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What is American import car insurance?

If you want a car a little different from the rest, lots of people choose American imports. Whether you fancy a classic Buick or Cadillac for cruising or hitting the open road in a Mustang, American cars are a popular choice.

When it comes to covering your American import, you’ll need to insure your car for the road as you would with any other vehicle. Insuring an imported car or American model can be more tricky than usual. This is because parts needed for repair or replacement may be more difficult to source or expensive.

You may need to talk to specialist insurers who understand the market for imported cars.

What details will an insurer need?

An American import car with cheap insurance

The specification of American cars can differ from UK standard models. The cost of your insurance premium can be affected by the size of the engine, the age of the car, and whether or not it conforms to European specifications.

Your American import may fall into the category of a ‘grey import’. This means that while cars like a Corvette, Chevrolet or Dodge may meet regulations in the USA, they may not meet EU standards on emissions or similar. This can have an impact on the cost of your premium.

Can I get insurance cover for grey imports?

Imported cars may have modifications which are not standard for the UK. Getting cover for an imported car like an Oldsmobile Plymouth or Pontiac can be expensive. Check with a range of specialist insurers to get the best quote for your needs.

Agreed Value cover

Your insurer will need to know the value of your American import before you can arrange cover. The last thing you want in the event of loss or damage is a dispute over how much the car was worth.

If you make additional modifications, you will also need to be sure that these are reflected in the agreed insurance value. Remember, not all modifications will add value!

If your car is written off, the insurer will pay out the agreed value of the car to enable a like-for-like replacement.

How to find cheap American imported car insurance?

Insurance for imported cars can be expensive. The cost of sourcing replacement parts can also involve high shipping or import costs, and this risk is reflected in premium costs.

By taking a few steps, you can ensure your premium costs are as low as possible

  • Minimise the risk of theft or damage. Keep your vehicle stored securely in a garage, or at least off the road overnight. This reduces the chance of it being stolen
  • Consider agreeing to a limited mileage policy. This can work if you drive your American import infrequently, for example only on weekends, or to events. The lower the mileage, the lower the risk of accidents and claims.
  • Join an enthusiasts club. Owners of classic American cars like Ford or Cadillacs are likely to treat their cars well. A lot of work can go into maintaining and looking after classic cars like these. Membership of an owner’s club could mean discounted rates on premiums, as the increased care of the vehicle lowers the risk of a claim.
  • Get a range of quotes from different providers. The exact specification of your imported car will impact the cost of your premium. Make sure you are only paying for the cover you actually need.

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