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Cover My Cab Taxi Insurance – An Overview

Cover My Cab Taxi Insurance has been a leading force in the high-value insurance brokerage industry for more than 40 years. They are experts in providing customized insurance solutions to customers all across the United Kingdom thanks to their committed staff of specialists and compete with other companies like Nelson Taxi Insurance. CoverMy’s extensive insurance plans are well-known for their ability to fulfil a variety of demands, including those in niche markets such as taxi insurance.

Their strength is in the strong relationships they have with top UK insurers, which allow them to provide competitive and dependable coverage alternatives. Backed by substantial business experience and a customer-centric approach, Cover My Cab Taxi Insurance distinguishes out as a reliable brokerage firm. Consistently providing value and assurance to their clients, their established relationships and knowledge solidify their image as a leading authority in the insurance sector.

Coverage Options:

1. Breakdown Assistance:

cover my cab taxi LondonTaxi drivers who are constantly on the go will find Breakdown Assistance to be a crucial extra. In the case that the cab becomes unusable due to a flat tyre, mechanical failure, or other covered incident, this coverage will provide roadside assistance. To ensure that drivers can continue serving passengers as soon as possible, this typically involves towing services, on-site repairs, and even replacement taxis.

2. Comprehensive Coverage:

The most thorough choice, comprehensive coverage, addresses a broad variety of potential occurrences. Theft, vandalism, accidents, fires, and other natural disasters are all part of this category. Taxi drivers, who are on the road for long periods and are prone to windshield damage, should prioritize purchasing a comprehensive policy that covers windshield repair or replacement.

3. Personal Accident Insurance:

Drivers can safeguard themselves financially in the case of a catastrophic injury or death caused by a car accident by purchasing personal accident insurance. If you get hurt while driving the cab, this insurance will pay for your medical bills, missed wages, and everything else related to your injury. In times of crisis, it provides a vital safety net by helping drivers and their families withstand financial storms.

4. Legal Expenses Insurance:

The cost of defending oneself in court against claims stemming from accidents or disputes might be covered by legal expenses insurance. Expenses related to resolving conflicts with customers, defending against claims of carelessness, or seeking recompense from third parties that have caused damage to the taxi could fall into this category. Taxi drivers may rest easy knowing they are protected financially and legally with this coverage.

What It Doesn’t Cover?

Understanding coverage exclusions is essential in the insurance industry because they define the limits of protection provided by policies. Insurance firms use these exclusions as a basis for determining premium rates and eligibility, and they often centre on risk assessment and the insured party’s previous data.

· Driver Below The Age Of 21:

The age of the driver is a major component in determining coverage eligibility. Statistics show that drivers under the age of 21 are more likely to cause accidents, so insurance companies charge them more or even refuse to cover them if they do. Insurance companies typically have age requirements; most only insure those over the age of 21, and some even go as high as 25.

· Vehicle Modifications:

Another point to consider is that not all vehicles will be covered. Vehicles that have been substantially modified and do not conform to standard standards are also included in this category. As a result of changes to repair costs and risk profiles, insurers may choose to deny coverage or make premium adjustments.

· Convictions:

The driver’s record, especially any convictions or insurance denials in the past, is another important factor in the exclusion process. Standard insurance companies may be reluctant to provide coverage to people who have a record of traffic violations or who have had insurance declined by other companies because of their high-risk activities.

Prospective policyholders must be aware of these exclusions in order to get coverage that is suitable for their needs. Individuals can make educated selections when navigating the complicated setting of insurance coverage if they recognize these variables.

Why Choose Cover My Cab Insurance?

Variety Of Available Covers:

Their dedication to private hire drivers has been constant for over 40 years, and they offer personalized insurance plans to meet your needs. No matter your driving experience, they provide a variety of coverage alternatives to provide peace of mind.

Discounts And Flexible Payment Plans:

They know how important it is to keep track of money, so they let you pay for your insurance over the course of the year with a variety of convenient payment options. With an Introductory Discount and a No Claims Bonus, drivers with proven private car driving experience can enjoy cheaper rates as a reward for their safe driving practices.


They are flexible enough to work with your schedule by offering both annual and short-term insurance policies, so you can get the coverage you need no matter the season. They recognize the significance of your assets and possessions by going above and beyond standard coverage to protect audio communication equipment and passenger personal things as standard.

European Coverage:

Going cross-border by car? If you’re planning a trip to Europe, you may rest easy knowing that their policies provide up to 60 days of EU coverage. You may be confident in their dedication to keeping you operational in the event of a non-fault collision. They will swiftly offer you a new vehicle, minimizing any disturbance to your job.


Their number one priority is making sure their customers are happy. You can get support at any time thanks to a call centre in the UK and a 24/7 hotline for reporting accidents and claims. The trust and contentment of their valued clients are shown by their outstanding Trustpilot reviews, which highlight their commitment to service quality.

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