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What is the campervan insurance?

Lots of people are choosing a campervan holiday close to home instead of costly foreign holidays. The appeal is that you can pack up, drive off and stay the night wherever the mood takes you. Campervan owners love the sense of freedom and adventure they bring.

Campervans come in all shapes and sizes. From vintage VW bus conversions to large motorhomes, or standard day vans to even folding or self-build, there is a type of campervan for everyone.

Because campervans are motorised vehicles, insurance coverage is required by law to travel on the roads. Normal car or van insurance does not cover motorhomes. You need a specialist policy to insure your campervan so that in the event of fire, theft or damage you are completely covered.

Do I need campervan insurance?

Campervans and motorhomes are different from private cars and vans, so need a separate insurance policy.

A campervan or RV (recreational vehicle) is classed as a self-contained travelling home. Usually, this means there is no divide between the cab of the campervan and the living accommodation.

Campervan insurance is needed even if your campervan is only used once or twice a year.

What types of campervan do I need cover for?

If you own any of the following types of campervan, you should talk to your insurer about the specialist cover:

  • Vintage/classic campervans like Volkswagon split screen camper, VW California, VW T5 or T6
  • Standard campervans with built-in fixtures and fittings
  • Bus conversions
  • Specialist campervan conversions by specialists like Wellhouse or Danbury
  • American RV (recreational vehicle)
  • Dayvan
  • Class B motorhome
  • Airstream
  • Swift Sterling Continental 530

What does campervan insurance cover?

Campervans drive on the roads just like any other vehicle. Campervan insurance will usually be available at three different levels

  • Laid-up cover – Campervans are usually only used for short periods and might spend a lot of time off the road. If your campervan is declared SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notice), this type of policy will cover accidental damage, fire or theft.
  • Third-party fire and theft – If you have an accident in your campervan, third-party fire and theft will pay out to cover compensation or injury to third parties. Your campervan will also be covered for damage caused by fire or theft of the vehicle.
  • Comprehensive – This is the highest level of campervan cover. As well as all the above, your own vehicle is also covered in the event of an accident.

For lots of campervan owners, their campervan is their pride and joy! They are used for holidays, so any damage or theft can be a major inconvenience. Having the right cover in place can provide peace of mind, so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

How can i get cheap campervan insurance?

Insurers will look at a range of factors to determine the cost of campervan insurance.

  • The age of the vehicle
  • The mileage. Current and expected annual mileage has an effect on your premium costs. Work out how many trips you take and work out the average mileage, so you can give an accurate estimate.
  • Where it is stored. By making your campervan secure when it’s not being used, it is less likely to be stolen or damaged.
  • Has your campervan been professionally serviced? Using verified parts from a reputable dealer can reduce the risk of breakdowns or repairs.
  • Who is driving it? Younger or less experienced drivers will usually have higher premium costs. It helps to have the policy in the name of the most experienced driver.
  • The size of the campervan. The bigger the vehicle, usually the higher the cost. When choosing a campervan, think about the number of berths you actually need.
  • Being a member of an organisation like the Camping and Caravanning Club could offer a discount on the cost of your policy.


Why do I need campervan insurance?

As campervans travel on the highway to reach their destination, it is a legal requirement to have insurance in place. In the event your campervan is involved in an accident, insurance must be in place to cover third party costs at a minimum. Depending on the level of cover you choose, policies may also cover damage to your own campervan or personal injury.

Are there any exclusions to campervan cover?

Most campervan insurance policies cover private use by the owner. If you plan to hire or lend your campervan, you need to check whether your policy cover allows for this.

Taking part in any kind of race with a campervan may invalidate your insurance.

If your campervan is used for any kind of business, or to transport paying passengers, you may also need to talk to your insurer about increased policy cover.

My campervan has an awning. Will this be covered?

There are a range of specialist campervan insurance policies available. Talk to your provider about whether or not your policy includes cover for your awning. Many awnings are not classed as part of the fabric of the campervan, and so may need additional cover.

How do I tell if I need campervan insurance for my vehicle?

Insurers will identify vehicles based on their registration number. They are able to determine which class a vehicle falls into, and whether or not you will need a specialist campervan insurance policy.

I have modified my campervan. Will this affect my premium?

Many owners choose to make custom modifications to their campervans. This is often part of the joy of campervan ownership! Things like tinted windows, sound systems or changes to the bodywork all count as modifications. If the value of your campervan could be seen to be increased by any modification, then the cost of your premium could also go up.

Alternatively, if a modification improves the overall safety of your campervan, your premium may go down. For all modifications, be sure to talk to your insurer to make sure you have the right policy for your vehicle.

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