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Temporary Car Insurance

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What is short-term car insurance?

There might be times when you need to arrange short-term car insurance. Sometimes called temporary car insurance, this type of policy covers you to drive a vehicle for between one and 28 days.

If you need coverage for any longer than this, it is probably more cost-effective to use a standard car insurance policy.

Why do I need temporary car insurance?

steering wheel of a temporary car

Temporary car insurance can be needed if you intend to drive a car which is not your own. There are lots of occasions when this might be the case. For example, borrowing a friend’s car for the day in order to move house, or if someone is planning on borrowing your car.

If you are planning a long trip and plan on sharing the driving, you will also need to arrange cover. Short-term car insurance can also be useful for students who intend to drive their parent’s cars whilst home from university.

Adding someone to an existing policy

You do not always need to take out a separate short-term insurance policy if you are driving a vehicle on a temporary basis. Most insurers will allow a second driver to be added to an existing policy for a short period of time. However, this is not always the most cost-effective way of getting coverage.

If a driver has an accident in your car while borrowing it, under this type of cover, you could lose your existing no-claims bonus as the policy is still under your name. Likewise, your premium costs would probably increase the following year. If the temporary driver has their own policy, the risk is theirs.

Short-term car insurance for younger drivers

Drivers under the age of 25 are considered at a higher risk than more experienced drivers. While standard car insurance policies are available for any qualified driver over the age of 18, many insurers will not offer short-term policies to drivers under 21.

If you have points on your licence or previous motoring convictions, you could also be refused short-term cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does short-term cover last?

Most short-term policies cover you for anything between one day and 28 days. If you need cover for a longer period which is still only temporary or are not sure how long you will need it, you may be able to arrange temporary cover for up to three months.

Does temporary car insurance offer the same cover as an annual policy?

Normally, yes. As with longer-term policies, you will still be able to choose the level of coverage you require. Usually, this will be either third-party only, third-party fire and theft, or comprehensive insurance.

What are the differences between temporary and annual car insurance?

While the level of cover is the same, many temporary policies will have a higher excess than the annual cover. You could pay up to £1000 excess if you are involved in an accident on a short-term insurance policy.

I’m only driving a car for a few hours. Do I still need short-term insurance?

By law, all drivers must make sure they have a minimum level of cover in place if they are driving a vehicle on the roads. This applies even if you are only making a short journey. Driving without insurance is an offence. You must make sure that you are covered, either with a temporary or annual cover. The lowest level of cover required is third-party only.

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