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What is Clegg Gifford Taxi Insurance?

Getting your taxi driver’s license and understanding all the ins and outs of insurance can be an exciting and terrifying concept. Having served as a reliable broker for many years, Clegg Gifford Taxi Insurance is familiar with the specific requirements of the taxi sector. Their speciality is meeting your unique needs with affordable, comprehensive taxi insurance policies.

Clegg Gifford Taxi Insurance is here to help you safeguard your new business venture by providing a wealth of information and support. Their staff is committed to helping you understand and feel confident in the process, whether you are just starting or are seeking to change insurers.

Clegg Gifford: Overview

Serving a fleet of 15,000 taxis across the UK under the acclaimed ‘Westminster’ brand name, Clegg Gifford Taxi Insurance has been a pioneer in the taxi insurance sector for over 70 years. They provide a variety of insurance levels and pricing alternatives to accommodate drivers of various ages and fleet sizes, specializing in comprehensive coverage that meets the diverse demands of taxi drivers.

Clegg Gifford Taxi Insurance is the best option for you if you are a black cab, minicab, or public or private hire driver because of its extensive knowledge of the industry and its unmatched adaptability. Expertly tailoring insurance policies to meet the specific needs of each driver and fleet is a speciality of their approved agents.

They cover the whole United Kingdom with a variety of vehicles, including public and private hire, minicabs, and minibuses with up to 17 seats (including the driver). Taxi drivers and their customers can rest easy knowing that their plans provide public liability protection up to £10 million.

Coverage Options:

To be by the law and safeguard your financial investment, taxi insurance is an essential component of operating a taxi company. To make educated selections regarding their coverage needs, taxi owners must be familiar with the many types of insurance policies that are available.Clegg Gifford Taxi

1. Policy Only Coverage:

Choose the Policy Only option for the most basic taxi insurance. You get a lot less coverage for less money with this sort of policy, as the name implies. Taxi operators who choose affordability above comprehensive coverage will find it to their liking. The question of whether the reduced coverage provides sufficient protection from certain threats must be carefully considered, nevertheless.

2. Named Driver Cover:

For those who own a single taxi and drive it alone, named driver coverage is another alternative to consider. This kind of policy offers a customized approach to insurance needs by providing coverage only for the named driver. As a result, the taxi driver is guaranteed sufficient safety while behind the wheel.

Coverage options for taxi insurance vary from “Third Party Only” to “Fully Comprehensive,” just as those for regular car insurance.

3. Third Party Only Coverage:

If the insured driver causes harm to another person or their property, including their vehicle or person, third-party-only insurance will pay for the repairs. The priority here is on third-party protection, not the insured taxi or driver.

4. Third Party, Fire, and Theft Insurance:

When compared to plans that only cover third parties, Third Party, Fire, and Theft policies provide more comprehensive coverage. This insurance covers the insured taxi in the event of theft or fire, in addition to any damage it may cause to third parties. It protects taxi owners from typical dangers like fire and theft, making their vehicles safer.

5. Comprehensive Insurance:

When it comes to insurance, there is no better option than comprehensive. It covers everything, including more than just third-party liability and fire and theft. It also pays for medical expenses incurred by the driver and repairs to the insured vehicle. Although the premiums for this choice tend to be costlier, it provides complete coverage, giving taxi owners peace of mind.

Policy Exclusions for Taxi Services:

Before you buy taxi insurance, be sure you know what kinds of exclusions can leave you out of pocket. Keep in mind the following frequently occurring exclusions:

· Limitations on Age:

Drivers under the age of 25 are usually not covered by taxi insurance coverage due to age restrictions. Specialized providers, on the other hand, may provide coverage to drivers of any age, provided they have a spotless record and some work experience in the field.

· Theft Caused by Taxi Keys Left Inside:

Taxi drivers sometimes can’t help but leave their keys in the ignition while they’re on the clock. Theft of the taxi under these conditions, however, could render the insurance null and useless. Drivers must be on the lookout for potential thefts and take measures to reduce the likelihood of such incidents.

· Geographical Limitations:

Many insurance contracts outline the specific geographic area within which the covered taxi is permitted to operate. In the event of an accident or other occurrence, you cannot be insured if you pick up fares outside of this specified area. If you want your policy to cover everything, you have to stay inside the restrictions.

Can I Add Fast Food Delivery To My Clegg Gifford Taxi Insurance Policy?

If you’re a taxi driver seeking to diversify your income, you might want to consider adding fast food delivery to your policy. Clegg Gifford Taxi Insurance is flexible enough to meet the needs of the expanding gig economy because they get the unpredictable nature of the gig economy. Incorporating fast food delivery into your policy opens up a profitable business opportunity while allowing your taxi services to remain flexible.

There are several factors to think about when incorporating fast food delivery into your taxi policy, though. Both the practicality and the expense of this expansion will be heavily influenced by underwriting considerations. The increased distance, numerous stops, and potential exposure to accidents or theft are some of the risk concerns that insurance companies consider when evaluating food delivery services.

You must be completely forthright with your insurer even if it is other than Clegg Gifford like Tradex Taxi Insurance or A Plan Taxi Insurance on your plan to do fast food delivery if you want complete coverage. Insurers can better cater to your needs by receiving precise information regarding your driving patterns, such as the frequency and length of delivery services.


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