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Making people feel and look their best is a rewarding job in the beauty and fashion industries alike. It’s difficult to not grin when you notice that you have helped a customer feel good about themselves and made damn sure that others can see that sparkle in them.

The jewellery business is similar in that you’re selling antique items to customers who will love them forever and maybe pass them on to future generations.

What is jewellery shop insurance?

Jewellery stores and their customers share a common concern for the security of their valuables. The jewellery is constantly in danger of being stolen or misplaced. Such losses can be protected by jewellery shop insurance.A diamond jewellery shop UK

In the United Kingdom, there are a number of insurance providers from which customers can choose the most suitable coverage. In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance policy will protect the jewellery that is kept in the house. But jewellery shop insurance can also be bought on its own, in case you only want it for your jewellery shop. This coverage can also be used to protect your valuable jewellery kept in shop lockers.

Why is it crucial for jewellery shops to get insurance?

There is a lot at stake for people who own jewellery stores. It doesn’t matter whether you deal with one-of-a-kind crafts or antiques, the loss from theft or fire can be devastating to your business. You can keep your jewellery store running smoothly in adverse circumstances if you get it covered by jewellery business insurance.

What kinds of coverage does a jewellery store need?

These insurance plans protect jewellers against the most typical types of losses.

Business owner’s policy

A business owner’s policy (BOP) combines coverage for public liability and property for your jewellery business. When it comes to business insurance, it’s frequently the most cost-effective option for jewellers.


  • Injuries to customers
  • Damaged client property
  • Theft of valuables, especially jewellery

Public liability insurance

Typical dangers faced by jewellers, such as the accidental destruction of a customer’s watch, are covered by this insurance. Combining it with commercial property coverage in a business owner’s policy (BOP) bundle can help you save money.


  • Injury from a Slip and Fall
  • property damage
  • Product liability coverage

Workers’ compensation insurance

Jewellers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance. Furthermore, it protects sole owners from the financial burden of work-related injuries that their health insurance may not cover.


  • Expenses for employee healthcare
  • Loss of income
  • Lawsuits arising from worker injuries

Cyber liability insurance

With this strategy in place, jewellery retailers have a better chance of surviving data breaches and other forms of cybercrime. If you run a jewellery business that deals with customer credit card information or other private data, you should have this.


  • Costs of customer notification
  • Tracking services for fraud
  • Cyber-extortion requirements

Commercial vehicle insurance

All vehicles used in a business must have commercial vehicle insurance. As a jeweller, if your delivery truck or another vehicle is involved in an accident, the coverage will pay for your damages.


  • Damage was done to another car
  • Other people’s injuries
  • Repairs caused by vandalism or bad weather

Exclusions from jewellery shop insurance

Some situations are listed below that are not insured by jewellery shop insurance. Although may differ from one insurance provider to the other, it’s important to give some thought to these issues before making a purchase.

  • Acts that are done on purpose to cause damage or loss to a piece of jewellery.
  • Loss or damage resulting from the policy’s territorial limitations.
  • Damage to the jewellery from gas blasts, natural heating, or fires that start on their own
  • Fire, bomb, or terrorist attack causing damage to the jewellery.
  • Damage or loss to jewellery caused by cleaning, fixing, or any other related procedures.

Is insurance going to pay for lawsuits involving fake jewellery?

It is unusual for jewellery businesses to sell fake items or be charged with doing so. Public liability insurance is something jewellers can rely on in these situations. This, however, can only happen if the dissatisfied customer submits a claim on the basis of false advertising.

If the jewellery store doesn’t want to use public liability, it can use fraud coverage instead. Only a few insurance companies provide this kind of specialized insurance coverage.

Professional indemnity insurance might be useful if an innocent person is falsely accused of fraud. When a jewellery shop offers a customer a ring with a lab-grown diamond without telling them that’s what it is, that’s an instance of this happening.

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