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What is static caravan insurance?

The British are a nation of caravan lovers. With over 365,000 static caravans in use in November 2018 and sales rising, there are many great benefits of owning one.

Whether your static caravan is in a leisure park or a private site near your home, there are a few things it pays to know when it comes to insurance.

Do I need to get static caravan insurance?

A static caravan can represent a significant investment. With even second-hand models starting around the £13k mark, it could be a surprise to learn that insurance is not compulsory.

As static caravans are a hybrid between a vehicle and a home, it can be confusing to know what you need to be covered for. Even though you are not required to have a cover, it is a good idea. Replacing your caravan, or repairing it can get expensive. Having the right policy in place means complete peace of mind, whether you’re in your caravan or not.

What cover do I need?

The right type of policy will differ depending on how you use your static caravan. Where the caravan is located will also impact the best type of cover. Caravans based on leisure sites will be prone to different risk factors than those being used on private land, for example.

Most insurers will offer a standard package, with a variety of additional options. As a minimum, you should ensure you are covered for the following:

  • Fire, vandalism and theft

Like car insurance, replacing or repairing your static caravan if it is damaged in any way can be extremely expensive. Insuring against these risks means you won’t be left out of pocket should the worst happen.

  • Contents insurance

Whether you live in your static caravan for extended periods or only use it for short holidays, it’s wise to make sure your belongings are protected. Caravans can be seen as an easy target for thieves, and often appear less secure than traditional bricks and mortar homes.

Like home insurance, you will need to check with your insurer that any particularly high-value items are included in your cover. Expensive items may need a separate policy.

  • Water or frost damage

Static caravans can be at risk of water damage, either from leaks, or burst pipes. This is especially true if your caravan is left empty over the winter. Many insurers will offer water or frost damage cover but may include conditions such as turning off or draining water supplies when the caravan is not in use.

What is not typically covered by static caravan insurance?

You’ll need to check your policy details carefully, as there are a few exceptions in most policies.

If you use your static caravan for trading or business use, you will probably need to take out specialist business cover. Likewise, if your static caravan is your permanent residence, you would not normally be covered. For this, you are likely to need park home insurance.

Typically, losses due to lack of maintenance, poor security or general wear and tear may also not be covered as standard. It is worth comparing quotes from a range of providers to make sure you have the right cover for your circumstances.

How to find cheap static caravan insurance?

Getting cheap insurance for your static caravan is a balance between the cover you need, and the risk factors you can reduce.

Location – if your static caravan is kept on a registered site, for example, CaSSOA, you might qualify for a discounted insurance premium

Security – The more secure your caravan, the lower the risk of loss through theft. Keeping door and window locks well maintained and in good working order is vital. If you fit additional security measures or an alarm, this may well reduce your premium costs too.

Regular maintenance – It’s vital to make sure your caravan is in a good state of repair. Regular maintenance and servicing (of gas appliances for example) can all reduce the risk of fire or storm damage and mean a claim is less likely.

Shop around – There is no ‘one size fits all policy when it comes to static caravans. Make sure you are only paying for the cover your need, and compare lots of quotes to check you are getting the best possible rate.


What is new for old cover for static caravans?

If the worst happens and your static caravan is damaged beyond all reasonable repair, a new for old cover will provide you with a brand new caravan. New for old cover is not normally available if your caravan is more than 35 years old.

What is market value cover?

Unlike new for old cover, a market value policy will pay out what your caravan would be worth on the open market if it is damaged beyond repair. As this value is usually much lower than the cost of a brand-new caravan, this type of cover can often mean lower annual insurance premiums.

Is static caravan insurance a legal requirement?

While it is not a legal requirement to have static caravan insurance, most owners will choose to have a policy in place. This is because the costs associated with repair or loss are very high. The right policy can protect your investment, and mean you are not left out of pocket.

My caravan is in my garden. Do I need insurance?

Keeping a static caravan in your garden can be a handy way of increasing the floor space of your property. However, don’t assume that your home insurance policy will cover the caravan. Having separate static caravan cover can protect you in the event of storm or flood damage and save you the cost of repair or replacement.

What if I live in my static caravan permanently?

Most standard static caravan policies will not normally cover permanent residence. Specialist policies are available though. These are likely to include a higher allowance for personal effects and possessions. It may also include cover for emergency accommodation, should you need to move out whilst the caravan is repaired. The caravan will usually need to be located on a registered site, but if the site is registered for residential use instead of leisure use, you are likely to need park home insurance.

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