal cover – To pay for court costs in the event of a compensation or personal injury claim.
  • Breakdown cover – Often, it’s less expensive to get this with your insurance than to take it out separately.
  • Cover for driving abroad – If you plan to go to tour Europe this summer in your car then this is definitely worth taking out.
  • Courtesy car cover – If you have to use your car for work, then this could be important.

How can I find cheap young driver’s insurance?

  • Never automatically renew your insurance with the same company. Always shop around for a better deal. One market research company found young drivers could save more than £280 on car insurance costs when they did this
  • Increase your voluntary excess in order to get less expensive premiums
  • Build up your no-claims bonus and get annual discounts on your premiums
  • Reduce your mileage
  • Improve the security of the car so that it’s less likely to get stolen
  • Don’t modify the car as this can cost more insurance-wise
  • Don’t get a fast and flashy, sporty car – exactly the type of motor that will appeal to a ‘boy racer.’ Instead, go for one that’s regarded as safe as so sits in a cheaper insurance group.
  • Sit advanced driving tests and get a reduction on your insurance for being a safer and more experienced driver

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