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Finding cheap airport parking

Travelling for business or pleasure from an airport also means travelling to the airport itself. Choosing the right airport parking can be the difference between a trip going smoothly or not. There is a range of options and price points for parking, and leaving it until the last minute can mean airport parking is an expensive extra!

Why is choosing the right parking important?

If there are problems with your parking at the start of your trip, it can mean a cascade of problems which ultimately ruin your holiday. Delays in the parking process could mean not getting to the airport on time. This could result in a missed flight if you fail to check in on time.

Problems with your arrival at the airport which cause you to miss a flight could mean either losing a precious day’s holiday or being late for that crucial business meeting, not to mention the extra expense.

Air travel can be stressful enough, without the additional worry about delays. Choosing the right provider means you can plan your arrival at the airport effectively, and ensure you have plenty of time to make your flight.

Types of airport parking

Depending on several factors, there is a range of different types of airport parking. With so much choice, there is a location and style of parking service to suit every need and every budget.

  • Long-term parking

Long-term parking is cheap and effective, it offers safe and secure storage for your vehicle. Depending on the distance from the terminal, there will usually be a complimentary bus service direct to departures and directly back to your car on arrival back at the airport.

Depending on the duration and location long-stay parking can cost as little as £1.50 a day, so it makes it a very affordable way to park at an airport.

  • Short-term parking

For shorter trips, short-term airport parking offers a slightly different solution. Short-term parking is usually more convenient, as parking is normally located on-site at the airport. However, because of this, short-term parking is often more expensive.

These short-stay parking solutions give convenience and speed and are normally within walking distance of the terminals. If you’re flying away for a weekend break or on a short business trip short-term parking is an effective, convenient and cost-effective solution.

  • Hotel and airport parking

If you are travelling a long way to the airport, or have a very early start, you might choose to stay overnight near the terminal. Many hotels offer packages which combine a one-night stay with longer-term airport parking. You can travel to the hotel the day before your flight at a time convenient to you and then leave your car securely at the hotel parking for the duration of your holiday.

Depending on the location of the hotel transfers to the airport are often just a short bus or taxi ride away.

  • Meet and greet airport parking

Some people prefer to not have to park the car at all. In recent years, many operators now provide a ‘meet and greet parking’ service. You simply turn up at the airport and drop your car outside departures with the operator. They then drive your car to a secure off-site location to park it for the duration of your trip. On your return, your car is delivered back to where you left it, ready to drive away.

Many meet-and-greet operators also offer valet service in addition to parking. Meet-and-greet parking can offer a very convenient and stress-free arrival at the airport without the need for lengthy transfers. It is ideal for families with young children or time-poor business travellers alike.

Whatever your budget and whatever your individual needs are there is a simple and cost-effective airport parking solution available to suit you. Compare quotes from a range of different providers to make sure you choose the best solution for you.

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