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Details and requirements for motorbike insurance

With comparatively more accidents on UK roads involving motorbikes than it does cars – despite there being far more of the latter – it’s clear motorbike insurance is of paramount importance to any biker today.

So, whether you’re looking for a quote involving, for example, a sports bike, naked bike, custom cruiser, adventure sports bike, touring motorcycle, moped or even a quad bike, there are plenty of insurers for you to search through in order to find the best one.

As well as your personal details and the particular bike you ride, the price of your insurance policy will also be affected by the ‘class’ your motorbike sits in. For instance, if you’re using the bike for social means then it will certainly be less expensive to insure than if you’re commuting to work on it every day.

But maybe you’re using it for work purposes i.e. as a courier or delivery service? Certainly, there’s been a huge rise in self-employed delivery drivers since the ‘gig economy’ got underway, and many riders are expected to pay for their own insurance.

Regardless of which company you eventually sign up with for your motorbike insurance, you will always be asked for both your personal and your motorbike details. This includes your age, whether or not you have any criminal convictions and if you’ve made any previous bike insurance claims.

The company will also want to know when your bike was registered, as well as its make and model, and when you bought it. Your insurer will also ask how much you paid for it, whether there are any modifications and what kind of security you’re using for it. In other words, be prepared to answer in as much detail as possible…

How to get the best motorbike insurance cover

Whether you have been riding for years and are the proud owner of a lengthy no-claims bonus, or you’ve just begun getting around on two wheels, the way to find the best motor insurance for you is to shop around and take your time. Searching online, at your own pace, is the best way to do this. Our comparison site makes this chore even easier since you can find a variety of quotes quicker and in lightning time…


  • Fully comprehensive
  • Third-party fire and theft 
  • Third-party bike insurance (e.g. cover only if you injure someone or damage another person’s property)
  • Breakdown cover
  • Trailer cover (e.g. if you have anything hitched to the back of the bike)
  • Personal accident cover (if you cause an accident)
  • Loss of earnings (if injured in an accident)
  • Legal expenses
  • Helmet and leather cover
  • Pillion cover
  • SORN bike insurance

Tips on getting the best value motorbike insurance

  • Unlike in life, loyalty really doesn’t pay when it comes to getting insurance coverage. So, rather than agree to an automatic renewal with your existing company, look around to see what type of deals companies are offering new clients.
  • Increase your excess to as much as you can reasonably afford. This should definitely bring down the cost of your premiums.
  • Buy a less expensive and powerful bike (a 50cc is far less expensive to insure than a 125cc).
  • Make sure your bike is secured with a Thatcham-approved alarm and immobiliser, as well as a chain and locks.
  • If possible don’t leave your bike sitting on the street or in a driveway at night. Insurers always prefer it to be in a garage and will compensate you for it in terms of lower insurance premiums.
  • Keep modifications of your bike to a minimum (as these will prove more expensive to repair if you’re in an accident)
  • Don’t use your bike for commuting to and from work unless you really have to as this is far more expensive than using it for ‘social purposes.’
  • Do a British Motorcyclists Federation course or one run by the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Your premiums will be lower as a result!
  • Try and keep bike insurance claims to a minimum since the longer your No Claims Bonus is, the better the discount you will receive on the overall cost of your motorbike insurance.
  • Don’t add other riders to your policy unless you want to see your premiums soar. Likewise, add a passenger and you’ll increase the cost by 10%
  • Keep your mileage to a minimum if you can.


What is Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)?

It’s a qualification that every motorbike and moped rider on UK roads must have to be legally on UK roads.

How soon will my bike be insured?

This is more or less immediate the minute your insurance company confirms receiving your payment.

Am I insured to ride my motorbike in Europe?

It depends on your particular policy. You may be insured for certain countries and not others, for instance. It’s always worth checking before you plan a holiday!

Is a scooter the same as a moped for insurance?

No. Mopeds are less expensive to insure because they are considered less of a risk thanks to their smaller engine and the fact they can’t travel particularly fast.

Are sidecars covered by motorbike insurance?

It depends on the policy. Some motorbike insurance companies consider sidecars an added extra to the basic bike policy.

Am I insured for riding other people’s motorbikes too?

Once again, it depends on your policy. Usually, only riders who have insurance for a bike of 351cc or more have cover for third party insurance.

When taking out insurance is it for a year every time?

Not if your bike is covered by a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) declaring you’re not riding it then you don’t need cover for that particular period.

What about switching my no claims bonus to a second motorbike?

No, unfortunately, the no claims part only applies to the first bike.

Can I switch the no claims bonus for the car to my motorbike insurance?

Not as a rule – although the odd insurer may allow it as an incentive to sign with them.