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Park Home Insurance

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All about park home insurance

Park home insurance: Because safety is what you need

A park home is a bungalow that is situated away from the city, on the private lands. These homes are also known as the mobile homes. This type of house is situated away from the city in the less populated areas where there are less pollution and not a lot of people. These types of houses are provided with all the facilities such as gas, water, sewerage and heating facilities. These houses are no less than a normal house and are fully furnished and well maintained. As these houses are not located in the city, it is important that the house is protected and secured by all harms. This is when the park home insurance is needed.

What does the park home insurance offer?

The policyholders tend to get a lot of benefits if they take up this policy which is extremely important for a park home. This covers almost all of the expenses of the damages that might occur in any kind of accident in the house. It provides the policyholders with a complete satisfaction and security by insuring their whole house. The policy offers the ‘new for old’ scheme in which the policyholders can get new for the old thing in case of any loss, accidents or fire. It also covers for about 5 million pounds worth of owner’s liability cover that includes all of the damages to the house, the belongings and to the policyholder and family. The insurance policy also provides an alternative accommodation worth of thirty thousand pounds in case of fire or an accident in the house.

Does this include the legal expenses?

The park home insurance covers all of the legal expenses and advice is any case that involves the legal matters. Also, the insurance covers 24 hours of homecare emergency assistance that helps the policyholders whenever they need any assistance.