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What is Uber insurance?

The taxi app Uber is becoming more popular all over the UK. From London to Leeds, Bristol to Birmingham, Uber drivers are changing the way passengers use taxi services. Uber makes it easier for passengers and drivers to connect, pay and travel by taxi.

What type of cover do Uber drivers need?

Uber drivers operate under private hire taxi insurance. This is different from black cab cover, or public hire insurance, as Uber drivers cannot pick up passengers off the street.

What Uber taxi insurance cover is included?

Uber private hire insurance will be available at three levels, similar to car insurance:

  • Third-party
  • Third-party fire and theft
  • Comprehensive

The main difference from private hire insurance is that you will also need public liability cover. This will protect Uber drivers if a passenger is hurt or injured whilst in your car and brings a claim against you.

    Does Uber insure their drivers?

    At present, Uber does not offer their own insurance package for drivers. All Uber drivers will need to demonstrate that they have their own policy in place. There are many different types of private hire cover available, so it’s important to compare quotes to find a policy right for you.

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    Will I be covered for the private use of my Uber car?

    It’s a legal requirement for all drivers to have insurance when driving. When you’re not driving for Uber, some private hire insurance policies may not cover you, so it’s important to check the details.

    If your Uber policy does not include personal use cover as standard, you may be able to add this on for a small extra charge.

    How can I save money on taxi insurance for Uber drivers?

    • Make sure you are only paying for the cover you need. You could reduce the cost of your premium by not including things like breakdown cover or windscreen cover, although this could leave you out of pocket if the worst happens!
    • Store your Uber vehicle off the road if possible – this can reduce the risk of your car being stolen.
    • Where you drive your Uber will have an impact on the cost of your premium. Big cities like London will attract higher premiums, as the risk of accident or damage is higher than in quieter areas.

    Where does Uber operate?

    Uber operate all over the UK. You might find that in major cities, the cost of your Uber taxi insurance premium is higher than in more rural areas. This is because there is a higher risk associated with built-up areas.

    You can drive for Uber in areas like:

    • Bath
    • Birmingham, UK
    • Brighton and Sussex
    • Cambridge
    • Cardiff
    • Edinburgh
    • Glasgow
    • Leicester
    • Leeds
    • London
    • Manchester
    • Merseyside
    • Newcastle
    • Nottingham
    • Sheffield
    Always compare Uber driver insurance quotes from as many providers as possible to make sure you’re not paying over the odds for your cover.

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