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What is performance car insurance?

If you own a performance car, chances are it is your pride and joy. A performance car can represent a significant investment, so it pays to make sure you have the right insurance coverage in place if anything goes wrong.

If you are involved in an accident which damages your car, having the right insurance will mean you are not hit with costly repair bills. Sports cars and performance vehicles are also likely to attract attention from thieves. As desirable as it is to have a powerful car, you also need to make sure you are covered in the event of it being damaged or stolen too.

Do I need performance car insurance?

cheap insurance quotes for performance car

If you own a sports car or performance vehicle, it could be worth checking with your insurer whether you would benefit from a specialist performance car policy.

Is performance car insurance expensive?

Insuring a performance car is different from insuring other vehicles. It can often be more expensive. This is because statistically, a high-performance car represents a high risk to insurers. With a powerful engine, they are capable of reaching very high speeds, often much quicker than standard cars.

Faster speeds increase the risk of accidents, and therefore claims are more likely. Insurers cover the increased risk by charging higher premium costs for performance cars.

Types of performance cars

Most people will already have an idea of what is classed as a performance car. Luxury brands like Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Jaguar and Aston Martin already have a reputation for power and speed. However, there are many other more standard models which can still be classed as performance cars due to their large engine size, or modifications.

Some Japanese imports are performance cars for insurance purposes. Other standard cars which have had engine modifications can also fall into this category.

What affects the cost of the policy?

There is a range of factors affecting the cost of car insurance. Performance cars are no different in this respect. The amount you pay for your premium is calculated by taking into account the make, model and likely cost of replacement along with the degree of risk you present.

Generally, the more powerful the car, the higher the cost to insure. So performance cars attract much higher premiums than cheaper less powerful models.

How to reduce the cost of high performance car insurance?

Reducing the risk to your insurer of making a claim will bring down the cost of performance car insurance. Consider the following when comparing quotes:

  • Consider taking a pass plus driving qualification. If you can demonstrate that you are an advanced road user, you are less likely to be involved in an accident. This is particularly useful for younger, more inexperienced drivers who own powerful cars.
  • Ensure you secure your car against thieves. Unfortunately, high-performance cars can attract the wrong sort of attention. By keeping your car secure and off the road when not in use, you can reduce the risk of it being stolen. Make sure that all alarms and immobilisers are up to date and working too.
  • Agree on a lower mileage. Many performance car owners also have another more standard car they use for daily driving. If you only use your sports car on weekends, or for special occasions, you may be able to negotiate a better rate on your premiums based on an agreed low annual mileage.
  • Finally, always shop around and compare quotes from a range of different insurers. Some providers specialise in powerful and performance cars and may be able to offer discounted premiums based on things like membership in owner’s clubs or driving experience with similar vehicles.

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