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chauffeur insurance

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Working as a chauffeur, you’re likely to need a specialist insurance policy. Driving VIP customers around in a luxury car or prestige vehicle means chauffeurs have different needs to regular taxi drivers. Chauffeur insurance policies have a cover designed to ensure that whatever the occasion, you’re covered if the worst happens.

Is it different from regular taxis?

Chauffeur drivers usually carry a different kind of passenger to regular taxis. The pickup and destination is always made clear in advance, and as no money changes hands in the vehicle, chauffeur driving can be lower risk, for insurance purposes, than private hire driving.

As chauffeurs are used for prestigious clients and occasions, the cars tend to be higher spec than standard taxis too. So whether it’s a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Chrysler, Mercedes S Class or a BMW 7 series, the right insurance will cover any costs if the car is damaged or undriveable.

What’s the difference between chauffeur insurance and private hire cover?

On the surface, chauffeurs and private hire drivers have many similarities – both transport passengers, both are booked in advance. However, chauffeurs are usually booked on a contract hire basis. Payments are usually settled on an account, via invoice, rather than at the point of drop-off.

Unlike private hire cabs, chauffeur driven cars will not usually have a two-way radio either. Chauffeur drivers may wear uniform or livery, and drive luxury, or executive cars, allowing them to charge a higher fee.

Chauffeurs tend to be used for special occasions like weddings, or for VIP or celebrity clients. This differs from standard private hire, which is usually booked for more everyday journeys.

What type of cover do I need?

If you drive a high-end vehicle and book passengers in advance, you should make sure your policy covers you fully. As well as standard road risk cover, chauffeur insurance policies often offer the following types of cover:

Public liability – essential protection against claims from members of the public. If a passenger is hurt or injured in your vehicle, this type of cover will payout in the event of a claim.

Replacement vehicle cover – if your car is off the road for any reason, having like-for-like vehicle replacement means you’re still able to carry clients, with no loss of earnings.

Breakdown cover – no-one wants to let a bride down on her big day! Breakdown cover is a good idea if you’re regularly working on special occasions. Ask your insurer whether home start cover is included also.

Employers liability – if you employ other drivers in your chauffeur business, you must have employer’s liability cover by law.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does chauffeur insurance cost?
As each car, driver, location and type of client is different, no two policies will be exactly the same. The cost of your policy will be determined by the value of your vehicle, how old it is, your estimated mileage, how and where it is stored when not in use, and even your postcode.
How can I save money on chauffeur insurance?

The best way to ensure you get the best price on your cover is to compare quotes from a range of insurance providers. Make sure you are only paying for the cover you need.

Does private hire taxi insurance cover chauffeur drivers?

Chauffeur drivers tend to drive higher value cars than private hire drivers. Luxury cars like limousines, executive saloons or prestige cars might not be covered by standard private hire insurance. Check with your provider, as many chauffeurs need a specialist policy.

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