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A major participant in the field of business insurance brokerage, Milestone Taxi Insurance is now a part of Radius Insurance. Starting in Leeds in 1979, it quickly expanded to Sheffield and Glasgow, demonstrating its dedication to covering the entire region. By relying on their wealth of industry knowledge, Milestone was able to provide clients with individualized solutions that met all of their unique requirements.

Milestone is still remembered for its dependable service and extensive knowledge, even though it has been acquired by Radius Insurance. When looking for the finest insurance offers, buyers must examine alternatives such as Haven Taxi Insurance and Acorn Taxi Insurance. Offering a variety of providers gives consumers more options because each one offers something special to the situation.

Insurance is a very competitive market, so having options from multiple providers gives customers more leeway to tailor their plans to their specific needs and budgets. Taxi insurance is complicated, but people and businesses may make educated judgments by comparing quotes from multiple suppliers.

Key Features of Milestone’s Taxi Policy:

Insurance for private hire and taxi drivers was once again changed by Milestone Taxi Insurance’s ground-breaking camera policy. They worked with leading UK vehicle CCTV providers to install single and dual cameras to reduce insurance fraud and save money. This preventative measure strengthened the insurance procedure as a whole and protected drivers from baseless accusations.

Among the many benefits of adopting technology, the capacity to use data to improve driver behaviour stands out, especially for fleet operators. Through video analysis, Milestone Taxi Insurance can see trends and offer customized training, which will eventually lower the number of fleet claims. Everyone wins in this win-win situation since technology and driver performance go hand in hand.

Additionally, having cameras installed acts as a preventative measure against false claims in the case of an accident. This promotes a safer environment for everyone using the roads by protecting drivers’ financial interests and reducing the possibility of cash-for-crash scams. Simply put, Milestone Taxi Insurance is leading the way in the business with its innovative approach, which raises standards and highlights how technology is changing established procedures for the better.Milestone Taxi

Coverage Options:

1. Third-Party Only Coverage:

Legally, most jurisdictions necessitate at least some level of third-party liability coverage. This policy safeguards you from legal action if your cab causes harm to another person’s property. If you are found to be at fault in an accident, this coverage can assist with paying for the other party’s medical expenses and property damage.

2. Comprehensive Insurance:

In addition to protecting other people and their property, comprehensive insurance also safeguards your vehicle. It usually pays for repairs to your cab after things like fire, theft, vandalism, or natural catastrophes. Your cab is protected in a wide range of scenarios with this option, which provides a broader level of protection.

3. Collision Coverage:

This policy safeguards your cab against financial loss in the event of an accident with another vehicle or an object, regardless of who is at blame. Your cab can be repaired or replaced with the help of this coverage in the event of a collision with another vehicle or a single-car accident.

4. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance:

Sadly, not every motorist possesses sufficient insurance coverage. If you are involved in an accident caused by a driver without insurance or with inadequate coverage, an uninsured/underinsured motorist policy will kick in to protect you. If someone else doesn’t have insurance, this alternative will protect you financially.

Which Kind of Milestone Taxi Insurance Is Required For A Single Vehicle?

There is a significant difference between public hire and private hire insurance, and you must be aware of this difference before purchasing coverage for your cab. The insurance needs for public hire and private hire vehicles are different because of the unique roles they play in the transportation sector.

· Public Hire Insurance:

Vehicles that can be flagged down or picked up at designated taxi ranks without prior booking are covered by public hire insurance. These cars are usually easy to spot as cabs, and they’re usually used for urgent transportation needs. Black cabs, minicabs, and hackney carriages are all examples of vehicles that are available for public rental. The majority of people used public hire cars to hail cabs on the street before app-based ride-hailing services like Uber became popular.

· Private Hire Insurance:

Vehicles that require advanced booking and cannot be flagged down on the street are specifically covered by private hire insurance. Customers mostly use these vehicles according to reservations they make in advance through various digital channels, such as phone, app, or website. The transportation service provided by private rental vehicles is more organized and punctual, and it can accommodate passengers’ requests for specific locations for pickup and drop-off.

Think about what you do for a living when deciding what kind of insurance policy to get for your taxi. Getting public hire insurance is a good idea if your car is used mostly for picking up people from places like street corners or taxi stands. Street pickups are subject to greater levels of traffic and may be involved in events involving pedestrians; this insurance covers these risks and more.

On the other hand, private hire insurance is a good choice if your taxi service is mostly for pre-arranged trips and not for picking up customers on the street. The unique risks connected with pre-arranged bookings are addressed by private hire insurance, which includes protection for passengers during controlled pick-ups and drop-offs as well as liability during scheduled outings.

Milestone Taxi Insurance Benefits:

In today’s lightning-fast world, having dependable insurance solutions is essential, and the taxi sector is no exception. Companies and drivers alike can take advantage of a plethora of benefits offered by Milestone Taxi Insurance, which aim to reduce risk, boost efficiency, and increase profitability. Let’s take a closer look at four major benefits that Milestone Taxi Insurance provides:

· Protection Against Personal Injury Lawsuits:

Claims for personal injuries sustained by passengers or pedestrians involved in accidents or incidents are a major worry for taxi operators. To combat this, Milestone Taxi Insurance offers all-inclusive protection for both drivers and passengers, reducing the financial burden of claims for bodily injury. Milestone Taxi Insurance provides peace of mind for both drivers and operators by providing strong coverage that is customized to the specific hazards that taxi drivers encounter. This coverage helps to minimize the financial strain that comes with claims like these.

· Reducing the Frequency of Incidents:

Reducing the frequency of incidents is another important goal of Milestone Taxi Insurance. Milestone Taxi Insurance promotes safe driving by offering rewards for safe behaviour and using modern risk assessment tools. Milestone Taxi Insurance provides its drivers with all they need to make the roads safer and minimize insurance premiums, including driver training programs and real-time monitoring technologies.

· Underwriting Profitability Increase:

To be sustainable over the long run, underwriting must be profitable, especially in an industry where profitability tends to be tight. Insurance companies can improve their underwriting profitability with the help of data analytics and predictive modelling, which Milestone Taxi Insurance uses to better gauge risk and set premiums appropriately. Insurers may increase their profits while keeping customer prices low with Milestone Taxi Insurance since premiums are based on risk profiles and proactive risk management measures are used.

· The Claims Process is Sped Up:

The taxi sector is particularly time-sensitive when it comes to insurance claims because any downtime can have a direct impact on earnings. A more efficient and customer-centric claims process is one perk of Milestone Taxi Insurance for drivers. Drivers can get back on the road and have less disruption to their livelihoods because of Milestone Taxi Insurance’s use of technologies including digital claims submission and automated claims processing.


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