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Bells Taxi Insurance – An Overview

The Bell family’s taxi insurance company stands out because of their extensive knowledge of the taxi industry and their dedication to providing personal service. Under the leadership of David, Alan, and Rose and their committed team, they have created a service that goes above and beyond for their customers. Because they run four cabs themselves, the Bells are well-versed in the nuances of taxi insurance and can be considered experts.

The real bond they establish with their clients drives their success, not merely the financial results. Consistently, customers rank the affordable prices and helpfulness of the staff as the most important factors in their overall happiness. Their business has experienced exceptional growth in recent years, thanks to their emphasis on customized care in an extremely competitive sector.

The Bell family’s company stands out as a shining example of community-focused service in a field where unfriendly transactions are the norm. Their dedication to providing exceptional service while also understanding and caring for their clients has made them popular among both consumers and those who have used their services. For years to come, the Bell family’s taxi insurance business will survive thanks to their unwavering drive to provide outstanding service, even as they continue to expand their reach.

Coverages Options:

Bell provides comprehensive taxi insurance plans with a variety of coverage options to cater to diverse needs.

1. Roadside Assistance Cover:

Unlimited roadside recoveries are provided by Roadside Assistance in the UK, with a maximum recovery distance of 10 miles from the breakdown location. With National Cover, you can add limitless roadside assistance in the UK, recovery to any location in the UK, and home breakdown assistance as well. All the advantages of National Cover are included in European Cover, along with unlimited roadside assistance across Europe.

2. Breakdown Cover:

Along with breakdown coverage, Bell also offers Keycare cover, which pays for replacement locks, lost or stolen keys, and any call-out fees up to £1500 throughout the insurance policy’s duration. Either the comprehensive level of coverage already includes windshield cover or you may add it as an upgrade. There will be no impact on the no-claims bonus when filing a claim for windshield or window damage.

3. Motor Legal Protection:

As an additional service, Bell offers motor vehicles legal protection, which covers the insured’s legal expenses up to £100,000 in the event of an accident that was not their fault. This coverage guarantees that individuals will have access to legal representation in the event of any disputes or claims related to accidents.

4. Personal Injury Cover:

Bell also offers a personal injury policy, which can protect the insured motorist up to £50,000 in the event of an accident and up to £100,000 in the event of a more serious injury. In addition, if the spouse or partner dies, becomes permanently blind in one or both eyes or loses a limb or limbs, £5,000 will be supplied for them.Bells taxi

Who Underwrites The Bell Taxi Insurance Policies?

Depending on the policy and its coverage, different insurance companies are usually responsible for underwriting insurance plans. But being a privately held business, Bells Taxi Insurance is free to choose its underwriters. Being independent also lets Bells do underwriting work for other companies, like agents like Acorn Taxi Insurance. To keep costs down and cater to a wide variety of customers and markets, Bells Taxi Insurance keeps underwriting within the company and provides underwriting services to partners.

How To Boost Your Bell Taxi Insurance Driving Score?

If you want to be a safer driver and get a good discount on your insurance when you renew your coverage, raising your Bell driving score is a great place to start. Driving responsibly and safely can have a significant impact on insurance premiums, especially for young drivers. Here’s a thorough how-to for raising your Bell driving score:

  • Limit Late-night Driving: After 10 p.m., when vision is at its lowest and drivers may be sleepy, the dangers of night-time driving become much more apparent. You may show that you are committed to safer driving habits and reduce the chance of accidents by restricting your late-night driving.
  • Adhere to Speed Limits: To keep yourself and others safe on the road, you must always drive within the posted speed limits. Going over the speed limit is bad for your driving habits and can lead to accidents. You can make a good impression and lessen the chances of getting in trouble with the law by always driving at the posted speed limit.
  • Smooth and Controlled Driving: Maintaining a good driving score requires smooth and controlled driving, meaning avoiding rapid acceleration, braking, and dodging. Driving with composure and ease improves safety and shows that you’re paying attention and are skilled at the wheel. You can help maintain a good driving profile and reduce the likelihood of accidents by mastering delicate moves.
  • Ensure Collective Responsibility: Verify that every motorist listed on your policy places a premium on being a safe driver. Everyone who uses your vehicle will have their driving habits monitored by the black box. To maximize your driving score and potential discounts, everyone must adhere to safe driving behaviours.
  • Regularly Review Driving Data: Make consistent use of any features or tools offered by Bell to track your driving performance. You can find ways to drive better by looking at your driving records and making changes as needed. Being proactive in checking your driving record might help you retain a good score and get insurance at a good cost.
  • Seek Feedback and Guidance: If you would like Bell’s opinion on how to improve your driving behaviours, don’t be shy about asking. Seeking out instruction, whether in the form of instructional materials, driving classes, or individual comments, can help you develop into a more careful driver.

You may improve your Bell driving score and your road safety by diligently and regularly applying these tactics. In addition, if you are an excellent driver, you can lower your insurance prices significantly when it’s time to renew your coverage.

Improving Your Bells Taxi Insurance Coverage:

· Drive Responsibly:

The dangers of driving while intoxicated are immediately apparent. Bell Insurance will not pay for accidents caused by you being found to be intoxicated or over the legal limit. Refusing to submit to a breath, blood, or urine test is another factor that might lead to coverage denial. To protect yourself and your insurance, driving safely should be your top priority.

· Utilize the Glass Repair Helpline:

Do not hesitate to contact Bells Glass Repair Hotline for assistance if you notice a chip or fracture in your windshield. If you don’t use this service, your coverage may be lowered. After deductibles are paid, Bells only offers £25 for each glass repair or £50 for each glass replacement. Make sure you get the right repairs done quickly and at no extra cost by calling the helpdesk.

· Report Claims Promptly:

When notifying Bell Insurance of a claim, time is important. If you want your claim covered, you have 48 hours to notify. If you don’t follow this timeframe, your insurance coverage can be cancelled and you’ll have to pay for any damages or injuries yourself. To get the help you need after an accident or incident, you need to report it quickly.

· Avoid Admitting Fault:

Refrain from accepting blame after an accident until the situation has been studied fully. Insurance companies like Bell have the right to withhold coverage if you admit fault too soon, so it’s important to be cautious about admitting fault too soon. It’s wise to proceed with care when addressing responsibility and to wait for a thorough evaluation before speaking.

To maximize your coverage and safeguard yourself from possible roadside liabilities, remember these factors and familiarize yourself with the details of your Bell Insurance policy. Make the most of your insurance coverage and drive with confidence by prioritizing safety, staying in proactive contact with your insurer, and following reporting protocols.


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